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  • Malc26.2 says: You can't beat a bar of white chocolate! But Galaxy, Dairy Milk and Caramac are all good too!
    Quality Street for Christmas. Easter Eggs at Easter.
    Chocolate.... ...bring it on!!!!
    And I love a spot of running between Choc Choc Bars ;-)
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: I eat the lot tryed every possible choc even doggie chocs- once a year (lent) I abstain as my habit is so bad
  • Recoil says: Ive just eaten 2 kit kats and a pack of minstrels :(
  • BrianJ says: ...owns up to being a chocoholic. But is trying to abstain for Lent
  • Velociraptor says: I think I belong here. I haven't gone more than three consecutive days without chocolate for more than 25 years. Left to my own devices, I'd eat chocolate instead of proper meals. I distrust anyone who claims that they would rather have a tiny bit of expensive chocolate than a ton of Dairy Milk. My one redeeming feature is my willingness to share my chocolate with other people :)
  • Purps says: White chocoholic here
  • Angelplodder says: I too am a chocoholic particularly when it comes to Dairy Milk and Galaxy. Don't get those people who can eat a bit of chocolate and put the rest away for later. If its there it has to be eaten!
  • shampoo says: Hmm! Chocolate! Promised myself the only time I can have a chocolate bar now is if i have been for a run beforehand!
  • Karen S says: My favourite - charbonney and walker pink champagne truffles uummmmmm!
  • Red Squirrel says: Booja-Booja raw choc fridge truffles - mmm, mmm, mmm; South Devon Chilli Farm Peppermint & Chilli choc .... Chocolate ice-cream ... Gotta be intense tho', can't do Dairy Milk and the like.
  • Dee VanCity says: I have tried to give up chocolate for Lent a few times, but now I don't even bother. I cannot stop myself if there is chocolate in the house.
  • Mol- says: Vegan chocoholic here.. Yep and it is possible to get choccy that is non dairy and delicious, yyyyummmm :-)
  • Gasping 4 breath says: Might be faster IF only I could resist.

    But then I run so I can eat choccy choccy choccy................tee hee
  • Chell says: So need to give the stuff up. Trying to lose five pounds for as many years if not more but the call of chocolate is too much. Loves Galaxy but will resort to cooking chocolate in times of need.
  • Running Bubs says: :) what is life without chocolate
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