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Running every day in December (including Chrimbo obviously) for at least a mile. Can you do it? Can you? Eh?

Notes from Members

  • mags says: Well seem to have been injury free nce summer so I'll give it a go.
  • Spally says: Now I know I can :-)
  • TooLilac says: I'm just looking - not committing yet to December.....
  • Ultradunc says: Guess I'll have more company then :-)
  • Qwerty says: ...might crash & burn on the 25th though...
  • Old Man says: Jobe is trying to talk me into it, we'll see nearer the time but maybe..... just maybe ........
  • swittle says: Got a streak standing at 612 days as of today. Aiming for 2009 miles in 2009 :)
  • Woffy says: If I can get myself free from injury in November and back running regularly then I am on for this. Why not, could do with losing the spare tyre.
  • Fee says: Could do with losing the Madeira cake :-)
  • Kev Scone says: oh go on then, got a lot out of septemberthon so may be all i need to get my mojo going again, not setting a mileage target for it though!
  • Troughty says: ok, count me in. Wisdom teeth out on 10th so hope this doesn't de-rail ths!
  • Irontubs says: I'm in. Will give it a go at least.
  • hellen says: Will give it a go, was going to run on Christmas day anyway whispers ' have bought OH a bike for Christmas so he will want to try it out, hopefully on a run with me'!
  • swerver says: I'm in !
  • jonrm says: Nearly half way now. Big run tomorrow and hobbling the next
  • GoateeH says: Looks like a good idea to help beat those winter blues and the 1 mile minimum makes it achievable even on a bad day!
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