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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Garmin Forerunners

912 members [See all]

Love is...

Notes from Members

  • RichardA says: 405cx Running without it seems pointless
  • Slowly But Shirley says: Got an ancient 201 and wouldn't be without it :)
  • ANDERS says: Got the 405, absolutely love it!!
  • SarahL says: 305. can't live (ok, can't run) without it!
  • Mikuro says: heart my 305 :):):)
  • Carrickbob says: I've had my Forerunner 301 for over two years now and I think it's brilliant!
  • CanaryYellow says: Original garmin died, now on 2nd garmin named Little Red.
  • Granny2-3 says: 205. I love this when it does what it is supposed to do....beep loudly!!!
  • Enigma says: Just got it yesterday and did my 1st run with it today - lots to learn...
  • Stet says: Garmin 305 = the best running gadget ever!
  • drunkenmunky says: I bought a Garmin 301 yesterday. Took it on a run today. It is much better than I imagined. Love the training partner.
  • Lyns says: Just updated from 101 to 205 and entered a whole new world of confused!
  • Northern Exile says: Garmin Forerunner 205. Want to learn how to use it better, couldn't live without it now.
  • Lizzybagwash says: I luv my Garmin 305 it was a gift to me from me when I got made redundant
    I had only just started running and no-one (boo ho) wanted to run with me and being new to the area I wanted to know have far and what time so I had something to work on
    Still trying to work how to use it to it’s full potential
  • StormProof says: Garmin or hubby? HmmmmGarmin, sorry Dan!
  • PSC says: 305 is a hard one to beat. Just won a 50 so will see how that compares..... :-)
  • Jaffa Cake says: Proud owner of a 310XT, my first Garmin. Has a lot to live up to as it replaces my Polar S625X and I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces.
  • AJPAR says: Don't leave home without one!!!
  • Pinchi says: 305 - just the best gadget
  • GimmeMedals says: Got a Forerunner 405 and wouldn't be without it. FAB. :-))
  • MikeJ says: Just gone from a 301 to a 305 - first good but second great.
  • beck says: I Just love my garmin.Now i cant run without it
  • iPLOD says: Instant addict.
  • My poor knees... says: Just bought a 305 for a bargain price of 135!!! Arrived on Friday and used it for the Shell Four Villages Half Marathon (my first ever half): great piece of kit. Got me thru the course in under 2 hours. Will be running with this everytime now!!!!
    Would recommend it to everyone!!!!

  • M62 Steve. says: Just got Gareth the Garmin today. Taking him out for a run in an hour!
  • Durbat says: Thanx Santa I Love it
  • wathan says: Garmin 405!! what a thing. mabye one day it will do the running for me it does everything else!!!
  • rupert tb says: Just got a Forerunner 205.
  • jamborigg says: my wife just bought me a 205 for xmas,takes a bit getting used to
  • Tonystoon says: Just got a 205. Impressed.
  • FurryH says: had 205, 305, 405 (rubbish) and now the 310xt. All second hand from ebay except the 310xt
  • Grid says: Just upgraded from a 101 to 305, blimey these things are good.
  • Proculus says: I forgot to wear it on Tuesday night! Agggh - I was lost without it :-(
  • Rob-H says: Just got a 305 for my birthday - love the heart rate monitor.
  • quimby says: Mmm, satellites.
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: I would be lost with out my forerunner now it tells me how far ive gone and my pace.Sue
  • The great dollop says: it has freed me from my measured and known routes and encouraged me to get out there and get lost, just like my wife requests so often.. errr she gave me it. is she trying to tell me something ?
  • PEARLY says: Hi all Tesco direct Garmin 305 at only £135 worth every penny
  • thea will run says: I've just ordered a 305!!!
  • 26 miles says: Got a Garmin 410 for Christmas, once I had got over "bezel blues" I now enjoy using it. Sold my old Garmin 305 to a good home.
  • Kirsty says: I heart El Garmino
  • jetpower says: My 301 makes running better you don't over train, it would like to be a 405 when it grows up LOL
  • mjthomas says: Rocking the 620 with HR band...Amazing bit of tech
  • Duke of Drayton says: Looking to get a 305 and glad of any advice/tips
  • forest plodder says: Currently have a 301, but considering getting a 305. Must be time for an upgrade soon after nearly 3 years.
  • -Monty- says: brilliant bit of kit. should have got one ages ago.
  • pauliev says: Just received mine from Amazon this morning, just in time for my hols next week!
  • Iain2008 says: My first 305 stopped talking to me last week, it lost it's beep! Fortunatly, customer service at Halfords was top notch and replaced it without question. Anyone else had that problem?
  • Kevski says: I love my 305! Want a 405 now. NOW!!!
  • TRIumphant says: Garmin 310XT, I'm a Triathlete, so bike cadence sensor as well.
  • ultrabaldy says: love my garmin 201...where have you been all my life!!!!!
  • jamesy1981 says: My 305 has totally opened up running for me. Now I don't feel I have to stick to a pre-programmed route. If a road is too busy to cross I can run up the road without fear of not knowing how far I've run. Yay!
  • Pllumby says: My 405 is training me to run FLM 2009... "Speed Up", "Speed Up", "Speed Up"
  • L0rra1ne says: I hope there are 405 users in the group, too. Love it, love it...
  • Alberon says: Only had my 405 for two days, already obsessed.
  • gradgrind says: Just got a 405, and fascinated with watching the facts & figures pop up when I get home.
  • KerryGold says: Got a Garmin 305 yesterday can't wait to go out for my first run with it tomorrow.
  • Cabbey says: I've a 305, and love it
  • ZORBAX65 says: how the runs you/he/she can be postponed by the TC to the peripheral garmin 205? does someone know me to say if cè a way? to answer on my occount
  • comahon says: I use a non GPS Forerunner the FR60. Very easy to use and it gives me pace, distance and HR. Excellent piece of kit.
  • R4R says: previously owned FR301 - eventually gave up the ghost after Hellrunner. Now own FR305 courtesy of Santa
  • MilestheCat says: I luv my garmin 205,it's ran many a race with me,and I use it on all my training runs.
  • slowblonde says: Got 405 about two months ago. Love it, love it, love it. Can't remember how I trained without it.
  • paulhiles says: Hoping my 405 will help control/improve my pace. Loving it so far! :o)
  • mol says: I just love my Garmin.
  • Che says: Geek heaven!
  • Shabs says: All the gear and no idea!!!
  • BKL says: Just got a 310xt and love it, works and is simple and links to Fetch :-)
  • Roadrunner Bark says: "The Garmin-305" Simply Wonderful, My Times have just shot down since getting it in September- Amazing+Love It!!!
  • RYAN_M says: The best /most important piece of equipment I own! :o)
  • pussy cat says: got the 405 for crimble and am still getting used to it - but even now, I can't imagine how I coped without it. Thank you father christmas :-)
  • andy@6nwn says: amazing piece of kit - and saved me more once after getting lost!!
  • Psimon says: analysing the data that my 405 provides
  • spider2470 says: Got a 210.. love how it works and looking at the data.. sure it will help me do ok in the flm.
  • Storey says: The 110 is so simple to use...and I get lots of useful data from it. If only it was more water resistant. It stopped during a rain shower part way through the Marple 10k trail race.
  • MouseUK says: 405 for the win ;)
  • Soggous says: I love my 110 :) *strokes Garmin*
  • IrishMike says: I got my Garmin 205 about just over a year ago. It's a great piece of kit, really helps me out with my runs, always take it with me when i am on fieldtrips...always the first piece of kit i pack...quality product!
  • ChrisBu says: 405 + RW FLM 4h Schedule = great training
  • Mutant Calves says: I spend more time with my 305 than I do with my wife, does this make me a bad person?
  • samson says: Don't go out without one...
  • MappingMum says: got one for my birthday in march!
  • Go-KL says: Gone from 201 to 305 - changed how I run when abroad when uploading routes from Mapmyrun. Love running against virtual partner - especially on tempo runs. I will not be beaten by a pixel!
  • Wes-H says: My Garmin is the only thing I enjoy nagging me! Oh, and its improved my running no end.... where would I be without it? plodding
  • Im A Runner says: I'm new to the Garmin 305, new to Garmin full stop. Here's hoping for some useful tips as im a bit slow
  • Gcad says: Had my first Garmin run (305) this is the best thing I have ever owned.
  • Bumblebee1984 says: I feel naked without mine... I love numbers, one day ill finish 6 miles in 60 minutes and have a loop.. and have my calories burnt end on a 0
  • Gritts! says: Just got a 405cx & love it.
  • FitterStu says: The 305 just might be the peak of mankind's potential.
  • MelWhiteley says: Being very target driven, I would be lost without my Garmin... I <3 my 305!!!
  • Hardcore Runner says: Fetch can not pick up my garmin forerunner 305, tried everything. I have downloaded loads of softwar including hollybar. Still fetch will not detect. Can anyone help me please.

  • coyley1 says: Just invested £65 on a forerunner 50 and footpod. Just want to see what all the fuss is about.
  • weeman says: Just become the owner of a 405 - and loving it so far
  • ElanorAutumn says: I <3 my 205! definitely wouldn't have lasted longer than a few weeks of running without it!
  • Corona says: 305 on it's way to me, hope it's a goodun :-)
  • The Husky says: Garmin 205 owner take it everwhere i go.
  • Notadwarf says: Garmin 405 user (with HRM) and bought one as soon as they came on the market. We have a love hate relationship as 405 doesn't like the rain and living in Derbyshire it has to change its ways :)
  • Ompy117 says: I own a Garmin 405 with HRM. I bought it as a replacement for a temperamental 201 about 1 year ago.
  • Ogden Runner says: Eventually taken the plunge and invested in a 405. To run wherever your legs and heart take you then know EXACTLY how far you've been - just brilliant! If anyone gives you one of those "you spent HOW much?" comments the answer is simple - "Running - you either get it or you don't!"
  • Brendan says: Got my 305 a few weeks back and wondered how I ever did without it. Just run to the paces from my SmartCoach training plan and then upload all the stats to fetcheveryone. What a lovely bit of kit.
  • jamieb32 says: Just got my 305 and LOVE it. Especially the competitiveness it brings to training.
  • baz p says: getting used to my forerunner 205. must stop looking at it every 10 seconds.
  • Aspatriot says: Jumped right in and got mesel a 405, its first outing was a 10 mile race, and WOW what a piece of kit!
  • Karen S says: Just got my 405 yesterday - had a bit of a disaster on the first run, somehow i'd set to run 4.83km so it beeped and stopped halfway around my run. However having now read the instruction manual PROPERLY I'm getting to grips wth it!
  • BrianK says: Just got a 305 :-) , injured my knee:-( , can't wait to use it when better :-)
  • Hardiman says: I have had it for 3 years and can't run without it! It's bombproof brilliance.
  • mass100 says: My forerunner 305 has stopped ringing/bleeping.Is this a common fault.
  • Iron_Mum says: OK I'm being a bit premature here, but my 405CX is due to arrive today (can't wait!) so I'm joining the board now and bouncing up and down I'm so excited!! Feeding my inner kit monster....
  • Hyperboy says: I am just about to start my love affair with my new 205 and i cant wait:) Garmin is absolutely amazing cannot believe how much it has improved my running.Dont know how i used too manage without it:)
  • Geoff H says: 305 - the best present I have ever been given, would never dream of running without it!
  • Graybo says: I have a Forerunner 610, which I love. The touchscreen stopped working on the first one I had, but Garmin replaced it under warranty.
  • Grumpa says: Bloody hell this thing dose so much,I don`t know where to start.:)
  • mark9 says: just bought a 405 couple of weeks ago, great bit of kit, especially the virtual training partner.
  • Kev Marsden says: my 405 is my bezzy mate, :)
  • caw says: I love my 405cx. It does things I don't understand! Now where's that manual?
  • mrspenguin says: Santa very kindly bought me a FR60 for Christmas and it has revolutionised my training, love it to bits! Only downside is the virtual partner isn't very talkative ;)
  • AndyG mudlover says: had a 405 for about 6 months. Still don't use all its functions but great for training and racing.
  • maryj says: Never thought i could become addicted to a gadget!
  • Clinty says: using a 305 for running and an edge705 on the road and mountiain bikes. Dont know how i ever managed before them.
  • Lorne says: Had my 305 for about a year and a half.Just started using garmin connect thanks to Bosun Tony telling me about it
  • OsloNeil says: Bought a 405 as a birthday present to myself last year. Love it.
  • Jimrunner says: Have a 405 but strap broke after just a month. Garmin's customer support are the worst I've ever experienced - three attempts to contact them (and almost two weeks) before I got a response. Only to be told they would send a replacement strap for me to fit! Now they are requesting copies of receipts before sending the strap despite having registered the product on line. Really, really disappointed. Can anyone give me some advice on how on earth you actually get Garmin to support their products. Has anyone else had such a poor experience?
  • skips765 says: My wife doesn't understand me....but my Garmin does xxxxxxx
  • LadyBee says: Garmin Forerunner 305 Addicts Anonymous, proud member. It changed my life (no, seriously)
  • SiPod says: Had my 405 for a few years now, it's ace but is the light green only for girls? I like it anyway.
  • Bananas# says: used my forerunner 305 for the first time today and i like it!! love the fancy graphs on the training cente and garmin connect. Best of all i can upload stuff to my fetch training log..nice one!!
  • Diggerjc says: Hi all just joined . just got my 310 xt to day looks Great anay tips wood be helpful

  • Sir Limpalot says: Love love love my 405CX. Goes everywhere with me - even on dogwalks. I love to show the family where we've been on Google Earth. Clever little Garmin :-)
  • Hitch says: can't run without it
  • Gooner says: 305 for me, best piece of kit I've bought!
  • garryv says: First love was a Garmin 50, but soon swapped my affections to a 205. Love is............knowing ones position within +/-10m.
  • Ski says: 405 bought & can't do a run without it!
  • FairWeatherRunner says: 405 has completly transformed the way I train & race. Can't run outdoors without one.
  • Celtic_Jester says: Recently changed to the 110 .... Absolutely fab & so easy to use. Info from Garmin Connect so useful
  • Mary Brite says: Love, love, love my 205. Had a few now, they only seem to last me 18 months or so. I did try the 305 but I don't have a heart so it was pointless. Tried the 405 too but that was far too complicated for a technophobe like me.
  • leejprice says: Just got a 305, first race was the Blymhill 10k, its ace, cant wait to go out with it again!
  • scottdog says: I love my 205, the stats now blow my mind
  • FollowYourHeart says: Garmin 305 is amazing! It has never let me down :)
  • spikeyboy says: It does seem a bit strange that I buy a Forerunner 410 to log running and cycling just because I am too lazy to map it out manually! :-)
  • surfingpasty says: Just bought 405cx! Training for London's just got better. Fantastic buy.
  • Nick Cook says: Just got a 305 - it's great!!!
  • Rich H says: 110 - great gadget
  • Mindspace says: The Garmin 305 is a wonderful practical training tool and the online software/support totally sublime - eay to use and so useful. I ordered my 305 from Amazon just before Easter 2011, costing me less than £120. Gadget and running heaven combined. Mytraining and race performances have improved, the pace function really helps for keeping to strategy.
  • Yes I can !!! says: Got my 205 in February, been running with it since. Definitely improved how i run and measure the runs
  • Lauchy says: My 310XT has died.. Wont charge and wont go beyond the On button screen
  • grimnortherner says: 305 is where it's at
  • FraserFud says: greetings earthlings. Any 305 owners who are upgrading or want rid of their 305 please fmail me, thank you all. I am so desperate for a 305 I would sleep with a tramp....again!
  • Closer says: I love my 305 and have had it for 5 years - it's starting to get a little temperamental now..
  • Lyons_226 says: Took up running in July 2011 and after getting the 'bug' I decided to invest in a Garmin 305 . I love my 305 and never run without it.
  • Captain S says: Have a 210 and the strap broke so I've upgraded to a new and sexy 220. It's great but I'm yet to race it.
    I can't afford any that start with a 3 I'm afraid, you rich lot.
  • Goodlife says: Been running for 4 years and got my first garmin Oct 2011, cant believe it has taken me this long to get one, fantastic running companion!!
  • mindshoot says: Was rather pleased to win a 110 in a Runners' World competition! What fun...
  • James74 says: 310 XT for christmas.............brillant.
  • stuman says: Garmin 205 using it everyday its really helping me get fit after my operation on my back. Hopefully I will be running again soon.
  • gorrestfump says: My iphone runkeeper app served me well but after becoming a regular runner now (and the GPS acting up on the runkeeper) I got bought my 1st ever Garmin for Xmas 2011. I think the Garmin 110 is excellent & suits my needs perfectly.
  • Tumbleweed90 says: Got a Forerunner 410 the other day. Used it twice and absolutely love it. No problems with the bezel whatsoever.
  • blokewotruns says: Had my Garmin 305, I found out more about it each day I have it. Also have a 110 which is geat and so simples to use.
  • G Mac says: It might be bulky, but I love my 201 and cycle cradle. Running GPS and mountain bike dashboard all in one!
  • Plodder54 says: Been running off & on for 30 years , just bought a Garmin 210, what an amazing bit of kit this is
  • Franjo69 says: Loved my 305 but when I throw it to garbage (don't ask how :((() I triedd out FR60, later 110.
    Now looking forward new Fenix (phoenix?) that looks like redesigned 305.
  • TTaygo says: Forerunner 410, never leave home when running without it!
  • iwannarun76 says: Have a Garmin 610!
  • Cammy says: Just got the 610...been quality addition to my training👍
  • Daddy Kong says: Just clocked 1600 miles on my 305 since August 2011, love it to bits...
  • Running-Bear says: 410, awesome !!!
  • Baffins Runner says: Now the proud owner of a Garmin 620 with HRM. Great features such as V02 and race predictor (similar to the feature within FERC). Feels good when I see my V02 score.

    Well worth the extra money.
  • sloth says: On my 6th Garmon in 3 years! Had 3 of the 305's die on me (not because I overworked them sadly) and 3 of the 310xt's. Hate it that they are so unreliable but I can't bear to be without one! Watch out for Garmin as when they send you their replacement it only has a 12 week, not a full year guarantee unless the one it is replacing had more time left on the guarantee. as a result my replacement that came last week for my faulty brand new one from December 2012 only has 11 weeks left of the guarantee...
  • Mountkeen says: Garmin 10 for me. Simple and inexpensive but reliable. A bit like me.
  • bedfords moustache says: Just got a 620, it's luvvverly
  • Shoddy says: Upgraded from 110 to 220, still no fancy pants HRM or ANT or anything, just tells me how far and how fast which is all I need to know.
  • bennybeerbelly says: I’ve been running with a garmin for over 16 years. Ridiculously loyal to them after they sent a replacement for my first watch after it broke even though it was a couple of months out of warranty
  • Stevewjj says: I have a forerunner 235. Had it for 18 months and it's my first proper running watch even though I've been running over 11 yrs. Love it.
  • Suzakiroqq says: Recently lost 3 stone and hoping to start running again. I need as much motivation as I can get.
  • stephenpotter says: Just invested in the Garmin Forerunner 220. Seems great so far and not too many difficulties uploading to Garmin connect. Just need to figure out how to upload to Fetch and everything will be spot on!
  • shosoloza says: Garmin 305 + HRM - for me as key to a good run as a good pair of kicks :)
  • Alun says: Garmin 220 HRM
  • Buzzard says: My 220 has arrived and now I want to use it. Sadly I can't as I have an IME seminar I have to go to.
  • Pothunter says: 220 with HRM :-)
  • westmoors says: Started with a 405. When the 3rd replacement started to get dodgy I upgraded to a 620. Missed the navigational features of the 405 so now have a 935!
  • PAJ89 says: 610 was my first Garmin watch, had that for two or three years and loved it. The wrist strap broke so I took that as an opportunity to upgrade to a 620, which does the job fantastically well (although I must say the V02 and race time estimators are comically optimistic in my experience!).
Group admin: fetcheveryone

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