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Group: 26.2 virgins (2009)

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For Fetchies who are going for the big one in 2009... go on! It'll make you feel like a proper runner and everything! And it won't hurt, honest!

So that we can share training plans, distances, race tips, nerves and motivation.

Notes from Members

  • Siamese Pete says: FLM hopefully - if not, somewhere else:-)
  • SimonK says: Not sure of time or event yet - but 2009 is going to be the year I finally do what I keep promising myself I will do.
  • Breezy says: Hopefully, i almost dare not mention it for fear of injury. As actors do with Macbeth, i will refer to it as 'that race'
    Longest run todate 13.5miles
  • McNewbie says: Edinburgh 31st May - Birthday Marathon :-) Target --> to make it to the next birthday ;-)
  • owlman says: Walt Disney World Marathon, on 11th January, completed in 5:22:16.
    The race, and trip, report is in my blog - posted on 16, 17, and 18 January.
  • FML says: FLM 2009 it is!!! Just completely nervous now
  • Scrappy Doo says: I'm looking towards NYC in Nov 2009....will make the final commitment for place in Jan but fully intend this to be my first in 2009....time?? would be happy to get round in one piece but a sub 4 and target of 3.45...I know this is setting the bar high and maybe daft but hey ho...GOOD LUCK and HAPPY TRAINING to ALL..
  • Magbag says: Edinburgh 31st May :-) Fingers x anyway
  • Oscar the grouch says: Gulp. Paris in the Spring. Not quite how I imagined the romance...!
  • tulip says: looking at Dublin marathon.... 26 miles is a long long way.....
  • Anna Bomb says: Chosen edinburgh and now I'm scared
  • Discovery Dave says: Alright, I'm in - Edinburgh too. Would love anything under 5, but it's a guess. It's my first time - be gentle with me...
  • happygasman says: Edinburgh 2009 . No idea about time , but will finish the same day I started , or will die trying
  • AngeM says: Edinburgh 2009. First, and probably will be my only, marathon, I've got a history with a dodgy knee! Thought I should do one mara though, otherwise I'll always wonder! Butterflies in my tummy when I entered on-line yesterday (02/10). Longest run to date is 17.3 miles-it was a lovely run! 4:00 would be great, sub 4:00 I'd be overjoyed but I put down 4:30 as estimated time..and then again, just finishing will be fab!
  • TecT says: Paris for me in April 09... cannot wait!!!
  • Imke says: If i can keep up with Pestomum after all the Gin she consumes i will be happy
  • quimby says: Edinburgh. Hope for sub 5.
  • frangale says: FLM
  • philbo says: I chose Edinburgh when i got my London rejection, that was the easy bit now which plan ????????
  • zosie says: Hoping to do Dublin in 2009 to break my duck!
  • McGoohan says: Edinburgh. Oh yeah.
  • NickyNoo says: Got club place for FLM!!
  • Jambomo says: My first time will be Edinburgh 2009, scary thought! My longest run to date has been about 3 miles so I have a lot of work to do but i'm just aiming to get round and enjoy it - not thinking of times or anything so i'm not too worried. I have started training already so that helps me feel a bit better about it as well.
  • Simons Dad says: Entered FLM09 but not succesful, so have entered Blackpool on 05/04/09. Hoping for a sub 3.30, but we'll have to see!!! Apprehensive about doing it, but I am determined that I will, just to prove to myself that I can!!! Hope to raise a bit of money for charity as wll - probably the Parkinsons Society as my Mum has suffered from it for the last 12 years!!!
  • SCD says: First marathon will be Abingdon 2009.......yukes!
  • Cabbey says: FLM April '09. Can't wait
  • mattyj says: London in April o9 quickly followed by Edinburgh end of May...i wait 36 years for a mara to come along then 2 show up in quick sucsession.....must be mad and not too bothered about time,maybe 4:15/4:30 ish
  • Tiggia says: Edinburgh for me too. Time? Hopefully same day ;-) Prolly somewhere around 5:30
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: FLM with a club place.
  • benj81 says: Running FLM for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT). If all goes well might even sign up for another one before the end of 09...
  • Two Towels. says: I best sign in now.............London Marathon first ever Marathon............
  • AlanR says: First Marathon will be FLM through a club place, aiming for sub3:15. Let the training commence
  • Steady Edina says: I shall be popping my cherry at Stratford
  • Pllumby says: Got in the FLM at the 4th attempt. Only plan on doing one marathon in my life (unless it's addictive!) so it had to be London. My aim is to get round but I have a secret dream of getting below 4 hrs. Although I had a dream of doing my first GNR in under 2 hrs and managed to finish in 02:00:01...ouch.

    Link (roll over me to see where I go)
  • grasshopper2 says: april is coming up fast need all the help i can get!
  • stretch 212 says: 2009 is the year, hoping for 4.30 but will be glad to just finish. Look for me at Loch Ness.
  • Kallywag says: Oh dear! Sent off my application to the Shakespeare Marathon via snailmail just in case they get to fill up first and reject me!!! Not that I'm scared or anything lol
  • bazza73 says: hope to do New forest in Sept 09
  • mags says: Loch Ness in October. Am hoping if I stay injury free for a 4 hour time.Fingers/legs and all crossed!
  • Rippers says: Blackpool, oh I do like run by the seaside (i Hope) April 09!
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: Doing my first marathon this year at Blackpool april 5th.Ian i mad:-):-)x
  • run-forest-run says: Anyone running Stratford as their first and desperately want 4 hrs ? Could do with someone to pull me along.
    Good luck everyone for achieving your goal in 2009
  • seb coe says: doing edinburgh this year optimistic of 3:15 last half i did was 1:28
  • SarahS says: I'm doing Edinburgh as well, no idea on a time, did great north run in 2007, not sure how i'll feel when i run over 13 miles in one go!
  • imagine says: Loch Ness October 09 - eek!
  • Matty aka lakerunner says: Thinking of doing the Windermere Marathon in May, longest i run so far is half Marathons, need to learn to run slower for longer
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