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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: ►West Midlands Fetch Mile Challenge - JANUARY 2009 ◄

25 members [See all]

► Wyndley Leisure Centre Track ◄<br>
► January 24th 2009

1 - 3pm ◄<br>
► Bring CAKE ◄<br>

►►► RESULTS ◄◄◄ (let me know if there are any glaring errors)<br><br>

Kids 400m<br>
1:11 Mr Speedy <br>
1:43 LB <br>
1:45 Junior Blaze <br>
2:00 Fell Mouse <br>
2:04 Gnome <br>
2:06 Tink <br>
2:13 Fell Princess <br>
2:14 Li’l Prof <br>
2:15 Little Ollie (in the pram) <br>
5:25 Jigs <br>
5:29 SPR <br>
5:30 Steady Groove <br>
5:42 phal <br>
5:47 Slickster <br>
5:48 Biking Badger <br>
5:49 Ronners <br>
5:53 Boingy <br>
5:58 Barky <br>
6:17 Canute <br>
6:32 Luverlylegs <br>
6:38 JJ Flash <br>
7:05 Velociraptor <br>
7:08 Smiliegirlie <br>
7:10 Clare1972 <br>
7:10 Johnny Blaze <br>
7:33 Matt <br>
8:09 quimby <br>
9:21 LB <br>
9:24 Little Ollie (in the pram)<br>
10:24 Evil Pixie <br>
10:40 Junior Blaze <br>
10:52 Tink <br>
11:26 Gnome <br>
15:00 Mad4Purple <br>
KIDS 100m<br>
13.9 Mr Speedy <br>
19.2 LB <br>
20.4 Junior Blaze <br>
21.2 Fell Mouse <br>
22.5 Li’l Prof <br>
22.7 Tink <br>
24.0 Fell Princess <br>
24.6 Gnome <br>
Big Kids 100m<br>
11.2 Slickster <br>
12.1 Steady Groove <br>
12.8 Matt <br>
13.3 eL Bee! <br>
13.6 SPR <br>
13.8 Biking Badger <br>
14.0 Ronners <br>
14.1 Jigs <br>
14.6 phal <br>
14.9 Barky <br>
15.8 Canute <br>
17.1 Clare1976 <br>
17.4 EmmaN <br>
17.6 Luverlylegs <br>
20.9 Velociraptor <br>
21.4 Evil Pixie <br>
27.3 mad4purple <br>

Notes from Members

  • Barky says: Am in :-) (BTW Jude - this is the 2nd best mile event in the world ;-))
  • flanker says: might actually be able to make one! Wonder if sub-6 is viable on the track?
  • Winter purpleland says: This will be my first race back.
  • eL Bee! says: Buzzlets and wee-raptors will be there too - Be VERY scared ;)
  • SPR says: Setting off at 5.40 pace, hopefully a month of speedwork will make this more than realistic. Hope there's a 100m race!
  • jude says: Sounds like a good alternative to the East mids which I can't go to :(
    So - :)
  • Jigs says: Yep, We'll be there :-)
  • CrazyLegs says: :-) :-) :-)
  • Canute says: I hope I am fit enough to join in. I have been having a bit of trouble my lungs and cold air causes me problems, but if things settle down in the next week or two I will be there.
  • Johnny Blaze says: I think my best is 7:35 so not exactly speedy.
    Will bring nipper (s) and cake
  • tiamo69 says: let me know if u do this again...
    victoria rd, sutton
Group admin: eL Bee!
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