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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • Ultracat says: I have ran 2 ultras so far 2010 and planning on running a few marathons now
  • moore06 says: May get up to double figs for 2008. Plus a 20 miler, 30km and couple of HMs. Got severe withdrawal symptoms after surviving Halstead!
  • controversial says: 3 marathons in 15 days in april, 3 more planned in 5 weeks in autumn!
  • Lisrun says: May do over 10 in 2010
  • Foxy says: 17 in 2007
    23 in 2008
    28 in 2009

    22 in 2010 ? (just one a month except for 11 in may !)
  • flanker says: Probably going to be in double figures again next year. 4 ultras and 4 marathons planned already, and I've not started planning yet :-)
  • Scottishheaven says: 10 marathon since 2006.......... must have the bug.........
  • UltraDunc says: Started the year off with an Ultra and maybe another later in the year . 3 marathons planned this year . Started last year with 2 so I am a bit of a beginner !
  • Toks says: am one of the nutters too ;-) where is PH??? OH and am doing kent50 mile challenge again, why ;-) don't ask ;-)
  • MrsMac says: Already ran 2 marathons this year & 2 ultras. Got another 2 track ultras planned and possibly 2 more marathons. Would do more if my poor body would hold out :(
  • Eastham75 says: 2 done so far this year Stratford and Halstead with Beachy and Hastings booked and thinking of Robin Hood
  • Joe Hawk says: Started off with a double in May. Now done an Ultra with a busy finish to the year planned.
  • HB says: 2 more marathons this year, a few more next year along with a few Ultra`s!
  • Binks says: I started doing more regular marathons about a year ago. Done 34 Marathons/Ultras this year with 6 to go (I Think).

    Nice round number hey Biggus?
  • ansterdoc says: 1992-1 marathon
    2003- 1 marathon
    2004- 3 marathons
    2005 2 marathons
    2006 2 marathons
    2007 3 marathons
    2008 4 marathons
  • Harnser says: A marathon a month next year, and a couple of ultra thrown in along the way.
  • ogee says: Looks like i've found some kindred spirits here. 32 marathons/ultras planned for 09 already. Hopefully barring injury i'll get a few more than that in. ;)
  • Naomi P says: 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Qualified?
  • Selfish Git!!! says: 1st Marathon in 1981 - 4th Marathon in Sept 2002 and just did my 49th on Sunday. Only 2 this year but will put some preparation in for my 50th marathon and carry on the year with a sprinkling of 4-5 more
  • davidwbush says: 8 since May plus the L2B 56m .... just Druids 3day 82m and DotD 30m to go .... quiet year all in all !
  • Malc26.2 says: 30 marathons in 2011, do I qualify?
  • payless says: Did a Ultra in January, 2 x/country marathons in March, and plan on doing a road marathon in the Autumn! My mates keeping asking..........why?..........
  • Closer says: 3 down so far in 2011 and 2 more before Christmas, aiming to do 1 per month in 2012...
  • Surrey Phil says: Up to 2009 - 4
    2010 - 4
    2011 - 3
    2012 - 2
    2013 - 6
    2014 - 5
    2015 - 7
    2016 - 5
    2017 - 4 with another 6-7 planned
Group admin: Ultracat