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A group for all those mad enough to enjoy MM's, be they the OMM; LAMM; SLMM; Highlander; Rab or other events...

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  • Phil_N says: Only done the one so far (OMM 2007) but keen to do more.
  • Binks says: Davos k78. Now there's a race.
  • flanker says: Pulled out of KIMM a few years ago due to a last minute fall out with partner. Keen to get back into it soon.
  • AndyWB says: Have entered the Dartmoor MM run by EnduranceLife, but as it is the first one I have done only in Class C (40km linear). It is a starting point!
  • MountainMasher says: Done a couple of LAMM's and the HIGHLANDER. started on the D class and did well so opted next time for the B and found it a lot more challenging ! LOL. Messed up with the navigation too and had an extremely long day1 !!!! More practice for this year. looking forward to the Highlander in April. Scenery in stunning in that neck of the woods.
  • phal says: I want to play :-)
  • northern_runner says: Not done a MM yet, but would like to have a go. Done some long fell races in the Lake District and completed the Lake District Mountain Trial this year.
  • miltonfast says: Did the 2009 OMM in the Elan Valley in October. Thoroughly recommend it. Various entries for Novices and more experienced runners. We chose the Medium Score course which gives you freedom to design your own route in a time limit hitting as many bases as you can. I have done the LAMM before in 2005 and this only offers the straight A to B to C to D 'point to point' but was excellent as well. My advice would be to do the OMM first. Good atmosphere in the overnight camp. Really worthwhile weekends.
  • Lincs Blue says: Did the Elan Valley OMM last year ... waiting for this years to be announced (in a couple of weeks) ..... I learnt a few hard lessons last yr....
  • loucass says: got my first in 5 weeks - SLMM. Seriously excited :-))
  • shanksi says: Did the 2010 Grampian Mountain Challenge. Entered the 2011 LAMM and looking forward to it.
  • alifrobertson says: MMs so far: LAMM 2002, 2009; Highlander 2011
    Planner for Grampian Mountain Challenge 2010
    Aiming or Highlander 2012 next...
  • APaulW says: Lots. First was the 1995 LAMM and it's still my favourite but I'm starting to seriously enjoy the RAB as well - partly cos you can do it solo but also cos it's low key and relaxed. Seems to get the weather too. Currently working up to the Great Lakeland 3 Day in May - anyone else up for this?
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