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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Plodders

246 members [See all]

Cos we plod. For not very fast people

Notes from Members

  • mulbs says: Never been very fast, never will be, I sometimes think I've got a bit of spped up to be passed by someone twice as fast who isn't even breaking a sweat......but.......I love it, one speed and sticking to it!
  • Chell says: I think I'm fast - till I'm passed
  • Da Weez says: S L O W with a smile.
  • sallykate says: Plodding is my game!
  • Tiggia says: I'm more of a plodding penguin than a runner, but mentally I'm a runner, and I plod on regardless!
  • oceanspirit says: I love running. I don't care how slow I am. I have no illusions of ever being a fast runner. I just love being out there running at my pace. :)
  • The Jogger says: whats speed?
  • paskha says: I seem to be plodding slower & slower at the moment partly due to an increase in weight but also cos I hardly ran for Aug-Sep-Oct07 - I absolutely BELIEVE in plodding though (although I love it when I can run faster too) & will PLOD with anybody as long as we can talk ...
  • Bex66 says: Just restarted plodding in Oct 07, hope to plod a half-marathon or two in the spring!
  • tulip says: hooray there are more like me!!
  • wombat02 says: Have my first 10k in two weeks. Major panic mode,
  • PonyGirl says: New to running...but don't think I'll ever be speedy!
  • Happy Cat says: what an incentive as I start running this year! yay - plod on everyone
  • bootsie says: Hi, i think this might be a good group for me.. my body is failing massively if i try to up my speed.. i get chronic pains in my stomach! not sure if anyone else gets this but haven't been able to run for a month or so.. will try again soon at a very slow pace and see how i get on!
  • Xeno says: I'm new to fetcheveryone, but I think I can definitely say that I came, I saw, and I plodded.
  • TheBeetroot says: Fat old plodder but at least I am still trying!
  • skiddy! says: No chance of me being anything but a plodder, body severly lets me down whenever I try to increase my speed, but I do love being out there in all weathe, looking dafty, but I really don't care any more.
  • ian kewley says: im really slow but loving it again.
  • FaeryImp says: Plodders of the world...we get there in the end.
  • compo says: I'm a veritable snail and I love plodding (for reference: that's slower than a "girlie mince"!)
  • jenny43 says: Most of the members of this group seem to run at a speed a can only aspire too! Plodding is all I can do but am loving it!
  • mol says: Plodders
    I am not very fast, in fact i dont i will ever be very fast. However i love running.
  • Ali R says: I plod, I love it.
  • buttercups1971 says: I love to run and dream of a sub hour 10k!
  • Head Gone says: I probably hold the record for the most last places.
  • Fee says: Tortoises of the world unite:)
  • gradgrind says: I'm a >2hr half marathon. I dream of a sub 2 hr. Maybe. But for now, happy plodding.
  • sugababy60 says: i hope to start back to plodding soon i'm struggling with the plodding i must say
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: I'm not YOUNG or FAST BUT l PLOD along to the end. :) :)
  • PloddingStotty says: There's nothing like a good plod!
  • geordiesanta says: I'm returning to running after a long illness & a few ops, even before my op I wasnt a fast runner but I just love being out running - Yeah!!
  • Garf says: Ha ... I was wondering how to find others of the same speed. I think I found you, I have also been passed by walkers LM 2005. Just started running ... sorry ...plodding again today.
  • ginntonix says: A group for me!!! Been running for 18 months and have one speed ...s l o w!
  • Delamerewolf says: I was beaten by an 86 year old in the Chester Half this year - but, hey, what a brilliant 86 year old that must be! Hats off!!!!!
  • gilli vanilli says: Hi! Just started running - nay, plodding - a couple of weeks ago, and I'm loving it. I had a look at the "who's been training" list, and it made me a bit sad - I just can't see myself ever getting up at 4am to run 15 miles!! A step up to trotting for half an hour would do me just fine.
  • choldy says: plodding rocks....max enjoyment....minimum effort:)
  • unpcplod says: This sounds the perfect place for me, I have been passed by walkers!
  • biggest nose says: Plodding rocks! x
  • Lady P says: Have been plodding for a year now. Well I say plodding have improved a bit. Run sometimes with a few friends. We started out running for fun and fitness, but some got a bit more concerned with their times than others. I don't really want to become obsessed with times but it's hard when you enter races and you see what your time is. Anyway I'm going to stick with plodding and if my time improves then great.
  • TooLilac says: I feel like I'm running fast, but apparently it looks like I'm riding a penny-farthing......slowly!
  • happytheman says: I'm a plodder, no intentions of speeding up.
  • joolzs says: Here I rest my laurels -at last a group where I feel at home. Under no illusion that I'm ever going to be much faster than I am now but love to run at my pace and long may it continue!
  • Slowly But Shirley says: I love plodding. Trying to run faster hurts too much!
  • That Damned Bloke says: sounds like i belong here!
  • normanom says: Phew! There are people like me here. Started plodding in Apr 07 don't expect to get much quicker but I will give it a go.
  • SuzeeDiamond says: i'm always at the back of the pack, have even finished last, more then once! but at least I finished :)
  • Heva says: I was scared as there are people do 10k in my PB for a 5k! Got a warm fuzzy feeling when I discovered Plodders :) As long as I finish I will be happy!
  • Angelplodder says: Thought I was the only one. Very excited to have found all these other plodders. Will be plodding in the Great North Run in 2 weeks to raise money for Kidney Research. Don't care how long it takes me as long as I finish.
  • shoeless says: United we plod...
  • Devonian Plodder says: I am made for this group!
  • MissChappo says: I have just got back into running (again) after being a cross-country person at school and then doing it to train for Kili in 2003. Have just realised I like doing it just for doing it's sake......but am not and will never be very fast....
  • ttofee says: Okay, run on and off for about 5 years and feel so slow compared to my friends - I am definitely a plodder - I get there eventually. Hopefully getting back into my plodding will help me lose the baby weight since having my little boy in September!
  • minardi says: Proud to be a Plodder :-)
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: I may not be the fastest but enjoy what i do:-):-):-)xx
  • Sarah64 says: I will never be a fast runner but I really don't care. I'm proud to just be able to get out there and run.
  • Maj says: Hey, all the fun people hang out at the back in races!!
  • claireroberts says: Hi fellow plodders! I have got my first 10k in june & very worried I will be last! Ah well, as long as i finish!
  • Grumpa says: Fast in mind,but the legs seem to have a mind their own,and it just wants to plod :)
  • Cabbey says: Thats me... total plodder! In fact... I may be too slow to join!
  • perrun says: Started running 2 moths ago. Recently did 5k in 37mins. Keen to improve and build up distance but pace will take a lot longer to improve!!
  • plodder32 says: I am so thrilled to see that I am not the only one who loves running yet quite happy to let the majority overtake me!
  • Ploddington Bear says: Missis Plod of Plodsville, that's me... woudl like to be faster, but seem to have got slower over last 2 years (9 months without much running might have somethign to do with it!) still, would rather plod than not run at all :-)
  • Andrea H says: nice to know that there are others as slow as me! I 'plodded' my first half marathon this weekend, without walking, but still over 2.5hrs.... I know I'm slow, but I finished!
  • duo says: I'm a long distance plodder.
  • Sharkrunner says: My legs are tired and not used to pace but my will is strong...
  • pinkjaffa says: Just started running & not very fast at all. :) x
  • FrancesT says: Am suffering from eating too much over Xmas and New Year. My long run today was very hard work. Am looking forward to the pounds falling off (??!!) and running becoming loads easier over the next few weeks (???!!).
  • Rock Steady says: I plod, and am happy to be a plodder. I plod because its the approach I do best. I must have missed my speedy days somewhere and have stuck to my plodding principle for as long as I know.
  • Rosemount Raver says: Not very fast but who cares
  • montymoomoo says: One speed! The best place to be at the back you have more time to take in the scenary!
  • naughtynewt says: just did my first run since june 2009, at one point i looked at my feet and could have sworn they were standing still!
  • Gandhi says: Was always slow.Now I'm even slower. I love being a plodder.
  • Entropie says: Fianlly some where I belong!!!!!!
  • Bibster says: Lovely! Some people to talk to at the back :-)
  • skinnyblog says: I'm not built for speed but I amaze myself that I can actually run!!
  • Unity says: Just being able to do it is enough. No matter what it looks like on the outside - on the inside I am running smoothly and happily.
  • ladyemruns says: Not very fast but love running. I've tried to speed up but just found it too much like hard work! Aiming to build up my distances but I'm happy at my pace.
  • Blunderwoman says: Been doing the odd 10k since 2006, now up to 10m in preparation for GNR but never get any faster - just happy to finish. I was officially in the "stragglers" last Sunday at Askern.
  • Hibby says: Hello all. Can often be seen plodding round Edinburgh in my Hibs/Barcelona tees at not very quick mph .Not fast, never will be, don't care - luv it.
  • Gym-Rat says: Started running May 2010 after seeing that the London Marathon fell on my 50th birthday 17th April 2011. So I thought "I'm gonna do that" oh my god, how can just putting one foot in front of the other be so hard, lol. Stiill I'm here now, and actually enjoying running, even if it is very slowly. Where's the fun in finishing a Marathon on the same day you started it, lol. come on you plodders.
  • stubanch says: sometimes its just my chill out time nee rush
  • Bumblebee1984 says: I'm a plodder, and just proud to be doing anything.. Id rather plod long distance than try to sprint a short..
  • melissa1964 says: My soul mates at last!
  • lynseylou says: I plod, don't care if I'm not the fastest, I enjoy it...and want to be fit...not fast!
  • siouxiesioux says: Hi all, Newbie here - definate plodder, just got a Garmin Forerunner 305 off Santa!
  • Mary Brite says: Effortlessly slow.
  • vicky38 says: Would love to be a bit faster but simply can't.. yet. I can plod along at my pace. I have a little giggle when I am overtaken by other runners - nervous laugh I guess, some absolutely amaze me and I would love to do their pace at some point. Training for a marathon in May and you have to be a good plodder for that, and so the training to plod further begins. Happy plodding all. :-)
  • DivvyBoy says: I really am a plodder. I measure my miles per day not miles per hour. Love running though.
  • Angelcake says: Think I have found a home! Slow and steady may not win the race but hopefully it will help me finish my second ever 10k this April!
  • Steady as she goes says: I'll never be fast but I'm going longer and longer. Glad to have found my kindred spirits!
  • 4ndy says: Trying to get back into running after 15 year lay-off. Training is going well and I hope to build my speed up to a plod soon! But I look forward to my run which is all that counts for me.
  • tsubo 00 says: Currently working towards a 100 mile event, any advice would be highly appreciated!
  • vashtherat says: I'm not very fast, but at least I'm doing it!
  • Marzipan says: Because an old boy walked past me as I ran a 10K! Git!
  • Claireruns says: I'm most definately currently a plodder :)
  • Hephaestus says: I plod slower than a slow plodding thing. Ploddity plod plod plod is my usual pace. There can't be many slower than me!
  • Mizzy says: New to plodding and great to find a group with like-minded, plodders. :)
  • Detal says: So pleased I'm not the only plodder, have just started running again after about a 6 year absence.
  • Rosehip says: Hello, I'm a plodder - built for comfort not speed - hoping to get a bit quicker as long runs take much more time at my pace - but never going to be fast
  • Lizzybagwash says: Like to run or in my case plod

    enjoy the freedom to be able to get outside
    recently lost my mojo so need to get it back and get the running/plodding shoes back on :)
  • dutchy says: Running is great no matter how fast you go. Old dogs may pass me by grinning, i do not care, i am enjoying myself!
  • Fzh2p0 says: Woohoo! A group for me! I lug my unfit, 6' 5", overweight frame around very ploddingly... used to be faster, but am heading towards a big round numbered age (with a 5 at the font) and am not even trying to get back to the youthful days, just healthy again. Am getting excited about running again after a a tough few months "re-starting" with lots of misery and "why am I bothering" moments :o)
  • Eynsham Red says: I used to be fairly average, but am getting less so as the years go by. It used to bother me but I can't be bothered to be bothered anymore. I just do it for fun.
  • troop_of_doom says: See you at the back!!
  • madaboutmads says: I wasn't built for speed just stamina,still must be nice to run a mile in under 10mins *sighs wistfully*
  • alpenrose says: After 1 year of running, I'm struggling to plod more than 3 miles.
  • Sunbeater says: I'm the local plodder. Actually, I'm the only one in the village to don running shoes and run, sorry, plod!
  • Jopoweredbychocolate says: i am definitely belonging to this group as I am not fast at all, finished my last marathon last hahaha
  • Mountkeen says: Being passed by a bloke in a giant penis costume during a race says it all.
  • FlynnagunII says: Started running later on in life! Enjoy running for fun!!
  • Granny2-3 says: To old to do anything but plod,
  • steve45 says: It should be a lesson in being enlightened but...running along in my new super fast Saucony shoes, in shorts--looking the part---I am passed by a guy wearing Clarkes boot/shoes and wearing a suit , carrying a man bag over his shoulder and talking on his mobile phone! (ok , I'm exaggerating!).
  • Robbo29963 says: i'm a 51 year old plodder who ran in her 30's and early 40's. then stopped due to an injury that kept reoccurring. last month I received an email from the royal parks foundations asking whether i wanted to enter the ballot to run in the half marathon, knowing that I never usually win anything I entered the ballot..... a week later I found out I had got a place. So time to train. I don't expect much and I know it will be difficult to get back to anything near what I was but the weight is climbing and I don't like that! So i have written myself a 32 week plan which takes me up to the race (Oct 11th)and hopefully I'll make it.
  • lin50 says: My legs are too short to ever run fast...but I'll keep on plodding away!
  • bodis64 says: Plodders unite! I am taking full advantage of my race fees. The faster you are, the less time you have to enjoy it :)
  • chocciemonster says: Restarting all over again in October 2015.
  • Knitwit says: Always at the back and get disheartened. Glad to find there are alot more like me!
  • shosoloza says: Started running Nov 2014 with an eye on my first race ever - Chester half in May 2015. Managed to keep alive through the Chester Half (man that last hill was a killer!).
    My second ever Half was Rock 'n Roll Liverpool June 2015.

    Booked in for 2016 Chester half and just after when (what I now suspect was a) stress fracture put the kibosh on running for a year. Just started from scratch again July 2016 - so good to be back- and close to the back :) Happy days!
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