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Finders has decided to STOP drinking totally for many reasons and is hoping to reap the rewards and benefits from abstaining.
This group is for anybody who wishes to 'cut down', 'give up' or merely 'give advice'.
Please keep group supportive and motivating and avoid negativity directed towards those choosing to do this.
Many Thanks x

Notes from Members

  • filthyfaerie says: Have found that my day to day memory and concentration is better, lost alot of weight initially.. havent always stuck to it but i think this group will motivate me! Great idea will see and feel results! And as for the may find it was a reaction to wine... i did! Good luck!! :o)
  • archerfish123 says: Pretty much tea total these days. I recommend twin toddlers as a highly effective mean for limiting the amount one drinks. I need every valuable scrap of energy these days!!!
  • bal says: Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. So trying to cut down or out on the weekend lash ups.
  • StormProof says: Weekends and holidays only for me. And being careful on Sat/Sun for LSR the next day. Lots of water instead so I'll be "drinking" at parties/barbies etc but not DRINKING.
  • Gcad says: Used to drink 80/100units per week. My family were at their wits end wife about to leave and kids nervous wrecks. Alcohol is not a spectator sport pretty soon the whole family are part of the game. I wish I could be a normal drinker but it's all or nothing with me. My last drink was my best drink ever because it was my last, 07Th April 2008. Today I will not drink. Good luck everyone weather stopping or just cutting down.
  • sallykate says: Want to cut out the habit during the week -- I know there are better ways of destressing!
  • mandychamp says: I am very inspired by you all - I also have found my level of drinking increasing over the years, can easily do a bottle of wine in one sitting :( But I am stopping now!
  • Cotty67 says: Saturday nights only for me!!
  • Shin-Twigs says: have cut down a lot would like to cut down further good luck everyone !
  • Tiggia says: I'm in. I use wine to relax when I'm stressed. I've had a very stressful week and now feel like shit because I've drunk too much. I'm an all or nothing person... am trying cutting down first, but I realise I may have to think about quitting altogether.
  • CamBear says: Been following the thread on this and have very similar drinking habits to Finders, Couple of largish glasses during the week, more at the weekend, though out boxes rather than bottles. Made a decision to quite last weekend - have done so before, but always fallen back into old ways. So as of today 4 days and counting
  • Scrappy Doo says: Its hard to do..but I am trying my into a habit of downing a few bottles per night of vino collapso but have broke this!!.. and only now at weekends do I drink but I have cut down a lot even with that!...I know for me I am better for it ,happy and healthy (and a better bloke)...we all have your own reasons to do good luck to me and you... :-)
  • WA says: I need to drink less, and this group is really supportive
  • Dave A says: Hoping to get on the wagon. I have no issues with alcohol, it's just a small amount knackers me nowadays, and I hate feeling knackered, sick and having headaches the morning after.
  • Making_Tracks says: Time to stop drinking.
  • Left Foot says: Stopped drinking in June 2008 and then became pregnant and overall have enjoyed the not-drinking bit and have saved loads of money! Would like to stay this way, more or less, as it's less bother. Update: I stopped entirely 6 years ago in 2014 and don't drink any more.
  • pinga says: am givin up for January but hope to go beyond as i will be doing my first sprint tri early April, good luck to all doing the same!
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Been on the wagon since Aug 2005, so nearly 3.5 years, after some very damaging (friends, family and self) episodes on the sauce. I do "1 and then stop", rather than no drink. My limit is the amount you would have if you were driving. I haven't failed once since I decided. It's hard. At least once a week I think - why not? Then I remember, and I'll never do it again. Benefits - saving money, can always remember what I'm doing and have done, sleep well, no hangover and I'm v. popular as a taxi driver to and from parties!! Good luck everyone. If anyone who is trying to give up ever wants to fmail me for moral support, feel free! *update Sep 2010 - that's 5 years now! Article created too... *:-)G
  • leysrunner says: I was a whirl wind of trouble in my drinking years. 17 years have passed since I stopped and in that time I have done so many things. Life is so much easier now. Be strong folks because this is a battle worth fighting.
  • moore06 says: I practically stopped drinking in July 2011. Currently I drink 3 pints a week, no other alcohol.
  • TEL2 says: Hooray! Six years today without a drink!!! If only I could open a bottle of bubbly. I might not live to be a hundred - it will just feel like it! And suddenly it's nine years ago and now I've got two great-grandchildren! (But sometimes how I miss being the loose cannon on the pitching deck!)

    I last had a drink on January 26th 2004, that's 2145 days ago, but who's counting? I'd visited the GP with high blood pressure and firstly he asked if I smoked, "no, packed up 30 years ago!" Then, did I exercise, "Yes run about 40 miles a week!" and lastly did I drink? "Yes, about 20 units" "A week?" "No a day!!!" and the rest as they say is history. Mind you it does get easier! On the downside all of my best times (running) were before I stopped, but that , regrettably, is more to do with age than with not drinking! What I really don't miss is having a tin of Tennants Super at 4 and running an inter-club 5k race at 7! Oh the pain!
  • Leeds Rob says: Haven't had a drink since summer last year!
  • DeeGee says: Since Easter Sunday 2009, I've virtually given up completely. Just weddings and work dos for me now. 3.5 stone lighter, I'll keep off it for the time being...
  • The Terminator says: I have cut down increasingly and am going to watch England Germany tomorrow sober which is a major step forward.
  • Reiver says: I'm absolutely disgusted with the amount I have been drinking in the run up to the festive period.
  • sjude says: I'm definately in. Have been desperate to stop for ages. Going to go for wine only on a weekend. Can't wait to feel great! Have been drinking a bottle of wine a night and actually start thinking about it early on in day. Have had many an argument with myself outside an off-licence. Now is time to take control!
  • Sophie T says: Post Christmas. Not a NYR but have drunk too much for years now and need to reduce to recommended levels.
  • Dukester says: A kinda new years resolution to cut down but not give up entirely. Hav'nt had a drink since new years eve so far so good.You gotta have something to enjoy besides running!
  • Sazzahazza says: Nearly 4wks off the booze and am feeling great!! 3 wks til Barcelona Marathon and won't be drinkng until I have done the race. My wieght has dropped, training is getting better and stronger and I am feeling clear headed. Will defo cut down on the booze after the race.
  • 154 Rob says: Just cutting down....for a number of reasons.
  • Non-runner says: Using the catalyst of a bout of flu and no drink for five days (unusual!), and not wanting one, to cut right down in 2012. I've lots of non-alchy beer and wine in the house and these taste very nice, as does tea, and these will do fine. Longer term is to have just two drinking days a week and to be sensible. Update 2019: weird but after drinking every day over Xmas and New Year, I just don’t fancy it any more. No desire. Tea and tonic water for the last two weeks and perhaps the foreseeable?
  • Nicholls595 says: 76 days and counting! Have always stayed dry during January, this year I haven't bothered to start again. Am feeling the benefits in terms of losing weight and feeling so much better. Have also found it easier to make time for the training runs that I had always put off before.
  • hairlikeeddy says: I gave up booze in the week a few months ago. Was very happy about the arrangement and I'm sure it helped towards my triathlon training. Things have slipped a bit, so I'm going to try again.
  • Tattooedrunner43 says: Been completely abstinent for over 5 years don't miss any of it. :-)
  • Marchbanks says: I'm in.
  • Topcat2 says: Taking 6 weeks off in the run up to Christmas
  • Oscar the Grouch says: Have been a 'good' drinker in my time. Never put it on the cornflakes but have always been suggestible even if I was the only one doing the suggesting. I am mostly down to about 4 pints a week on one evening. Mostly...
  • Love Lettuce says: My last drink was 4 May 2018. I can't see any good reason to have another one, so I won't
  • funkyPOM says: have a drink most days, not helpful and has become a habit now.
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