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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Septemberthon

26 members [See all]

Same as Juneathon only in September. Have I helped?

Notes from Members

  • Magbag says: I want to complete this :) Grrrrrrrr i will succeed !!!

    Pammie i am thinking Gloria Gaynor .
  • CrazyLegs says: I am determined to complete this!! :-)
  • RobK says: My mate told me about this... should be good!!
  • Roobarb says: Fancy giving this a go. Missed the June one!
  • TT1981 says: I will give it a go... no promises though
  • Woffy says: Need to do something to get me more regular, the muesli isn't working :)
  • Kev Scone says: Im in too, only problem day i can forsee is 15 september so far
  • quimby says: I did Juneathon and enjoyed it immensely. When you *have* to trundle a mile you often end up doing a bit more.
  • Spally says: Count me in :-) - Pammie, didn't the Jackson 5/Michael Jackson sing that?
  • XB says: I like a challenge. And this seems like a fun one.
  • TooLilac says: Count me in ! I LOVED the Juneathon !
  • UltraDunc says: Another one bites the dust ! ( tempting providence ) :-)
  • Fee says: Will do my bestest:) Cat getting better (For Juneathon catlovers!) Christening in the Peak District on 21st so need to work around that somehow.
    Have been seriously CBA since Juneathon:(
  • clairster says: yaya sebtemberathon :)
  • Qwerty says: mmmm....A shiny new target :-) :-)
  • rosa says: If I actually stick to my training plan for once I should do this anyway but I think the extra incentive of this should help me to actually do so :)
  • greenzed says: I love 'athons. I did a quizathon last week.
  • tuga says: I think need extra incentive to stick to the plan, this should help me to actually do so :)
  • jude says: I wonder............
  • Silvershadow says: Got to start up again now the schools are back.
  • Anna Bomb says: might as well give it a go but GNR weekend is going to cause me some probs
Group admin: John66

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