Notes from Members

  • Sarcy says: Just found this group, can do 40 now.
  • Magbag says: Well done the initial test and i managed to amaze myself. I done

    2 Jeez 100 seems a long way away !!. Even being a Moober seems to be out of
  • Bufty_Grifter says: just did initial test - 15 good form British army pushups consecutively. Just scraped into level 3 on the programme, but clearly in the flappers zone.
  • KinkyS says: Bring on it! Hoping to strengthen my wrists as much as anything...
  • mokina says: I am in! let the party start :)
  • Johnny Blaze says: <<Will settle for being slightly less lardy>>
  • John66 says: I'm up for it!! Not sure what ranking I am though yet. Started with ten
  • GordonG says: record your progress here
  • Haddi :-) says: lets get it on :)
  • Kallywag says: Another Moober & Flapper! May have to go the route of girly press-ups if I can't get past 2 full ones - can tell I'm gonna feel this already
  • Cat the Dog says: Initial test - 14 girlie ones!
  • Gaubfar says: i'm up for this, will do my initial test tonight!!!!!
  • Seb09 says: Good luck all!
  • shoeless says: 12 girlie ones in intial test... here goes!! xx
  • GeoC says: Up to 60 FMPs....pecs don't feel like steel though.
  • Mutant Calfs says: initial test just now and managed 22, had to stop before a hernia ensued!
  • SilentTim says: I'm on week 4 at the minute, just about to attempt day two
  • 4loz4 says: just got to the end of the second week, started with 6 - 10. is there a maintenance plan once we've got to 100?
  • RobK says: Just finished week three.. arms feel stronger.. but after today a bit jellyfied.. may struggle by the end of next week :-(.. but trying to keep focused.
  • Gooner says: 26 full on the initial, should be good fun (I think!)
  • SilBurBas says: What's <5!!!
  • Mr Wurley says: About 7 or 8 without collapsing. Man, that's baadd.
  • Lincs Blue says: Today I joined the "Pecs of Steel" ...I'm still shaking though
  • Insomniac says: I don't believe it's possible but I'm goign to try my best to do 100 full ones. Initial test - only 13
  • Phil-A says: Give it a try, been doing some already and up to 30.
  • Vancouver Jogger says: I've just done one - only 99 more to do. How long have I got?
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