Notes from Members

  • The_Saint says: Estimated times for the mile can be supplied decided by the sheer ingenuity of the excuse for non-attendance and the apparent confidence with which a PB is predicted.
  • StormProof says: Will come and support as LSR now on Sat again this week!
  • Richard Peevor says: Live in Pontardawe, Swansea valley and work in Cardiff.. Looking forward to having a crack at a mile sometime in 2009. I'll keep my eyes open!
  • WildeRover says: Does a two mile mean that we can eat twice as many Welsh Cakes?
  • ninemins says: Nottingham based but often in Swansea for relatives and PC networking helpdesk support contracts - cant make this one but still on for the Swansea 10k
  • RavyDave says: Hello everyone, I live in Newport. Will keep my eye our for any local Fetch events.
  • sebby says: Can't make this one, but live in Swansea so definitely interested in future welsh miles.
  • Worthy57 says: Welsh cakes, tidy !
  • Allyson says: Hi, have just joined the Welsh Fetch group, am living in Swansea, planning on doing the Race4Life and the Swansea 10k in September, pretty new to races and this site as have just completed my first half marathon. Looking forward to keeping in touch.
  • Tav H says: Hi all, just moved back to lovely Newport after far too long away. I'm back into my running (ish) after the move. I normally run from the Civic Centre out towards Risca on road and/or canal.
  • pielips says: anyone signed up for the sleepwalker run in november?
  • GRIFFO says: Hi IM Griffo I live in Briton ferry ,Neath,plenty of Welsh fetchies here great to know hi all ;-) IM a marathoner.
  • SiPod says: Disappointed no tour of torfaen this year, will have to do cardiff half instead.
  • GeeeM says: Early morning runner, (6am-ish) and normal city-centre routes inc. Taff Trail / Cosmeston Lakes / Cardiff Barrage / Bute Park etc...
  • juliacrosspatch says: based near newcastle emlyn-have been running in the llanelli fusion 5k series-only for the free pancakes!-trying to get under 25min at the next one
  • Sarahwelshy says: I'm rarely on the site but try and get out on the road as much as possible, so if there are any running related Welsh happenings, I'll be there!
  • Shadow says: Lived in North Wales for 24 yrs now, had my first welsh cakes at Snowdonia mara this year - bloody lovely ;-)
  • Tazsedai says: Nottingham based too ninemins! Often back in the Valleys visiting my sisters...
  • tipsku says: I live in Bangor, N-Wales but come down to S-Wales every now and then. Would love to have a crack at a mile one day.
  • wilfyedwards says: I am Welsh, running around South Wales and mad for welsh cakes - does that tick all the boxes?
  • Evangel says: I'm an immigrant from Somerset, but I have 3 welsh grandchildren a few miles way. We live 5 miles from Pontardawe, where our chapel is. One of the the unofficial reasons for moving to Wales was because I really luuuv Welshcakes!
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