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Anxious to redeem myself after the Cafe Gaddifi (Red Ben) experience last year, I shall attempt to provide all you visitors to Scotland's architectual, cultural, and sporting capital with somewhere a bit more friendly for the post-race inquest this year.

Also useful to share advice on accomodation, there have been problems in the past with clashes with fitba, concerts etc.

Not sure how these doofers work - I'll go see if I can link it to a thread.

Notes from Members

  • RichyC says: Big pb attempt at this one for me. :)
  • Gus says: I'll be running with baby sprog and just want to finish the run.
  • McNewbie says: first half so PB guaranteed, yahooooo :)
  • IanS says: First ever half, and it's in the Weeg!
  • Patty says: First ever half marathon! OMG!!!
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