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Work too dull? Too fick to discuss Nietzsche? Or just cannot stop posting the number of lurkers? Nope, Hepburn, this is the place for you. The Person Underneath joined after you. The undersigned all celebrate the Friday threads:

Notes from Members

  • connelld says: Just want to join so I can skive from work even more.
  • hepburn says: Yep.

  • Kevski says: YES!

    just yes.
  • superflyguy says: thank god its friday
  • strider2010 says: roll on friday morning and end of a week of nights.....
  • Debbaroo says: I'm starting the weekend early this week, it's my friday today and I'm happy :-D
  • Sazzahazza says: Rock on Friday peeps
  • alpenrose says: It's Friday today, isn't it?
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