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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Bramhall Park TT

24 members [See all]

Bramhall Park TT is a 5k free to enter race that happens EVERY Saturday at 9am whether you're there or not. A great place to catch up with (or even overtake) Manchester / Stockport / Cheshire and occasional visiting Fetchies.

See bramhall.parkrun.com

So this is a group for everyone who runs BRTT or helps at BRTT or has thought of doing either but not managed to get out of bed yet ...

Notes from Members

  • martin run says: do this run 3 times now lovely 5 k 2 small hills great fun all who run and help out are brill 5 star and you get a free picture to what more can you ask for
  • SilentTim says: Hoping to come down in the next couple of weekends and better my 5k time :)

    If you need marshals though let me know and I'm happy to volunteer
  • M62 Santa says: I love BRTT.
  • Jezzer says: Great event, always really well organised and marshalled and good fun!
  • Alberon says: Did the BRTT for the first time this Saturday, very enjoyable, interesting course and very well organised.
    I'll be back every weekend hopefully.
  • njosmith says: My local run is the WCTT, but the BRTT is near my parents house. Been down once and enjoyed the run. I will endeavor to come down whenever I am visiting my parents. Thanks
Group admin: RunningBob
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