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  • Pericles says: I live in Norwich, but do most of my running with the Reepham Runners in North Norfolk.
  • LLL1 says: I live in Attleborough and needs lots of encouragment to get off me arse and run :-)
  • Tufty Squirrel says: I have been running for Wymondham AC for 7 years and live in Hingham.
  • mxhornet says: I've lived in Norfolk for 23 years and have been seen in a county vest too as well as an Eastern Counties one :)
  • Jonesey says: Runner with the City of Norwich AC and even spotted in a Norfolk county jersey!
  • rachel_runner says: I'm a Norwich Road Runner and training for the Norwich half.
  • Cobycobs says: Why would anyone live anywhere else!!
  • AngeM says: Usually seen with a red face and puffing around the Triangle/Cringleford/Eaton/UEA area of Norwich. Give us wave and a hello if you see me out and about!
  • true blue says: Hi, based in Taverham, run around it and Drayton, as well along Marriotts Way towards Reepham(when not too muddy), training for FLM 2008 as from Xmas Day so if anyone wants to join me for a run the company would be great.
  • quofan says: I am an ex member of north norfolk beach runners & presently a norwich road runner. I have also been spotted ocasionally in a county vest
  • peachy says: I live 4 miles from Great yarmouth its a great place to live 2 mins down the road you have a town 2mins the other way you are in the country side what more would you want .
  • Smugbloke says: I live in Norwich and run for Tri-Anglia triathlon club.
  • domichiwa says: Based in Taverham. Run a lot around Tav.; on the M. Way; and scenic routes down towards Ringland, Weston Green or over the A47 and down in Bawburgh etc.
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: Ive lived in Kings Lynn, Norfolk since i was one, my family moved down from London but i dont really know anywhere else.Love my running only started a year ago at the age of 42.At that stage i couldnt run to the next lamppost but will now hapily run a 10k or crosscountry and have since joined Ryston Runners.
  • Saffron says: Live in Hunstanton, Norfolk born n bred although only just come back to the great County :) Started running last year, need an excuse to join a running club but think I'm too slooooooow... running the Edinburgh Marathon 08 - god 'elp me!!:)
  • m4cca says: Norfolk (Aylsham) and proud! upping mileage for VLM2010, looking forward to lots of silly fund-raising along the way...
  • TLK says: Live in Reedham, so if anyone local wants to meet up, let me know. Often seen running at night looking like a flashing Christmas tree - you can never have enough LEDs and reflective belts. Run with Norwich Road Runners
  • danowat says: Been runner with intent since Dec 07, lived in Norfolk for 10 years.
  • BKL says: Live in Great Yarmouth and love running on beach near Hemsby and Winterton
  • Pipsqueak says: I live in Norwich (trowse) and am training for my second marathon (london). I am hoping to join a club soon. any suggestions?

    I live in Trowse and am a member of norwich road runners and tri anglia. I am training for paris and edinburgh 2011
  • Caprica Vix (RotJ) says: I live in Norwich and have been running solo for about a year although most of it has been spent 'not pushing it' due to an ongoing injury picked up from football. Hope to enter some races next year. :)
  • eddieboy says: member of wymondham ac currently training for london marathon hoping to beat last years time 3.21 hopefully sub 3.15
  • starky says: Live in fakenham, run with beachrunners.
  • Dick Spandex says: Watford born, living in Aylsham. New to running after spending years on abike.
  • Pully says: Live near Diss, do alot of running (and cycling) round the Pulhams and Scole.
  • Roma says: Live near Thetford, love running in the forest with clubmates.
  • 39articles says: I live in Wymondham, run when I can with Wymondham AC, and try to clock up marathons and triathlons...
  • Runnerduck says: I live in Fakenham and run with the North Norfolk Beach Runners
  • banners70 says: I live in Winterton, have been running slowly for a couple of months. Will try to not come last in some races next year.
  • Spoons says: I run with the North Norfolk Beach Runners. Have lived in Norfolk for nearly a decade.
  • fish-erman friends says: just a somerset guy who moved to Norfolk back in the eighty's, took up wearing trainers in 2003 & managed to train while working on the back of a wave in the north sea, so plenty of nautical miles on a treadmill, & joined a group of beach runners for the last ten years :)
  • Pidd says: Moving to Norfolk (Weybourne area) from Lincolnshire 1/11/10
  • brianday says: Live just south of Norwich - haven't run for 3 years but need to get up to a slow marathon by April 2011 - 5h30 ? -
  • Jerboa says: Live in the middle of Nowhere and have done so since May 2011, no Fetchies near me - yet! If you're passing by the Honing area you might see me puffing and panting along the road. Or even on my bike further afield!
  • jhughes1976 says: I live in Dereham and have just started getting back into running after a 2ish year absence, I typically like to run between 2 and 7 miles. If you fancy hooking up for a run in or around the Dereham area send me a message
  • slowfish says: Live in Brundall and have been running for about 2 years now. Thinking of joining a club soon - any suggestions? :-)
  • TriRunner22 says: PROUD member of the Coltishall jaguars.. much love to all fellow Local clubs... im behind youu!!!!!!!!! :P
  • hopper1 says: Just rejoined GYRR. Live Bradwell. Enjoying being back!
  • Gandhi says: Recently moved to Little Plumstead & joined Coltishall Jaguars Running Club.
  • hookyspelooky says: I live near King's Lynn. I run alone and quite slowly.
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