Notes from Members

  • Loon Dod says: Runners OTP works for me.
  • Dingus Magee says: Hello...I'm new to this site and am making a return to running after a long would be good to get to know people and find out a little more about technique etc. I usually run with my dogs, so if you're dog friendly and can handle a slow plod about on trails....I'd be glad to hear from ye :) Peace and harmony to y'all
  • Donstar says: Always up for a social :)
  • mags says: Am up for the aberdeen social
  • Lady In Red says: I would gladly join in the here so would be a good chance to get to know people and find out about the site etc....
  • Twinklemel says: Mel from SnD, or should I say SRC!
  • dave_m says: Dave from Stonehaven Running Club
  • mrs shanksi says: Vikki from Stonehaven Running Club
  • Hamster1207 says: aka. Craig - you will usually see me pounding the pavements round Northfield or Mastrick with my black labrador Logan.
  • halfpint says: from Stonehaven but not the club :)
  • The Duckinator says: Who are you people?
  • emmdeecee says: Would be great to get to know other runners in Aberdeen :o)
  • Weekatiepea says: Hello! I'm Kate from Stonehaven Running Club and I'm always up for a social :)
  • shaunie01 says: usually running the streets around, Sheddocksley - Hazlehead - kingswells - Countesswells areas
  • Kynon says: Stonehaven-based (but non-club) runner...
  • phynona says: Aberdonian runner and chocoholic - just as well I do the running and can enjoy the other guilt-free
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