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  • MAXIMUS says: Really pleased to see a Chi Running thread on this website. As i have the book and found it a great read. Was very much a heel landing runner, am trying to land more on my midfoot. Its hard to put it all into practice. But i am getting faster slowly! Any Chi running instructors in Kent??
  • Spally says: Just bought the Danny Dreyer book. bought it becuase am now frustrated after 9 weeks out due to a heel injury. Hopefully by the time I have read the first couple of chapters I will be back to some sort of running.
  • Bex66 says: have just bought the book and am starting to practice some of the techniques
  • stacky says: Read the book in november,basically just started heel lifting and have pb,d in every race since,running faster and enjoying more all the time,definitley takes pressure off calf,s,doubt that i have technique correct,but will keep with it.
  • firekat says: I have read the book and am now taking tai chi classes to gain a better understanding. Looking forward to getting my training back on track and using chi running princples.
  • Bertee says: Hoping to learn something :)
  • Garfield says: Bought the Chi Running book last year and put some of it into practise, then went on a workshop in Bournemouth this year to check that I was doing it right. I just need to remember to lean, lean, lean...:)
  • Garf says: Well I havnt discovered it yet but Im going to look into it.
  • Mrs Winkle says: Well, here I am - learning chi running to try and stop the dreaded injuries. So far, so good. Legs feel better and it makes sense. now I just need to loosen those calves and get that lean right!
  • suukii says: become bit of a fan since buying the book last year. I think it sits very nicely with Pilates
  • Wanoah says: Read the Chi Running book this week, and I'm just making my first efforts at incorporating what I've learnt into my running.

    I would also love to do Tai Chi someday.
  • Morning Owl says: Went on a chi running course a little while back. A lot I like about this, but I keep forgetting to do it when out in a run.
  • SteveParkes says: I bought the chi running book about three days before injuring my plantar. Apparently just owning it isn't enough. Now I'm running again it's time to see if it does what Total Immersion did for my swimming.
  • StorksRock says: Bought the book - just have to work out how to put ideas into practice for longer than 2 seconds!!
  • Mickey1960 says: Hi all! read the book and have been trying it out over the last week but I feel that I am all over the place!
  • CaniRuna says: Am doing my best to adopt the art of chi-running. Admit must practice more at form and not rush through distance into speed. Have noticed the improvement in performance over short distance but need to strive to maintain over and above 10M. Have just read the book again for the 2nd time which has proven to be a useful and timely reminder on a number of aspects.
  • Big G (no longer gareth1871) says: hoping that Chi running is gonna get me past the shin spolint probs, and back on to losing weight.....
  • Debart says: Read the book and watched the dvd and trying the chi running technique and love it
  • Karen S says: Just got Danney Dreyer's Chi running book and am gradually trying to introduce techniques in to my easy runs. Most makes sense coming from a yoga background, but am struggling with the lean idea. Will try to get onto a workshop at some point to get some feedback on my running style.
  • Ferdi says: started Chi running about 6 months ago and I think the increase in cadence and change in my COG due to mid-foot strike has made running more enjoyable and injury-free (touch wood!).
  • Vicky W says: Chi running is great! My knees used to hurt mightily after each run, but since reading the book & trying to run Chi-stylee the pain has all but gone. I've still got a long way to go before acheiving even mild proficiency, but the results so far mean I'm more than happy to keep trying!
  • katpelly says: Will it sort out my shallow breathing?
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: I'm Chi wife now
  • MKS says: I'm still competitive at distances from 5km to HM but don't have anno domini on my side. Decided to prolong my running career by learning to "run easy". First lesson with Mitch today 20 Nov 2010 - well worth it and able to run despite a calf injury so for me there is no question. This is the way to go....
  • paulhiles says: Just working my way through the book. Early stages, but looks very promising
  • The RedRunner says: This morning I ran my longest run (27K's) until now.. and after reading the first 40 pages in the 'ChiRunning' book the evening before, I approached this run from a different angle by taking it not to stressful. So I reduced my useful pace to a more 'earthbound' rhythm and it gave me a lot more satisfaction !!!
  • Sazzahazza says: wants to improve technique and is hoping to learn more about Chi running :-)
  • andy_rcole says: I have unintentionally running like this since I can remember but it wasn't till I read Born to Run last year that I discovered there was a name for it.
  • robroy says: I have the book and been looking at the website and trying out the technique. just found a trainer who offers a workshop in edinburgh. I hope to go in March
  • FurryH says: Have the book and 750 happy miles since switching to cushionless shoes..
  • Cheenis says: Read the book and been on a course in London with Michelle. Still working on my technique, but aren't we all!
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