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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • Kew says: Live in S. Oxfordshire but run with Reading Joggers club - so feel I belong here!
  • Debart says: Hi - Just joined the group and Fetch - lovely to see so many local running people - I live in Cox Green
  • MikeCookson says: Hi... Bracknell newbie fetchie runner here... albeit it a slow one :)
  • compo says: Bracknell Fetchie here, and would definitely be up for Woodley's suggestion
  • GAZGIB says: Born Windsor, raised Ascot and live Bracknell. Do I qualify????
  • Ex Chimney says: Live in Speen. Originally from Suffolk, lived round Newbury area for 23 years.
  • Kallywag says: Hello ... Maidenhead fetchie
  • red says: live in sunny slough, burnham jogger, I enjoy a social and running in that order
  • Siamese Pete says: Honorary Berkshire Fetchie since I was born and bred in Ascot - it was green fields back then....
  • fraggle says: Hello! Reading fetchie here :-)
  • Floating Runner says: Windsor fetchie here
  • Konaboy says: Living in Caversham but originally from North Devon
  • RFJ says: Oh I live in North hampshire.... does that count....!
  • Forest Runner says: Bracknell Forest Runners, same as the famous Jock Itch :-)
  • sharkster says: Would certainly be up for a few drinks in Windsor, or even runs - round the Great Park or along the tow-path to Maidenhead & back, for example.
  • JJ1 says: Currently reside in White Waltham not far from Maidenhead.
  • wiglet says: I'm from Ascot, run on the racecourse or Windsor Park mainly.
  • kobebry says: Hello! Another new Reading fetchie!... anyone got any New Years Resolutions?
  • DuncanG says: Just wanted to say hello. Only joined Fetch yesterday.
  • Mr. K. says: But I`m from Hampshire, well orginally from Somerset...can I still come along???
  • Dibble says: Hi, born in Reading, now in Maidenhead
  • KITCHEN says: Need a guide to off road around greenham common, then e-mail me
  • -Monty- says: from north hampshire and i run NHTT a lot. can i play please?
  • John Tovell says: Hello everyone. Wokingham Fetchie here.
  • nothy says: Hi Maidenhead Fetchie
  • princessdave says: Hi all, I live in Basingstoke and work in Berkshire. Tend to do the Bstoke parkrun but have been to the Reading one a few times : )
  • Nick Cook says: Hello - Wokingham runner here (But a member of Windle Valley Runners - Surrey)
  • Ianmon says: hello - living in Finchampstead near Wokingham. Have a couple of nice trail routes in the Wokingham area I would be happy to share with anyone interested.
  • Brendan says: From Ireland, lived in Reading for last 21 years...do I qualify?
  • Sazzahazza says: Hello Charvil Fetchie here! :-)
  • biggus_richus says: Thatcham Fetchie!
  • anomis66 says: Greetings! I've been living in Earley for the last 15 years. Joined FE mid-2017.
  • Graybo says: Hi everyone, Wokingham Fetchie on board
  • PinkTink-RRR says: Woodley girl :-)
  • RRR-CAZmas says: Woodley Fetchie
  • Molesy says: Born and raised in West Sussex but living in Barkham for the last twelve years or so.
  • lildude (nee BFC) says: Earley Fetchie here.
  • RedAlex76 says: Bracknell Fetchie here! Started running last April and currently up to 5k distance in about half an hour! Set myself a couple of goals for 2015 one is to complete 500 miles in the calendar year and the second is to be able to run 10 miles consistently! Thinking of joint a running club but likely to be at end of Jan as need to get back into the swing of things after a 3 week layoff from running!
  • chunkywizard says: Wokingham based, member of the Finch Coasters the best running club in all of Finchampstead Woodley parkrun regular and member of the core volunteer team.
  • Groundhog says: Sandhurst and also a Sandhurst Jogger
  • gogoJoJo says: Berkshire born, bred, living and working. New to Fetch, been (trying) to run consistently for 18 months now.
Group admin: *Anj*
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