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  • not built for speed says: just started working next to Charing Cross so hopefully will be able to do some nice lunchtime runs along the river :-)
  • Slow Going says: regularly run hungerford bridge to tower bridge and back
  • Zoolu says: A couple of us run from Tower Bridge on the north bank to Vauxhall bridge, coming back on the south side. Usually do 1 week a night. We can extend the route to further bridges as we get better!
  • TRO Saracen says: Work in LOndon 3/4 times a month, nearly always do a lunchtime embankment run when there, would love some company to weave through the tourists with....
  • BigEvilC says: I run along the thames at lunchtime..... on the banks that is, otherwise I would be a bit special
  • auburnette says: Often run Temple - Westminster - Southbank - Blackfriars Bridge at lunchtime. Usually Mondays and Thursdays. Give me a bell if you would like company!
  • Treacle says: Definitely - if anyone is willing to run proper slowly with me!
  • JessM says: Me, me, me < jumps up and down enthusiastically holding her hand in the air >
  • controversial says: On the rare occasion i run at lunch between waterloo bridge and albert bridge, also on the mornings can be running from chiwick bridge to waterloo bridge or from albert bridge to waterloo bridge.
  • Geprig says: I'm at Millbank most days so can do anywhere along the river between Battersea and Tower Bridge or round the royal parks. (I love dodging tourists me).
  • Making_Tracks says: I trot along the Thames quite often. Could be fun to join you if you've a slow group.
  • Naomi P says: Usually run from Tower Bridge before work rather than at lunch time (the pubs are open by then), sometimes in the evenings too.
  • nicolag says: I run between Reading and Oxford x
  • bagelFS says: Always run along the Thames...Anywhere from Battersea up to Tower Bridge...:-)
  • cityrunner says: I run early in the morning from Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge and back.
  • Sticky1 says: I run by the Thames most days in Reading.....perhaps I can float a paper boat down to you London types...?

  • Mutant Calfs says: I regularly run between Millenium Bridge and Westminster - more if I take the pee with my lunch break.
  • trebormint says: Work in the City and occasionally run at lunch time along the South bank.
  • JamesRD says: Haven't run along the river for a while now (changed office) but used to do the same route as auburnete approx 3 times a week. A nice little route with a downhill blast from Blackfriers to Temple!! I will make sure i've got some kit next time I'm in the area.
  • monki says: I run along the Thames Path in West London several times a week - usually between Hammersmith and Chiswick bridges, although occasionally as far as Richmond bridge. Might be fun to have company on a LSR sometime....
  • Big G (no longer gareth1871) says: lower thames st to Charing x and back is my usual run
  • Dibble says: Work near St. Paul's and often run as far as Westminster, Lambeth or Vauxhall Bridges at lunchtimes depending on how I feel.
  • Keefy Beefy says: Occasional lunchtime runs between Chiswick and Putney Bridge, many weekend runs further afield around Bourne End.
  • Eynsham Red says: I run between Eynsham and Oxford, so don't expect to run into many of you guys :(
  • martynjlane says: I run from Tower Bridge to Vauxhall and back again along the Thames starting at 7am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays usually. I try to smile at fellow runners as I pass so if you see a grinning 6ft 2 bald man coming towards you, don't worry. Its only me!
  • Columba says: Though I don't live in or even near London, I quite often visit, and love running beside the river.
  • Arjin says: Myself and gf (Rachel) are hoping to join you all :-)
  • Jigs says: Other than that one time along the embankment during some race or other, not very often. But will be joining you for TBC-II 'The Attack of the Loons'
  • NDWDave says: I run near Tower Bridge at lunch, Battersea Park to London Bridge in the morning now and again and once ran from Richmond to Oxford in a day
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