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A group of people who would like to occasionally run a timed 1 mile race with other fetchies to track their times. Next race is Saturday 12th July 1.30pm at palmer Park stadium. 1 mile race followed by possible shorter races and kids races.

Notes from Members

  • More of a Tortoise says: Sorry can't make this one now but can hopefully do future ones :)
  • Joe Hawk says: Missed again :-(
  • RFJ says: Jnr and I signing up.... both sub 6's all being well
  • John66 says: Def coming and possibly bringing 7 year old. Will pay for one adult and one child
  • MarcT says: The December one willl be my first mile...
  • Yellow Fang says: Should come along. Don't think I'm doing anything that day.
  • TW says: Hoping to pitch up with family in tow..8yr old will have a crack at the mile.
  • not built for speed says: am coming up for bbq so will stop by and give it a go! coming with Running Beer
  • chocolatepony says: Sounds a bit scary-can't run fast!!! Count me in!
  • AndyWB says: I am repaired again so I am up for it too.
  • AndrewJ says: Sounds good - sign me up - poss bring 6 and 4 year old too!
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