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  • Mr. K. says: 22.34 - just need to knock off the 2.35 bit off now ;)
  • Martyn Fisher says: Did sub-22 once in 2007, but seem to be stuck in the 22-23 min bracket ever since. I need to shift some weight if I'm to improve on this. Next 5k is Marston Vale on 20th June ...
  • BlueWombat says: Just managed to dip under 21 minutes and now looking to shave another minute off that.
  • Snapstinget says: Hoping to get under 23 minutes over the summer
  • Night-owl says: Not been under 25 minutes in 3 years, hoping 2008 i will destroy my pb ;)
  • auburnette says: Currently working on sub 22 (PB 23.14)
  • Vicksta says: 22:13 current PB. Would like to go sub 22!
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: Been hoverring around 23ish for a while lost weigh will do 22 and lower back to the 21s I used to
  • Funky Chicken says: New PB January 2013: 20:35 at Hackney Marshes. Took 45 seconds off the PB I'd set 9 months previously in Poole.
  • RunnerBean1978 says: Hey hey - under 22 now - 21.45 recorded on a windy day.
  • mushroom says: Recent pb of 23:55. I've upped my mileage this year by doing more shorter runs (4 or 5 runs pw of 4-6 miles) and my pace is improving as I lose a bit of weight too!
  • monsenb1 says: 23.55....
  • RichHL says: 20:38 over a year ago. I really should do some more of those really unpleasant intervals.
  • The Terminator says: Was hoping to break 21 this year, managed a 21.45 first of the year, next one struggled to 22.45, too bloody hot. Next year for sure though :-)
  • iaincr says: Know this one so well, PB 21.04 last Feb, the best this year 21.55 and now closer to 22.18. Really want to get under 21, then 20!!
  • becca7 says: 24.13 having done no speed work for over a year.
  • diane_b says: just got a PB of 22:34, not sure if I can improve further on that...
  • Wriggling Snake says: first attempt 23.49, once got to 22.01, you never know
  • FurryH says: *lurks*
  • GlennR says: Down to 23:01 as of 12/03/2011. Getting there I hope.
  • Autumnleaves says: Have managed 22.46 this year but only once - 23ish more usual!
  • Sombrero says: 6 21:?? 5Ks in a row - never done more than 2 a year but determined to break that blinking 21 minute barrier.
  • paulhiles says: Would like to improve my speedwork and race pace. 5k seems like the ideal distance to monitor progress. PB from 2011 is 20.49, and haven't really been close since.
  • Goofee says: 21:55 currently, hoping there is still more to come
  • StuH says: 2014-27:12
    Currently 22:46, had set myself a goal of 22:30 by the end of 2017. Running out of time!
  • Dillthedog says: My PB is 20:35, but a little off that. I’m in a race to get under 20 before old age gets the better of me
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