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For those interesting in starting to, or restarting the Glorious Sport of Climbing.
If you like running kit - you are in SO much trouble!!!!!!!!! :)

Notes from Members

  • ninemins says: Did a bit of bouldering and some indoors in Nottingham
  • barking says: please can it be after finals? Please? Please :)
  • icklechick says: *lurks* as i sort of know how to climb but want to come anyway - may be moving or will have just moved .... not sure i'll make it :(
  • flanker says: ooooo :-) more shiny gear *weighs up costs of pro vs divorce*
  • quimby says: Somewhere, I have a small badge from the 70s which pronounces "I Climbed A Mountain!". Am I in? ;-)
  • ultrabaldy says: always loved climbing,never done anything proper apart from tonbridge wells high rocks and some trees!!
    wanna climb something bigger but thier isnt many mountains in my neck of the woods (south east)
  • John66 says: Just the London 'outings' please :-)
  • patch68 says: Done some indoor climbing at The Rockface & Creation Wall in Birmingham..but unfortunately none for a while ;~(
  • hullscholes says: I use to climb 3 times a week in Yorkshire. Since moving south Ive done nothing and really miss it
  • Ex Chimney says: haven't climbedfor a while and want to start again, anyone around Newbury, Berks interested?
  • Mol- says: Did some climbing (indoors and outdoors) in my 40's but not confident enough to carry on solo after split with ex who was 'showing me the ropes' pun intended :-) Got a lovely harness and chalk bag ready to go. Maybe one day. Need to build my fitness levels back up again first.. working on it.
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