Notes from Members

  • Mrs Lums says: Count me in, my first Fetchpoint, supporting Lumsdoni and all.
  • RuthB2 says: Due to the looped nature of the course we can cheer runners on twice during the race from fetchpoint.
  • SarahBoots (Solitude_Fairy) says: I am marshalling, so will come along afterwards.
  • Making_Tracks says: Happy to help at Fetch Point...
  • *Anj* says: Oh yes
  • controversial says: my first fetch point!!! lets get pisshed!!
  • The great dollop says: I'm taking the race photos so will make sure I get all the fetchies on the course and at the finish !
  • Silvershadow says: Coming down with NightShadow to support. See you there.
Group admin: fetcheveryone
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