Notes from Members

  • Karen S says: Got mine 2 weeks ago. Loving it although have had a few glitches with working out how to use courses!
  • westmoors says: Bought mine in Dec 08 and loving it. First GPS enabled watch.
  • ogee says: Not too bad a bit of kit, but I am on my 2nd one already whilst my old 201 is still going strong.
  • MappingMum says: got one fo rmy birthday in March 09. Like it!
  • Head Gone says: Love it. It's a great piece of kit.
  • Ha! Ha! says: sure it is making my legs go faster..
  • beef says: Great piece of kit, so good can even put up with its problems with bezel in the wet
  • Kingdora says: the 405 has transformed my runs. I feel like I have a running pal with me all of the time. The best thing is - when you get lost you can check out where the hell you went when you get home.
    My best friend (how sad)!
  • paulhiles says: Bought mine in August 2008, - it's still going strong, wish I could say the same for myself! :o)
  • brimps says: having trouble uploading data from garmin to fetch-says plug in installer not there but all seems correct-any ideas?
  • Warndog says: Does anyone know how to use this so garmin beeps on every mile, rather than either keep it on silent, or it goes crazy !!
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