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As the title suggests, a group for those training for a sub 3:15 marathon.

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  • Cheeky Chappy says: I got a 3.25 at FLM09, had the weather not been so warm, I'd have been under 3.20 and maybe had a push for 3.15. This time has now become my new quest and will also mean a GFA.

    Currently recovering from a hip arthroscopy operation and have just started running again (20 mins, twice a week). Need a thread like this for inspiration!
  • BigEvilC says: Ran FLM 07 horribly despite folling 3.30 RW schedule religiously, have made stepped improvements since and confident of beating 3.30 probably 3.25 but need something extra to achieve the magical GFA 3.15 so don't need to go cap in hand every time I want to do FLM again. Weight loss, diet, running form and more structured and focussed training required to have a chance. Shame can't change genetics, but first move is to (finally) move out of clydesdale class. Lost 2 1/2 stone since last year though and ran (stupidly) 3.44 in a solo made up marathon recently. Look forward to debating!
  • RFJ says: 10 Mara done and not got the 3:30... however have now lost 14 bags of sugar and now have 2 su 90 1/2s... so bring it on........... Halstead Mara on 10th May....
  • RichyC says: Hopeful that this is a fairly realistic target for 2008 based on my 3.28 at Edinburgh last year and subsequent 10k and 1/2m times. Doing Edinburgh again this year so I know the course and what to expect, just need to knuckle down to a decent training plan. Looking back at last years prep my training has come on leaps and bounds since then so I feel like I'm going to be much better prepared. Watch this space!
  • Bazoaxe says: 2nd marathon in May this year at is to break 3.15 at 2008 Edinburgh Marathon
  • Mal says: Ambitious target for my first marathon, but I reckon I can get round Reading in about 1:25:00 so should come in somewhere around here.
  • Ruggy says: My Biggest Aim for 2008 is to break the 3.15 barrier 3.22 at Amsterdam last year but ran well and according to my Garmin i ran a good 27miles? I Have entered Amsterdam in October so i have plenty of time to get the relevent training in ...Hopefully :)
  • Jezzer says: Goal is sub 3:15 at London this year. Just missed it at Edinburgh last year.
  • bowside_pk says: Big step for me; did 3:24 at Abingdon last year, want GFA / Boston entry time of sub 3:15, 16th Oct 2011 Abingdon this year is the red box date on my training plan.
  • Obee says: First marathon will be FLM 09. Perhaps ambitious to aim for anything near 3hr 15 but half time indicates it might be a possibility.
  • paul the builder says: Cracked 3:30 in Venice in 2007, so it's either have a go at this or kick back and relax.
    Update - 3:16:xx in May '08. Close, but no cigar. Looks like I'll be here a little longer yet.
    Update - nailed it, 3:08:40 in Dublin, October '08.
  • skoorb says: Ran my first marathon at FLM 2009 and an over optimistic attempt at 3 hours on average 28 miles a week schedule saw me hold the pace until 16 miles when it started to slip and blew up at 20 miles to come in at 3.16.10, should have run a different race and will return to crack the 3.15 GFA some time over the next year or two !!

    No place in VLM (pending club draw) so have entered Edinburgh 2010 the rematch is on !
  • jamborigg says: Used to be in the 3.30 group got 3.18 edin will now work towards sub 3.15 next year
  • BS says: Theres agreat bunch on this thread that encourage you all the way and are there to pick you up when things go wrong. Got sub 3.15 in Dublin 2008 but will be staying about for a while, a few more attempts coming up in 2009
  • Tumble says: Fantasy is the only canvas large enough for me to paint on.

    Terry Brooks
  • PhilB66 says: Looking to get GFA sub 3:15 in my first mara at VLM 2011.
  • Scooby Dave says: 3:40 at FLM08. Would like to go sub 3:15 at FLM09
  • Deenzy says: Got a 3:28 at Abingdon in October 08. FLM 09 ballot place and want to go Sub 3.15, planning on upping my mileage from previous attempts and have introduced some speed work
  • _andy says: Ultra-sensible: I'm trying to avoid racing a marathon until I have a running age of four years. That means April 2010, and maybe London, Lochaber or Edinburgh. A 3:15 target should be a reasonable target for a first shot, based on where I am now.
  • CheekyP says: FLM09 with any luck! Nope - Abingdon 09 with any more luck :-)
  • AlanR says: 1st Marathon having a crack at 3:15 in London this April
  • DickyF says: Running stratford in april and am now doing Abingdon too....nutter!!!
  • Joe Hawk says: Managed this at Berlin 08 (3:12) but since been injured (nothing serious) but no running for the last few months. So this will be my target for FLM09. Did again at Berlin 2010 now trying to get back in shape in 2012
  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: Just done first mara in Edinburgh in 3:22, so I suppose this is the next thing to try.
  • Insomniac says: According to the fetch and runners world race calculator, I should make this easily based on my 10k time. But I've got a rather unconventional training schedule, which includes 7 marathons and ultras in the 4 months leading up to the FLM, and plenty of running with weight. So I'll see if it works!
  • Ojo says: Edinburgh is going to be my first ever marathon so it is a run in to the great unknown. Best half time is 1:21:53.
  • Biastai says: Feel good, but need a flat mara in June................

    My next is Windermere, not sure if I can do it there, but up for a crack at it.
  • CaniRuna says: Am now looking to do off-road marathons and achieve a sub 3:15 in one of those. First up is South Downs Way (probably more likely to aim for a sub 3:30) then The Great Clarendon Way Marathon (the main target for getting under 3:15 and finish in the top 10!)
  • ZORBAX65 says: I HOPE.....NOW MY PERSONAL BEST IS 3.22.40 BUT Ambitious target for my TEN marathoN
  • kevgreenock says: First marathon loch Ness 2013. 3.13.54. A lot of hard training to get that time. I know want more. Cnt wait for nxt marathon
  • qnjc21 says: Ran my first maraton last May - 3:20. Was happy to finish but a bit disappointed with time. I think 3hours is right on my limit so intend aiming for 3.10. start training at christmas
  • Norrin Radd says: Y not - 3:30 at bton, 3:35 a week later at London. Next stop 3:10ish?
  • Rookery says: Current marathon PB, in the heat in Berlin 2009, is 3:25:11. looking to get sub-3:15 at Shakespeare 2010.
  • baggieboy says: After a very disappointing marathon at Abingdon, I planning another one in April. I hoping with encouragements and advice I will achieve the sub 3:15.

    *Update* - DNS April 2010 due to shin injury. Next attempt Oct 2010
  • Geprig says: First sub 3.15 attempt Abingdon 2011
  • samson says: Now aiming big time for a sub 3:15 and better at Sunderland, May 6th 2012.
  • union says: Running London 2010 as a guide to a blind friend and will try and beat my PB 3.06 at Edinburgh in May
  • Anna Bomb says: Got 3:28 at Loch Ness without consistent training so hoping if the weather improves can better that at embra or london
  • davidwbush says: Need to knock 27 mins off my pb ..... possible??
  • chumleywarner says: I want to crack 3:15 at Edinburgh this year!
  • Ticker says: Attempting the completely out-there sub-3:15 at Edinburgh.Training going well and following the RW sub 3:15 training plan.
  • peperami says: actually sub 3:20 would suit me better, but this is as near edinburgh is meant to be fast, so there may be a chance.....
  • mr guinness says: after trying well over 2 years to get under 3 hours, i finally did it at this years virgin london marathon.
    my next marathon will be the dublin in october this year and i will be running around dublin and trying to enjoy the race, hoping to get under 3.15 there.
  • kevconchar says: doing my 1st ever marathon in paris next year, hoping for sub 3.15 or even better, my 1/2 marathons this year have been 79.52 and 82.50 so hopefully this will be a decent platform for my attempt.
  • kerb job says: half marathon pb is 1:22.00 so sub 3:15.00 should be well within my ability. ran day 1 of liverpool marathon double on N.Y.E. last year and was on target for 3:10.00 when a rainstorm and squall hit and i failed by 7 mins.

    next up "trail marathon wales" so no chance there. looks like liverpool N.Y.E. is my best bet again (weather permitting).
  • DeeGee says: Now at 3.27. Can I go lower?
  • stacky says: Have got club place in VLM ,managed 3.26 at Halstead so think with serious specific training i will do.
  • jwellis says: Looking for a sub 3:15 at some point in 2011 (no pressure)
  • iPaul says: Last sub-3:15 was Barcelona 09 - need another one soon for VLM GFA. Next sub 3:15 attempt, VLM Apr '11
  • Paul N says: New runner, first marathon, sub 3:15. Sure we'll give it a rattle, what's the worst that can happen?
  • Smout says: Currently aiming Sub 3:30 at Lochaber but reckon this will be the next step :-)
  • ianwgp says: 2011 I qualify for Boston, so I need the sub 3:15.
  • young butch says: Just missed at Edinburgh, but not too disappointed as was just aiming to get 3:25. Likely to have another crack - possibly Chester later on this year.
  • MrD says: Seems a very supportive thread, just what a marathon novice needs.
  • Alun says: Aiming for sub 3:15 at London on April 17th, hope it isn't too hot
  • justcol says: First marathon attempt will be Edinburgh, over winter training looks to be keeping me on target. Most recent 1/2 brought out a 1.26.30 and 10k gave me a 38.36 so all the numbers are working it will be my head that makes or breaks the day! I do have a piece of light reading on the way so here is hoping! ps Good luck too all ;-)
  • OVERTHELAST says: One for 2012 perhaps, but think I need to start planning where, when and how now (Aug 2011).
  • Referee says: Finally broke into the sub 3.15 at the Chester marathon on Sunday 9 October 2011. Great run good course but not as flat as advertised. Felt better going into this than London earlier in the year. Trained harder and put in the long runs.
  • May says: Ironman Wales Long Training Weeekend Marathon June 2012 Hilly bugger so who knows????first Marathon
  • Banana split says: Looking for GFA spot for London next year.
  • atko says: 43444
  • Trackerman says: Did 3:15:47 at London this year, hoping to shave a few seconds off this at Loch Ness.
  • chezzers says: last 2 marathons done in 3.15 and 3.18 want to try and get back under 3.15 at manchester 28th apr 2013
  • RiversideRed says: 03:30:16 at Frankfurt in October 2013, 2014 is the attack on the sub 3:15!
  • Foxy says: hoping for Sub 3.15 at Tokyo or London next year ? bagged it in Tokyo 3.14.59
  • Shoddy says: Last marathon was Jersey in 2012, coming in at 3:20. According to recent performance over shorter distances I should be able to break 3:15 and have 2 chances to do so in 2016 in Reykjavik and Jersey.
  • SH_UK says: Pb&aps;d at 03:15:06 & had a few between 3:16 & 3:18 but that 7 seconds must be possible once up to full fitness...
  • riggsy99 says: Ran first marathon in Nov 18 in a time of 3:27 and hoping to get under 3:15 by the end of 2019
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