Notes from Members

  • stoxy says: I'm running too!
  • bigal says: am running this as well !
  • Lisrun says: I'm doing the Coniston Trail race the day before, so I probably won't be running this.
  • suzeedee says: I'm shuffling and I WILL be faster than last year!!
  • welly says: I am running too!
  • Running Beard says: I am also doing Coniston Trail race the day before this but will still be running GNR08 ( my 5th)- but then again I will not be doing all of the marathons that mad man Lisrun is doing before hand!! ;-)
  • paulcoz says: Guess what I'm running as well!
  • geordiegirl says: I'm running too, 2nd time despite saying never again after last year :)
  • larrry says: Left my chip in hotel room last year . Please someone remind me not to forget it this year!!
  • Farby says: I'm not running, but will be supporting so more than happy to help at Fetchpoint - Loch Ness Fetchpoint was just too much fun!! I'm also coming up from 'down South' if anything needs collecting...
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: I should really make friends with you all considering I should be running this and hoping to complete in 2hrs10ish!
    anyone have any spare floor space a princess can borrow please?!?!?!?
  • StormProof says: I'm running, see you all there! First one to the Sanddancer buys the pints!
  • sebby says: I'm running gnr for the 1st time.
  • Anna Bomb says: running for the second time despite saying never again after the last time
  • Halster says: First GNR and half!
  • joolzs says: Late joiner - only just found the group - I'll be there!
  • breezey says: Im going for my green number this year,I just love this race.It gets better every year,and the crowds really are amazing.
  • JimM says: 2nd run this year. Looking for a sub 2hr. Any training advice greatfully received.
  • Mike Burns says: 2010 will be my 10th running of the Great North and my 7th in successive years. I love the atmosphere and the bands. Although I live in the Shetland Islands, it is like coming home, as I was born just down the road from Newcastle in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham.
  • DuaneDibbley says: late to join - ran this for the first time last year, loved the atmosphere but the shear volume of runners makes it a sideways run most of the suckered into becoming a GNR 'member' and have a guaranteed place for the next 3 years now!
  • genkijen says: my first ever dear deparetd gran used to live right at the finish line and used to always say i would run it one day . its taken me a while , but im signhed up for this year! aaargh
  • JonnyK says: This is my first GNR and cant wait!would love to do it under 2 hours but not holding my breath!
  • Blunderwoman says: This is my first GNR and my first half. Not expecting great things - anywhere between 2hr and 2h15m will do. Am also taking the opportunity to raise money for Hearing Dogs.
  • sirchutney says: I've ran for the last few years. It dosen't get any easier!
  • siouxiesioux says: Hi, I'm running in 2011. It will be my third time :o)
  • simeyk says: First Great North Run and first ever half marathon in 2011!
  • Kimbles says: Got a place via a charity. First time running the GNR :-)
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