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A place for the over 50s to hang out with fellow old dears

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  • R4R says: running for 25 years (in April) - how can I celebrate ?
  • Schnecke says: I've joined - it's official at last!!!
  • Chrisity says: maybe we should be the i heart WAVA club?
  • Helegant says: I'll be 54 and one day at next year's FLM
  • Toks says: you guys rock :-) and young at heart too :-)
  • Forest Runner says: 52 and counting
  • forest plodder says: Intending to keep going until I am old enough to manage a GFA result!
  • strider2010 says: he's hit the ripe age of 55, still trying run like a 30 year old, not really succeeding, but will keep plodding on.
  • Runningheva says: I am 55 so can I join you folk?
    I've been a runner for 27 years and am finding that I am going downhill now.. but I love age groups and WAVA.
  • Berni says: Well over 50 now but I don't feel like hanging up my trainers yet.
  • doopy says: Became old enough to join this week!
  • redtoenails says: well qualified for the group (54 and counting...)
  • Non-runner says: Looking forward to the next 50!
  • BrianJ says: Guess I belong here..
  • mothrunner says: I'm in, even though 50 is the new 30!
  • Charlie Chaplin says: 51 in June, assuming I survive FLM next week, of course!
  • Yapes says: Qualified to join this club in March 2008.
  • Dingus Magee says: I've just returned to running at 52 after a ten year lapse...please don't let me lapse again; it hurts getting back in practice lol :)
  • Muds says: Deep sigh. Draws breathe. Head up, gotta be good for another 10years! 'Rested' most of this one! (2008)
  • JennyD says: 53 and counting. Moved from Northampton to SW France April 2008. Running beautiful trails out here. Too hot in summer to do any distances, but now building up mileage. Running up to 6 miles and aiming for long run 10/12 miles. Going out 4 times a week. Aiming to run 1/2 marathons again. Have completed few in UK inc GNR. Been running for about 12 years with occasional lapses!!! People around here think I'm mad and they are probably right!!!
  • Alanj says: Just turned 55, still running, slower than ever but what the hell...πŸ˜†
  • Wilderj says: Turned 50 last year and just started running.
  • stockie says: Hi gang. Just finding my way around the site and came across this group. As I hit the magical 50 in Dec thought it better to hang out with my own age group, although I have been told I act like a bloody teanager sometimes. But there again life would be boring if we acted are age all the time lol. Set myself a challenge of doing the Sheffield half in Apri so better get out and get those miles done.l
  • Dibble says: 50 and still running (and cycling)
  • ian9657 says: Ok I'm here, what now ?
  • The Egg says: 53 and can't find any reason to stop running - so still do
  • Lo-Jo says: Hi everyone, I just turned 50 this month and have been reading some of your blogs, very entertaining! Quite new to running, just joined a club and started to do a few races.I spend FAR too much time on this site!!
  • Johnny Blaze says: Permission to join, Capt Mainwaring?
    50 today.:-p
  • GlennR says: 51 in March. Might as well admit I'm past it :-)
  • Jobe says: I'm the 50th member in the over 50's club !!
  • Nick Cook says: Didn't realise there was a club!!!
  • Derbyplodder says: Hello. I became a grumpy old man on 6th July. Can i join your gang?
  • noswad says: Still young till I look in the mirror...but who cares !:-)
  • MartinCunningham says: Hopefully keeping improving despite the march of time
  • Markymarkmark says: Well I'm definitely old enough... and watching my pace diminishing - so much so that a good run is one where more than 1/2 the miles are under the 10 minute pace!
  • L0rra1ne says: I'm 61 - am I too old, or is there a 60+ Group I should be joining?
  • past it says: I started running at 62 and ran my first marathon last year at 66 - it did take me 6h 20m but it took me 24 hours before I realised I DID IT!! I didn't feel 'never again' afterwards and plan to run the Brighton Marathon in April after failing for the second time to get into London. Any other over 50s doing Brighton?
  • hollander says: I'm 61 - too old, or is there a 60+ Group I should join?
  • Garf says: OK I made it ... permission to come aboard :-)
  • deeg says: bus pass coming over the horizon
  • chunky says: 53, I'll try not to misbehave..
  • Blind Ken says: Did my first marathon in 2009 to mark becoming 50 ... I can't buy a sports car, so had to find some other way to express my mid life crisis, though don't imagine I've another 50 years in me.

    If I keep trying to break the 4 hour marathon I'm sure I don't!
  • derwenttony says: Just became old enough to join this group, should we all consider ourselves as antiques (priceless of course)?

    Remember age isn't just a number, its an increased WAVA :-)
  • LazyDaisy says: Didn't start running till I was 51 - it took me that long to block out memories of being the most hopeless girl in PE lessons at school - but to my surprise I find I enjoy it and am not totally hopeless after all!
  • Karizma says: 53 years young, and feeling every minute of it at the moment. New to Fetch, and fairly new to running. Should have start years ago. (My bad).
  • san stefanos runner says: tryig to get enough steam in the engine to do a half marathon, im new to this running lark. dont you just wish you`d discovered things earlier in life? hope that doesnt sound rude!
  • Stewey says: Now 55, and 7 short of my 100th Marathon
  • DrBob says: Very old, very knackered, hopefully my membership is justified!
  • Coopz says: 50 last year and 51 this, so now I'm confident I'm not going backwards in years, have decided to join this group. Will leave of course as soon as I start getting younger again.....
  • awatson2 says: 52 years young, but living the dream
  • JJ Flash says: Denial is one thing, HTFUing and facing my new age is another. I've said hello on the thread so it's time to join the group too.
  • Papa G says: Turned 50 ten days ago, so hi to all :-)
  • Dukester says: Hi everyone just wanted to touch base with all you amazing guys, those who like me have been running for ever but especially to those who have only recently started. where and what have you been doing all these years!! Keep it up and remember!
  • steve55 says: showing age must remeber to stand up when opening car doors would result in not having panda eye.
  • Loz says: Hi just turned 50 in Nov so I now qualify for this group! been running far too long and getting slower and slower, never mind. Love trail and fell running so this is the year to do lots!
  • Snowflakegirl says: Just found this group. 51 and a bit but feel like early thirties lol Anybody from Teeside here as I hate runing on my own. :_))
  • Columba says: Turned 70, been running 12 years, 3 half-marathons under my belt but no ambition to do anything longer.

    Just love it, basically.
  • Walkingman says: I am 52 years young this year so I qualify for the 'young ones', I am celebrating my 50's by doing crazy events! When I was fifty I completed the Lakeland 100, last year the UTMB and this year I hope to complete the Sparathlon. Suggestions for 2013 gratefully received.
  • cj_fletch says: 52 in a weeks time, fairly new to running but love the freedom, time alone and breaking new ground. Wish I had more time for cycling...
  • RunGrandpaRun says: Running since 1990 but lost my motivation over recent years. Ready to start again because I don't really feel 53 but I will if I don't run!!
  • Granny2-3 says: I well and truly quality for this one.
  • Plodder54 says: Just got back into running this year after eight years out due to injury and lost of interest, loving every minute of it, and in two weeks I will have been running on and off for 30 yrs , wheres that time gone !!!
  • Mizzy says: 50 this year and just started running. Life begins at 50 doesn't it?? :)
  • Tall Bloke says: I can join now! :-)
  • Mountkeen says: 55th birthday coming up in less than two weeks. Oooerrr!
  • MadWelshWoman says: Heading towards 51, thought I had aleady joined the group..must be an age thing😯
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: Heyyy!! I didn't know us ELITES had our own exclusive club! :-)
  • Barnzzz says: started running when my son entered me for a 10k as a joke for my 50th birthday. I'll be 53 this year and am still running...............well stumbling slowly is more accurate !
  • TGiles says: Slower and more fragile than ever, but the tortoise won in the end didn&aps;t he? Most importantly, still having fun.
  • red face walking- squirrel says: Hi I was 50 in july but its taken me till now to admit to it ; 0
  • Bayrunner says: Better join now (57) before it,s too late!!!
  • blokewotruns says: I will be 60 in November so thought I'd better join up, is there a group for 60 year olds?
  • maryt9 says: I just discovered fetcheveryone 2 weeks ago - love it. Recently started running again after a break of about 4 years. Ran Glasgow Women's 10k in May in time of 75 mins 38 secs. Running in Great Scottish Run on September 2nd - want to see if I can do it in 70 mins...
  • Anorak says: 51 in Feb, so I'd like to join you folk as well
  • AlwaysInjured says: As I'm 50 years and 8 months old tomorrow then I'll join the group. That way I can get full value for 9 years and 4 months
  • Kestell says: Only started running less than 2 years ago and getting even faster at 58. Why didn't someone let me know before what I was missing?
  • Mol- says: Gawd.. Me, in t over 50's club? Crikey! Dabbled inconsistently with running over the 15 years. Hope to keep it going this time and do a marathon before I'm 60.
  • Eynsham Red says: 56 (and a half). I've been running for 26 years, but not so much for since 2008. Just started sort of seriously earlier this year (2012) and completed my first half marathon since the 2006 FLM at Oxford in October. It feels great to be back :)
  • fish-erman friends says: o*d is a swear word so i don't use it, or just turning a blind ear :)
  • paulhiles says: Soon to be 53 years young! Having to be increasingly savvy to keep my body in shape for running. Experimented with Chi Running, now debating minimalist footware to cure a long term problem with a niggly knee.
  • Komodo says: Born in 57 and almost 57. Loving my running
  • Sunbeater says: 50+ and love my running and cycling!
  • icemaiden says: Joining on my 50th birthday!
  • 12barDavid says: Hello everyone. Thanks for letting me join the Over 50s Club. I think I have just about managed to join in time, I'm sixty in three weeks time.
    Anybody running the Brighton Half in two weeks time?
  • EarlyRiser says: never joined this first time. here now!
  • Footpad says: Just turned 50.... so I can join in now :)
  • Worthy57 says: Running London this year 27 years after my last attempt. Mo is pacing me , he'll be having his Sunday lunch as I get passed the Cutty Sark.
  • ColinH49 says: I’m 68 and currently transitioning from chasing PBs to getting a life and enjoying being somewhere closer to the back of the field if not being THE back of the field πŸ€—πŸ˜‚πŸƒπŸ»
  • stilldreaming says: That 70% WAVA has got my name on it :-)
  • Sigh says: 28/02/18 - Just remembered to join (2 days late); ahh, my first senior moment :-)
  • mol says: Still moving
  • Fitz says: I am slightly older than England's last football World Cup final victory
  • Neilio says: Not there just yet,49 at the moment,Waiting in anticipation :)
  • phidip says: Beginner at 68!
  • spendap says: Born in the summer of love, returning to running after kids and finding it tough!
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