Notes from Members

  • mxhornet says: I may well dabble a bit this year, after about 12 years break.
  • Tri2Flea says: returning to fetch (fully) soon, training for Lanza, ~13hrs we hope.
  • GregP says: Triathlete, on and off, for 16 years. Still hopeless, but *experienced* and hopeless.
  • jude says: Have a look at the 'Splash, wobble, plod' group too - it has masses of great info and help/advice :)
  • Making_Tracks says: I *will* drown those swimming demons, learn to corner a bike around a cone in the wet and still be able to run afterwards.
  • Broccers says: First full season in triathlon last year. This year hoping to do a half ironman and if all goes to plan go for the big one next year!
  • J-Lard says: Going to have a go at my first tri this summer.......
  • EvilPixie says: newbie joining!
  • Deenzy says: Greg loves Duathlons dont you know
  • ml2run says: My first year of tri's 2 booked this year so far......
  • Hendy says: I've done three tris:- Isle of bute sprint 2007, Standard distance tri m&d's strathclde park 2007 and Ironman France Nice Triathlon 2007.
  • bigmunnki says: Did a couple of Half IMs about 5 years ago. I have my first tri since then in two weeks.
  • SherryB says: Planning to do my first tri in 2009. Need to learn to swim first.
  • simbil says: I've done a couple of tri's and could be in danger of having a prolonged break where I just talk about them instead
  • DeeGee says: I'm still waiting to get my feet wet...
  • Haddi :-) says: think of doing my first tri
  • SteveParkes says: I didn't pay my fee's to Black Country Tri and managed to get included in the clubs results let's see if I can do it again :)
  • Wes-H says: Hi Folks, guess I'm a closet triathelete... :-) I swim, run and cycle just not got around to putting them all together! Guess I'm going to bite the bullet and do a triathalon. Thanks to Greg for pointing me in the direction of the Group! Cheers Wes
  • Gobi says: I am the Dark Lord and might dabble a little.
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: A few HIMs booked for next year St Polten and Wimbleball
  • Fat Jase says: Wanabe ironman but to scared to take the plunge!!
  • size10 says: newish - only really got time to train for sprint - anklebiters put an end to the long stuff!
  • SilentTim says: Beginning triathlete - hoping for my first olympic distance this year after a few forays into the world of tri with some sprint distances
  • gaz1 says: Always done some sort of exercise but now hoping to keep training, get some 5k & 10ks in and do first tri next spring.
  • Left Foot says: I have my first (sprint) Tri coming up May 2012 (Crystal Palace).
  • Flibberty Jibbet says: Have entered my first tri this year <gulp>
  • Wazelle says: I think the panic attacks in the open water are helping me not worry about everything else. Sweet.
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