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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: *** West Midlands Mile Challenge - JUNE ***

16 members [See all]

The Mile Challenge is ON again at Wyndley Track<p>

<I>21st June, 2008</I><p>


Cakes and stuff in the Park if the weather is Glorious, but otherwise at The Cavern afterwards again.<p>

We'll arrange some shorter and kiddie events - so fetch everyone along :):)<p>

Children 400m<p>

1:45 LB<br>
1:53 Gnome<br>
2:01 Angelmouse<br>
2:08 Princess<br>
2:16 Tink<br>
2:21 Li'l Prof<br>
Adult Mile<br>
5:16 Slickster<br>
5:18 Jigs<br>
5:27 Thornton Runner<br>
5:47 Boingy<br>
5:58 Barky<br>
6:03 SparkyMarky<br>
6:04 Sprogg<br>
6:13 GoJimGo<br>
6:30 LuverlyLegs (Mrs Jigs)<br>
6:30 Mr Ness<br>
6:34 Mr Speedy (YAAAAAAAAAAY - that's my boy, that is)<br>
6:35 trumpton riots<br>
7:15 Ben Roper<br>
7:23 Velociraptor<br>
7:43 KTT<br>
7:49 CrazyLegs<br>
8:01 Ness<br>
9:07 Evil Pixie<br>
9:44 More of a tortoise<br>
Kids 100m<br>
14.30 Mr Speedy<br>
20.33 LB<br>
20.99 Angelmouse<br>
22.65 Gnome<br>
26.13 Tink<br>
27.50 Princess<br>
Adult 100m<br>
11.8 Slickster<br>
13.7 eL Bee!<br>
14.0 Jigs<br>
14.6 Mr Speedy (Yaaaaaaaaaaaay - that's my boy again :-))<br>
14.7 Sproggy<br>
15.3 Barky<br>
15.7 Ben Roper<br>
15.7 Boingy<br>
15.8 SparkyMarky<br>
16.5 Thornton Runner<br>
17.2 Crazy Legs<br>
18.2 LuverlyLegs<br>
20.0 EvilPixie<br>
21.2 Angelmouse (again)<br>
22.0 Velociraptor<br>

Notes from Members

Group admin: eL Bee!
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