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For those wondering how the heck this is ever going to be possible but willing to endure the pain to find out.....

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  • SiLeeds says: Used to run 17 for 5k in the 90's and now I am at 22 and hoping to get back down to Sub 20
  • Gingerkid says: 21.13 in early Dec 09 ... will be painful but think if I can get this down the doors to longer run PBs will open ... finger crossed ..
  • Cazaroo says: Missed it by 1 second! 20 on the nose, could it be more frustrating! Having another crack this weekend, strike while the irons hot! (and not injured...)
  • CottamRunner says: Have got to within 30 secs of this target in my first year of real running - at 35 years young. Just need to make that finaltpush to sub-20 ... !
  • Mark_S says: I am finding it harder than I thought to break 20 mins, currently at 21:13.
  • Haddi :-) says: Got pb down to 21.50 in first 5k since flm knocking over 1min of last time. so bring on sub 20
  • Slow Going says: get in :)
  • Geococcyx says: I'm 14 very painfull seconds away from a sub 20 5k. I'd love to be able to do it at the Bramhall TT before the end of the summer.
  • Andy 1 shoe Money says: hi all, just returned to running. i hope to do a sub 20 5km befor the end of the year,but first i have to lose 2 stone and do some quality speed work,back in the day and 20 min 5km was a jog!! time is so cruel!!!!!!!!!
  • pmethven says: I've achieved a sub 25 minute 5K at the Jog Scotland event in Edinburgh recently, I'm now training hard in the gym to try and get at least my average treadmill speed to above 15 k/hr to give me a chance of doing it on the road! I'm currently at 13.3 k/hr and improving...!
  • BlueWombat says: must (?) be possible. 20:25 at the moment, "only" 5 second per km quicker and I am there.
  • JackT says: I'm normally an average 8 minute miler but have done a lot of high mileage recently, a couple of Halfs, a 10k and a 5 mile race and I joined a gym on Sunday. Was amazed to run a 5k training pb of 19:54 on a treadmill, my previous best race time over this distance was 24:10.
  • Ventilator says: Am currently doing no training at all, but have decided that a sub 20min 5k is possible by 09/09. Now, where are my trainers.......... ?
  • Chrisull says: Currently at 21:20, but suspect on a flat course I'm already sub 21 capable. Main challenge will be finding a suitable course, as down in Cornwall there aren't many.
  • Funky Chicken says: 20:35, January 2013 on an entirely flat course; usually between 21:30-22:00 on slightly more undulating courses. Maybe sub-20 on another flat course towards the end of the year...?
  • Rog36 says: Getting closer now with a 20:17 on Saturday. No idea where I will find another 18 seconds though before the end of the year!
  • fastfreddiescat says: On wednesday ran my first 5k race & to be honest was pleased with the out come.....20.22ish still waiting for the official time but i beleive that over the next few months I'll get quicker & hopefully break that 20min mark
  • Adz8916 says: It'll come. I had to sprint finish to get my rewards. 2 seconds under at wimbledon time trials!
  • island991 says: Pb down to 20.19 but its gonna hurt bad to get under 20!!
  • stumpo says: my best is 22mins at valentines park, great course for pbs just had a bad day
  • AddledAdder says: PB'd my last Leeds parkrun at 20:02. If I'd have started at the front, it would have been job done. Certainly isn't achieveable at the hilly Roundhay ParkRuin.
  • ollie20 says: PB 21.58 so a big ask, but I reckon with a few months training I'll crack it
  • Lyra OK says: 11/03/2012 Have gone from 21:04 to 20:16 by just bolstering my confidence, doing the base miles and being sure I can do this. I want to have this goal licked by end of May 2012. :) Oooh, 31/03/12 - down to 20:11. Just a little more to go...
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: This may take some time but I am aiming to gradually reduce from 20:51 to sub 20 minutes.
  • porschegeoff says: Have had a sub 20 5k as a target since I started running regularly in 2012 aged 44. My PB of 20.19 was achieved 5 years ago and have run close to this since but struggled with an achilles injury for much of 2017 and on and off last year. Now injury free and managed a 20.49 at the weekend at the parkrun where PB set. Will hopefully get quicker over the next few months.
  • Mark B. says: last one was 10 years ago, and under 15mins - current ability would suggest around 23, so want to really push to get back under 20... Just need some 'bottle' to actually do one!!! Nervous to run 'flat out' after knee op last year
  • leejprice says: Would really like to crack this by the end of the year! Curretntly hovvering around the 21 min mark.
  • Smout says: Just took 1:26 off my 5k PB at the now officially measured an 80 or so metres longer Edinburgh Parkrun on New Years day - to achieve 20:16.... must be more there :)
  • Benny Turbo says: Got 21:10 at Heaton Parkrun! :) knocked 39 secs off previous PB :)
  • jhughes1976 says: 22.42 is my current PB. Is sub 20 too ambitious?
  • nickyq says: I've got 51 seconds to take off to get a sub 20mins 5km, currently at 20:51. Have got under twice now in a 10km race and an 8 mile race going on the splits. Looking forward to the Swansea bay 5km series this summer. Nice flat out and back course to give it a go on :-)
  • MADDOG says: Just broke 20mins got time of 19mins38 wasnt expecting after only approx 5 weeks of training mostly doing 2 days a week with running club on Tuesdays and Thursdays which always involves lots of hill and interval work. Its doing the job!! im nearly 42!!
  • .HA HA says: ran 20.03 last october on my birthday..20.28 my best this year.. had a few weeks off..suffered..currently running 24+ for 5k..sub 20 a millions away right now
  • OVERTHELAST says: Job done (19:46 Leeds Park Run, 6 August 2011) but feel that there is still more to come, so plan to keep up my training programme with a view to getting a time of sub 19:30 in the next week or so.
  • DIGGER BYROM says: 16 Park runs completed in at Bradford and Leeds plus Pudsey Pacers club 5k. PB so far 20.39, can I break 20 in 2012, you bet I can!
  • RichHL says: 1:04 to find? Bring it on.
  • Tubsey says: 1st 5k on Tuesday at WSM Athletics Club - 20.30 - not bad for starters (can I shave 30 secs off ?)
  • Mark J says: Currently on 21:17 but going for sub 20 this weekend, fingers crossed.
  • madrocker74 says: 20:47 on a tough hilly course and my last 5 miler I went through 3 miles in under 20 mins - so fingers crossed not too far away!!
  • tipsku says: got a new PB of 21:45 (down from 23:04 in April) after only two weeks of training (had to take off June due to illness) and now I start believing that I have the sub 20 in me somewhere...
  • TheDuke says: Managed to get down to 20:04 last May. 5 more seconds off is all I need, but I'm finding it tough. Hopefully I'll crack it in 2014.
  • Chalky87 says: 5 seconds off the mark!!!!! She will be mine....ah yes..... she will be mine.
  • Paul N says: PB of 20:13 (10.11.2018). Hopeful of breaking 20 by the end of the year.
    Down to 20:03 (17.11.2018). There was a sub 20 there had I paced properly. 6:14 first mile, FFS!

    20:00:70 (24.11.2018)
    Done! 19:47 (01.12.2018) Victoria Parkrun Belfast
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