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For anyone chasing that elusive marathon time starting with a 2...

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  • controversial says: Paris 2008 here i come!!!!!
  • Dave A says: Did a 2:55:56 at Windermere. Maybe a sub 2:50 next?
  • Jock Itch says: Done ! whooo hoo. Come on all. If you want it then it will come. promise you.
  • LukeStur says: Just managed to achieve this goal at London this year - 2:59:34 - despite collapsing 10 yards from the finish line!
    Commiserations to Impossible is Nothing and Boycie who came painfully close to 3hrs recently. They will both smash 3hrs at their next opportunity. Is there a forum thread for this group?
  • Tone says: Looking for a Sub 3 at Abingdon this year....the hard work starts at the end of June
  • Silver Strider says: Thought about it in 2008. Boasted about doing it in 2009. Might make itat Abingdon 2010!!
  • RobDJ says: Done a 2:57:11 at London, looking forward to london 2010.
  • wathan says: Be my first one this year!! 2:55:00 here i come
  • tom_craggs says: Gah, 03:01:05 at Berlin, will go under 3 at FLM!!
  • B says: Not this year - but one day!
  • Fast&Furious says: Not sure if I really belong in this group any more. I ran 2:59:45 in Amsterdam in October 2007, so did it by the skin of my teeth. I then followed that up with 2:52:03 in FLM 2008 to prove that Amsterdam was no fluke. I now feel I have a good understanding of what it takes to go sub-3 hours, and am confident I can achieve it most times.
  • daz g says: hope to get under 3 hrs at blackpool.ran 3.18 last year.
  • Tango (Adam) says: long term i would like to do 2.30 but i have to start training.....
    i've done under 3 hours 6times. P.B 2.51.56sec
    this year at the london marathon i'll be trying to go for 2.50!!
  • Ex-pat Scot says: 3:18 @ FLM08, having missed the last 7 weeks' training through injury.
    Now putting double the training miles in, and (so far) injury-free. Sub-3 will be mine. Oh yes. But maybe not just yet. Mablethorpe here I come...
  • AJPAR says: Amsterdam October 19 2008 - 3:05. So maybe Edinburgh. *Done 2.57.31 at Edinburgh 2009*
  • Toonie Express says: 3:01:17 Ahhhh Must TRAIN More and wiser. London 09?
  • CaniRuna says: Mission accomplished at VLM 10 - now to look at achieving sub 2:55
  • tick follows tock says: Beat the 3 hour barrier in London 2008 2:59:02 after six marathons attempts going to better this in Berlin sept 2008 fingers crossed managed 2:54:52
  • tridoddytri says: I did it once 2 51 ten years ago and boy do I want to do it again.
  • Joe Hawk says: I have hit all my other targets this month sub 40 10K, sub 90 half can I top it off with a sub 3 at Berlin 08.Failed at Berlin will have to try again in 2009
  • RYAN_M says: 2hours 47mins and 34secs in Dublin 2008! :o)
  • WACA says: Well, you can dream can't you? I did 3.10 at Edinburgh but found the course very much suited me, can't imagine going quicker but will try. The effort in training seems to be that bit beyond me, just won't do 200 miles in a month! Still, I'll be interested to see how I go in New York, and we'll go from there, let there be sunshine for a while!
  • SteveV says: Hopefully a target in the not so distant future
  • B Rubble says: Nearly there with 3:02:02 in Abingdon. Still need to get below 1:25 for a half to be confident of getting there.
  • april_runner says: It's a dream goal :)
  • Loca says: I will get there - just need a good injury free period to get the training in!
  • Nice guy Eddie says: Edinburgh 2009 - just need to shed 14 mins. Hey - that's only 30secs a mile!............
  • Kent plodder says: Current PB of 3:12 at FLM 2008. Hoping to go sub 3hr in 2009 at either FLM or Edinburgh.
  • LouLou says: Dream goal but achievable with solid training.. aiming for before i'm 30 so 5 years to achieve ;)
  • roger, no longer the faster brother says: tried but failed in 2008 2:07:52, not yet ready to opt for a flat fast course but considering my options for 2009 esp as it will be my 10th marathon/ultra (9th if you don't count a 19 mile pullout due to injury) Might do White Peak again, definately aiming for a top 3 in the Lyke Wake race in July, with then a fast marathon in the autumn
  • shelly38 says: Really hoped for sub 3 hr at Edinburgh this year but the heat got the better of me - managed 03:04:48. Just looking around for another pb type course!
  • RichyC says: First sub 3hr attempt at FLM 09, bring it on!
  • ChrisThePuma says: 2009 will hopefully be the year to hit this goal!
  • CheekyP says: Hopefully in Autumn 09 If not 2010.
  • paul the builder says: Training for this in 2009...
  • jacko says: london calling
  • Big Scone says: Could it be possible to run a sub 3hour marathon in my first attempt? Damn right! I have 8 months to train and I'm not doing it to get the T-shirt. Expect to see me turned into a mass of jelly at mile 22 getting passed by someone dressed as Pingu.
  • Hendy says: Im going for it! Rotterdamm, Lochaber and Edinburgh.
  • baz p says: 2:58:11 done at Lochaber April 2010. But I want more
  • clairevmc says: My first attempt will be at FLM 09...
  • man,slow says: Hmm, begining to think this is never going to happen. Going to take it steady at NY marathon, but going full on for VLM.
  • Gritts! says: I'm gonna give it my best shot at Berlin 2009!
  • Notadwarf says: Any tips or recommended drills are greatly received.
  • Westley says: Hoping to have a chance of achieving this in Dublin '09.
  • mr guinness says: hi all, just joint this group and hoping to get some advice for future races.. i am hoping to get under 3 hours in 2010 like most on this forum. best so far is 3:3:35 i have a place for london 2010 so looking to get under 3 hours their.
  • MartinCunningham says: First marathon was FLM in 2006 and was pleased with 3:50 then a major back operation and rehabilitation such that it was not again until London in 2008 that I finished in 3:40... good progress but I had hoped to get below 3:30. Next up the Hasting Marathon and on bitterly cold day in December 2008 that I did 3:28. So 3:15 was the next goal and in Paris 2009 I finished in 3:22 and was disappointed. So Berlin was the next marathon and went round in 3:09. So is a sub-3:00 possible?
  • jda says: Probably aim for this in 2015...
  • Orlando84 says: Current PB 3:09, training hard (6 mths of around 70 miles a week) to run 2:55 in Paris '10.
  • Covbaldy says: I'm a virgin, virgin!
  • surfingpasty says: First marathon in Dublin 3:31, Nordea Riga marathon 3:21, getting closer each year :)
  • Roadrunner Bark says: I have done It!!! I Smashed the 3 hour mark at the Belfast City Marathon, with a time of 2:55:02 & New PB by 7 mins and 45 Secs!
  • Ciarán says: Finally made it, got 2:58 in Belfast, it's been a long time coming.
  • Cladinlycra says: Back in 2009 i managed 2:49 around Abingdon (great course!) off the back of no plan just loads of 'junk' millage mixed with some quality club training sessions. Degenerative discs stopped me competing for 18 months just after, but after countless physio sessions and core building im getting some form back. Who knows how long for. Planning to run Abingdon again in October and maybe, just maybe i can hit that mark again.
  • MartinH says: 3:04:27 for me at VLM in 2010. Next marathon is VLM 2001 and I want to break 3 hours. Training has started already!!
  • Penny74 says: Done Edinburgh 2011 2:59:06, and then London 2012 2:46:52
  • Lawler69 says: Been a member of this group for about 3 years hoping one day to post this! Sub 3 at Sundays Frankfurt marathon. Negative splits were the cherry on the cake! :)
  • TheMaster says: This is a long term aim of mine again.... I say again as some time ago 1991 to be precise as a 28 year old I ran London in 2:42:55, with some hard work over the next couple of years I am sure I can get to this level again...well you have to be positive and give it a go.
  • kevconchar says: ran Paris 2011 in 2.57.03
  • Pesci13 says: PB's 3k 10:37 (track), 5k 18:01 (trail), 10k 38:02, HM 1:25:45, Mara 3:05:16
  • 154 Rob says: Have to go, go, go for this - big chance in London.
  • Krukers says: 3.09 in London in 2011. Wheels fell off in second half. Would love to get under 3. GFA place for 2012,
  • Goodlife says: Just completed my first ever marathon in 2.58.37, The New Forest Marathon, well happy :)
  • easthullmatty says: 2:40 london this year , so champ start for me in 2012 wooohoooo
  • he who dares says: 2:57:10 in Abingdon, and finished 52nd with a PB of 7 minutes and 14 seconds. London next and looking for sub 2:55 happy days.
  • Dave Kelly says: Joined the group a while ago, did 3:25 for my first marathon due to lacking endurance (injury :-( ) the wheels coming off in the second half at 16 miles and all that. Entered and ran Brighton 2013 45th place and 2:57:23 get in !!

    Sub 3 on my second attempt now for a sub 2:50
  • Banana split says: Was always sub 3hrs whilst in my 30's.....but have not run a marathon for 6 years so it is going to be quite a challenge to go sub 3 hours now at the age of 45. Will not come in the next not want be over ambitous so just looking to bag a gfa place for London this year.
  • Ralph D says: vlm 2012 - sub 3 here I come.
  • Warndog says: Ran a 3.06 last month, looking to train for Sub 3 marathon at London April 2018. Bring it on!!
  • SpeedyK says: Just saw this group. Did Amsterdam last Oct in 3:07, hoping to get sub 3 in Chicago, any advice, support or recommendations welcome!
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