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For those who use, or are considering using compression technology to aid running or recovery.

Notes from Members

  • Ricardo says: I like my underarmor tops :)
  • MarkC says: Can't decide if these are useful or just kinky. Either way I think I have to get some ;)
  • KatieB says: I'm so happy. :-)
  • Spally says: hmmm I am converted ;-)
  • Mrs Winkle says: I wait with baited breath for my black socks, even though my friends all laugh when I tell them I'll be wearing knee high socks to run in.
  • kink bunny says: :( mine are white....and 1 pair grey :( love em :)
  • beef says: Linebreak shorts for running are great. for recovery Skins & BSc shorts regularily & occasional linebreak top. Have even been known to even wear leggings & ls top in bed after long races.
  • ndellar says: 2XU winning at the moment, skins, X-socks have all contributed to the good recovery rates I seem to have both by wearing when running and afterwards
  • man,slow says: I'm converted,normally wear compression x-socks for races, linebreak calf gaurds or leggings the rest of the time. Doesn't stop me getting cramp in my calfs past 20+ miles but it's nice to feel the squeeze on my legs ;-)
  • coyley1 says: got slight cramp in my calves at the FLM and Dublin marathons at around the 24 mile point so invested in a pair of long socks (black) for the Edinburgh marathon...and guess what. Got even worse cramp at 23 miles. Could have been due to the 26 degree heat though. To be honest I didn't know I was wearing them they felt so comfortable. Will continue to use them for my long runs and marathons though.
  • Gritts! says: Thinking of wearing a compression top for the Berlin Marathon are they more beneficial??
  • L0rra1ne says: Lots to ask. Bsse layer only? Anything to aid recovery, but seem to be largely a blokes thing. Which is best make?
  • MidgeRunner says: I just tried some 2XU tights that I bought at the London Running Show on Saturday. Takes some effort getting in to them (very snug fit) but worth it. Legs kept warm and dry in the driving rain and no knee niggle I usually get from pounding too hard at threshhold pace. Hardly any stretches required afterwards to loosen up either. Well worth while in my view.
  • martin K says: had 2 pairs of the skins and 1st pair tended to wear out quite fast so i decided for a change & Brought 2 pairs of the Canterbury compression tights (£25) and they are BRILL also sleep in them as well, maybe looking to try the 2XU tights but there seems to be no info on those as yet
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