Notes from Members

  • Iron Squishy says: Already signed the petition through the Mick n Phil story on RW. I'm with them 100% of the way.
  • smallclanger says: go for it!
  • wrexhamrob says: newish to fetch , just to add name to this worthy running cause easy easy easy
  • PloddinBuddah says: LET THEM RUN!!!!!
  • magsd36 says: let them run. they are very experienced and are such a motivation.
  • harry potter says: truly inspirational they deserve 2 b in . dont worry boys flatter than torbay
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: They deserve to do this race as much as anyone.Let them in:-):-)
  • joggerpete says: not been on fetch in a while with being injured, surely Bedford has let them in by now??
  • Essex Dave says: still not in?
  • Tiptoes says: With you 100%
Group admin: Hollywoof!
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