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  • Nellers says: I've just found a Karrimor HRM in our local Soccer Sports place for £15 so I bought it. I wonder what I'll find out when I take it for a run tonight?
  • Wicked D says: Heart Rate Training has helped keep me injury free (TOUCHING WOOD) and improved my race times and getting more PB's
  • sallykate says: Getting into heart rate training & always looking for inspiration
  • The Primal Hammer says: Hey all! Starting a strict Maffetone/Lydiard style HR training program. I'll post my progress here.
  • makkem says: Occasionally use HRM, but it is one of those cheap £9.99 ones from Lloyds Pharmacy.
  • Pooley says: getting a rs100 for crimbo, never tried this before, should be fun
  • Smile2 says: I haven't got the foggiest - so any information of any kind will be very welcome.
  • Patricia says: Just started using a HRM and am struggling to keep even in the 60% zone - keep dropping below it unless I feel like I galloping around, not sure if I've got it wrong.
  • fluzao says: Polar RS100 was my Xmas gift to myself.
  • BrianJ says: According to 220-age I'm 24! :-)
  • pinkladykat says: hello i have a polar hrm im not sure what this 60% and so on stuff is im working it out im not even sure what % i should be woring in for a losing weight b for traing for a marathon so i realy need to learn more about it going to play about with it tonight the watch that is
  • OnceATexan says: Got my HRM for Christmas 2006 but was injured most of last year and am just now getting back into it. I find it really makes a difference in tailoring my runs and am always looking for tips.
  • Soggous says: I knocked 7 minutes off my 10K PB by heart monitor training, now I wouldn't be without my heart monitor on training runs. I aim to keep HR below 140 on most runs, HR approaches top 160s on tempo runs.
  • moore06 says: Just got my Timex Trail Runner kit out of mothballs. Bought it over two years ago and never really understood how it worked. Have put in new batteries and dug out the instruction books. Time to pour a Guinness and start reading!
  • ZebraGirl says: i have dabbled with HRT on hills...amazing results and i want to know and do more!
  • fellrunner says: Only just started using H/R monitor as part of the TIMEX BODYLINK SYSTEM early impressions are good
  • skiddy! says: Have been using my Polar for years now and feel lost without it.
  • CORFU89 says: I use mine all the time now
  • Chicken Licken says: Returning to the running fold, new garmin charged...... lets go!
  • Paulcdad says: I'm sure it would be useful if I was confident of an accurate Max BPM...
  • Kallywag says: New HRM gadget - now all I've got to do is pay attention to it!
  • Alex B says: Used HRM to train for my first marathon at FLM 2007 and found it to be very useful. Am now entered for Shakespeare Marathon 2009 and will use monitor again to aim for sub 4.
  • Pigtailgirl says: I got a heartrate monitor with my Garmin for Christmas, but I don't really understand how or why I would use it as part of my training. I'm training for the FLM and anything that will make me train better is always welcome. Can anyone give me a short and simplistic explanation of how I would use it?
  • MilestheCat says: Previously used Polar RS200 found it good. Recently started using Suunto T3C ,very good product with loads of info including training effort which comes in handy.
  • Nikaim says: Long Runs now seem very slow following this method but want to persevere to improve, however must ascertain a more accurate resting heart rate.
  • Coffee Addict says: excited about this! fingers crossed:-)
  • RobK says: I'm gonna give this a try.. sounds amazing!
  • Scrappy Doo says: Want to work with my HR more so ready to learn
  • GlennR says: Vaguely what I've done so far. Trying to do it better now.
  • The Eternal Beginner says: Trying this base rate training thing, with help of Forerunner 50. A month and a half in but hope I remember I CAN run faster when I need to!
  • Wriggling Snake says: I have a forerunner, changed my training for good, still don't quite pay attention to my HR as I should.
  • Rosemount Raver says: trying to run faster hope this helps
  • Notadwarf says: I've trained with HRMs for years now - previous cycling. What I notice with my running is that I can never get my heart rate as high in training as when I race. For running I use my HRM to ensure that I either run slow and long, or that I use it to ensure that I am trying (taking the above comment into account) when I do speed sessions.
  • reluctantrunner96 says: Went for my first run with a cheap HRM this week... and by staying at a certain level, I could keep going for longer. So now want to do more!
  • hamster67 says: I cannot run without mine but Im not so sure about the 220- age formula, I was running at 110% up a hill and though I was pushing it I was not on the brink of collapse
  • Surelynot says: Have sort of used a HRM to train but now intend to get serious after analysis of my average HR at races this year.
  • Grumpa says: I know I always run too fast in training,but can`t seem to stop myself.So here goes I am going to try the heart rate method.The pace just feel so slow though.
  • ultracollie says: got a suunto t3 for early b-day pressie very excited, anyone else use one ?
  • Ambling Andrew says: I use an old Polar HRM. Which my brother gave me. I like it as it very basic and easy to use. Only has 2 functions H R and time.

    My resting H R is 58 my max 180.

    Most of my training is 120-135.
    At my 1st Parkrun Milton Keynes 5k it was 140-150 for most of the time bit for the last 1k I went uo a gear to 160-172
  • gaz1 says: Got a basic one from Decathlon for £15 to start with.
  • Corona says: 18 months since leaving the sofa - heart rate training has been suggested - lets give it a go
  • Touche Tortoise says: Looking for advice on where to start with HRM, do I run slow or on the flat, help! Wanting to improve my times and hear using a HRM is the best way.
  • arbster says: Just got a freebie Polar HRM with my new treadmill and have already found it to be a breath of fresh air when it comes to guiding my training. With a treadmill the tendency is to run to a speed, which is unlike "real" running outdoors. With the HRM I adjust the effort of my non-Recovery runs to a target HR, so I should see improvement over time and not settle into a routine that's too easy. That's the theory, anyway!
  • Warndog says: Interesting to see that, since moving to the heat of western oz, my 'steady' runs still show a HR of about 80%. Hopefully this'll sort itself out as I get used to the heat.
  • Karizma says: Recently started using HRM to keep my pace more even and me not so out of breath.
  • Jon_T says: relatively new to this, hoping to train smarter for target marathon
  • beginner1 says: Really finding HR training so productive;- use it with my fuel trademill which allows me to set a a particular HR/% Brilliant. I've also stayed injury free which I'm partly atrributiing to keeping the majority at 75% max with intervals beyond, of course.
  • lancyman says: Had one for ages, but i am now using it properly.
  • fermoitie says: Treated myself to a Suunto T4 a while back and would have given up running otherwise, it helps me pace myself (using intervals) and motivates me somehow :)
  • cj_fletch says: Use HR all the time to monitor training intensity
  • mattaitch says: I've been training with with my Garmin for 2 months now and it's really helped me not run so hard, but I am really struggling with Zone 2. On long runs I'm supposed to alternate walk in HR2 and then run in HR2, but I cannot get higher than 1.7 when walking and running in HR2 is so sloooow that I actually find it uncomfortable. So what I tend to do is run the whole lot, alternating between ~2.5-2.7 for the "walking" and 3.1-3.5 for the running.

    Should I try harder to stay in the zone or should I just not worry about getting it bang on and carry on with what feels comfortable?
  • Rich H says: I've previously used HR as a post race monitor, but now being coached and using HR to run to and it's making a big difference to my running. Feeling a real benefit.
  • Dillthedog says: I&aps;m a slow Maffetone runner
  • Brunski says: Getting into HR training properly now I have a reliable HRM. Targeting the 2:45 marathon time my 5k seems to suggest I should be capable of. I don&aps;t convert well at all past 10k at present so need to start slow and squeeze every bit out of my aging body!
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