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Join here if this is your fear. Blimey forget PB's and medals... I just don't want to be last. I don't wan't to be the one who is at the back with a road sweeper behind me picking up the bottles, and people carrying the tables from the water stations and shouting "sorry love I given it all away now, try the next". Please please please don't let me be last.

Join also if you have an spirit lifting stories about coming in last.

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  • Mermaid says: I've been last but one in a very wet and muddy 10K trail race - how do people go that fast when its slippery???????
    Since then I have had a bit of a fear of actually being last, but at my age I'm not likely to get any quicker, am I?
    Am I???
  • skiddy! says: It is the main aim of my training. I love racing but I know my limitations and thankfully there is always someone slower than me...I am choosy though, and tend to pick races with enormous fields.
  • Tiggia says: I've been very nearly last a few times, but NEVER yet!!! I have had the sweep car stop and point at me and tell me that I'm last... but I managed to pull a few overtaking moves on the last few k! I also ran Ackworth half this year with the police van literally right behind me for all 13.1 miles!! I wasn't last - I was the last person that didn't walk and the policemen & women came to find me after the race to congratulate me - bless! ****UPDATE**** I was last at the Ilkley Trail Race but I had a fabulous race, ran really well and throughly enjoyed it ****ANOTHER UPDATE**** now been last at the last three races I have run! Bugger! Don't join this group, it's a curse I tell you!
  • Bimblebelle says: I was second from last at my last race...and no-one noticed! I didn't get a big cheer or anything (but I did manage to nab some mince pies for later!!)
  • freddie carthorse says: So I came 1406 out of 3004 in the Blackpool 10km. Then I came 48 out of 67 in my age category (of which I am at the older end competing against 18 year old whiper snappers. Not quite last but still no trophies in my cabinet yet.


    ¸.• ´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

    (¸.•´ (¸.•'*freddie
  • Shin-Twigs says: I have been 4 from last in a 10k last year - was a smallish clubby field - I really didn't wanna be last!
  • Blunderwoman says: Like GimmeMedals I check last year's to see if I make the grade. Still can't get off the last page of the results though!
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: I'm normally near the back anyway......but don't let it be me either :) :)
  • Woman-in-Black says: I was third from last today :-), on the plus side ran my fastest 5k!
  • ginntonix says: I know the view from the back well! Have come last twice and was really trying my very best. I did get lots of support and cheers but dont want to do it again. Surely i can improve ; dont mind being in the last 20 or so but not the very very last! Hasnt put me of though.....
  • BobEsponja says: last? Whats that? oh it me! I hate it when reality kicks in!
  • Wendolene Wobbler says: I have the distinction of coming EQUAL last in a half marathon years ago in Scarborough. Me and another slow woman decided we would finish together, Jimmy Saville was in it and had finished way before us, but we got the biggest cheer from him and others so it wasn't so bad!! Was just glad to finish, it was a hot day and a few had fallen by the wayside, don't ever want to repeat it tho........
  • normanom says: Hasn't happened yet. Came a bit too close on the first race though!
  • sugababy60 says: being last is my worst nightmare and because i'm overweight and just new to running i'm always going to be at the back and on my own. Mind you when i done the Cancer Research 10k there were 5 people behind me at the back i think that is what kinda kept me going that although i was nearly last i wasn't last but we all more or less finished at the same time but it was a shame nearly everyone else had gone home i like people hanging round to cheer on the last runners it's a bit demoralising in a way.
  • Fat Dave says: Sums it right up. Cheers.
  • Toks says: I don't mind being last anyway ;-)
  • Angelplodder says: I came last in the Green Drive five last year. Was mortified but they had saved a spot prize for whoever came last so I got a really good goody bag with some really useful running stuff in. I am running it again in a week and a half and I am determined not to be last this time. I did the Great North Run on Sunday and I was nowhere near last but then there were over 50,000 people running.
  • red face walking- squirrel says: First and hopefully last time ,I finished last :( off to do the walk of shame as I leave the group ....
  • Wonder Mum says: Doing my first 10k soon... I'm terrified i'm going to be last..Especially with friends and family looking on...Aaaarrhh!!!
  • Running Beer says: Been last in two fetch miles. Next time I won't be!
  • Rock Steady says: I have completed 2 cross country marathons without proper trainging and just running on core fitness, these marathons took about 5hrs 50 minutes to complete and on both occasions I thought I was going to be last but there was still about half a dozen people behind me. I have completed 5 (3 road, 2 xc) marathons in my 1st 18 months of running and never finished in under 5 hours. But I don't care because I love the whole experience. The only down side with being so slow is its often a bit quiet, especially cross country. Other distanced are not too bad always middle of the pack, which is ok by me.
  • Yeti says: At a rural 20-miler the other week I found myself next to the sweeper, with only 2 ladies behind me who'd just stopped at the portaloo. From there I made it my mission to count how many people I could pick off over the coming miles, and gave up counting when I got to 30 - it's a good feeling :-) Finished 768 out of 828 in the end :-D Still undecided about a future 20 where last year's field was 98 though .... :-\
  • buttercup600 says: I am not the fastest of runners and have been in the last 10 in a couple of my 2008 races. Didn't get a medal from reading half for 6 weeks as they had run out!(and i wasn't in the last 50 then). Improved over the winter and into 09 though so hope less chance this year
  • reluctantrunner96 says: I came in 454 out of 505 at the 10k race at the weekend - I'm happy with that:) There were no charity runners and it was my first race, so very pleased not to come in last!
  • Ploddington Bear says: Oh god, I really don't want to be last! doing a 15 k run end of this month which wd be no problem only someone put a whacking great hill in the middle :-) There are no actual flat bits to this race... I like flat bits, I really do! Next race... will be pancake like
  • Bobby1958 says: Not entered a race yet because of the fear of being last, or being so slow I get lost on the route!!!
    I will do a 10k race sometime soon but............please, please, please dont let me be last!
  • banners70 says: have yet to enter a race, fear of being last is holding me back!
    I'm going to start with a parkrun at some point next month :S
  • Lemon10 says: I was last to finish in the Diss 7.5 mile race a couple of years ago, but since they also had a 15 mile race going on too it didn't look so bad. Hang on, who am I kidding, i was overtaken by a few people who had run 15 miles. Yeah, it was pretty bad! Got my medal though and it was nice and shiny! Havent been last since then though!
  • paintedrunner says: not fast but determined, love the challenge, but it makes looking for results quicker, i just go to the last page.
  • past it says: I've been last in a 10k race and next to the last in a 10 mile race AND won prizes both times! This is because in boh cases I was the only over 65 year old female in the race - perhaps age has some compensations!
  • Hibby says: I haven't been last so far but have only done 3 ten k's and a five k up til now so still time. Isn't it the the taking part and no crippling yourself that counts?

    Would last be so bad? Doesn't everyone love an underdog. Think Rocky, Baldrick and Leonard from Big Bang Theory
  • Snowflakegirl says: I came pretty close to the last few two weeks ago at the Richmond Castle 10km . But to my defense it was very hilly and I just couldnt run up them hills and running down was difficult too . But there were a few people behind me so puhhhh I wasnt last.
  • KeepGoing! says: Burnham half marathon I was came in 16th place...from the back!!
  • FrancesT says: Never been last yet but been close!
  • ColinH49 says: 183rd out of 188 at Hawkeshead 10k last week. First race in 9 years. Splendid result. Really proud of myself :)
  • SWIMBIRD says: Doing first half marathon on March, bricking it as feel I'm so slow!! Don't want to be last (please!!)
  • Carrot Cake 7 says: When I went to get my bag after finishing the Barcelona marathon there were only 12 bags left. Didn't care as I'd done a marathon!
  • Nicholls595 says: When I ran my first ever race, 2008 Robin Hood half Marathon, I joked that I just wanted to finish ahead of the bloke in a rhino suit. After 12 miles I had to dig very deep to stay in front of a man dressed as scooby doo, carring a very heavy bucket of cash. Still, I wasn't last!
  • Angelcake says: A week ago I came 439th out of 443 runners for the Clandon Park Run 2011 (10k). I was the penultimate in my age category though by only 2 seconds! The title of this thread was my mantra throughout the race!! Like a glutton for punishment I have signed up for another 10k in July. Think I will always be a plodder!
  • fatgirlrunning says: I was last in my second ever race. To make matters worse, my boyfriend was top 10. Wasn't so bad because it was a 5k and there was a 10k going on at the same time, so other runners went over the line after me, just I was the last 5k-er and my name shall always be displayed on the internet for all to see. Maybe I'll have to destroy the internet so to get rid of the evidence.
    I was last right from the beginning too, so by the time I crossed the line I'd got used to the idea. It was just the marshall shouting at me for having to walk (albeit jovially) and the water lady telling me I can walk with my water when I turned it down (as far as I was concerned, I was running).
  • deansaliba says: That's my first aim in pretty much every race!
  • Sue says: Signed up to do my first marathon in March .. Rather terrified at the moment . I dont want to be last but would prefer that than DNF . I am rather worried of them opening up the road to traffic before I finish !
  • Sunbeater says: Oh, how I wish I was a bit quicker!
  • AndyS says: Almost always last in my age group, but I've never (yet!) been last in a race... (last but one, but never last!)
  • sparklecloud says: I was last out of thousands of runners in the Great North 10k 2016. It was actually one of the most special moments in my running career...

    ...but I still don't ever wanna be last again!
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