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Just thought I'd see how many of us are into 'O' as well... ;)

Mr Lord Fetch, can we have orienteering added to the training categories please???

Notes from Members

  • Dave McCann says: Just boosted the group numbers. Active as a family based Stockport but go to events across the North, occaisional forays to the boring South.
  • tulip says: am going to give orienteering a go! Will report back on how it went
  • Hamsterbolt says: OH is a GB orienteer, dragged me along until I liked it.
    Now very keen for maps
  • flanker says: always fancied it as I enjoy walking and running nav, but never done it.
  • Shortcut Cam says: Started orienteering four months ago and makes running even more enjoyable. Just entered the British Championship event at Peaslake, Surrey in May
  • auburnette says: am based in London so don't get to go as often as I would like (no car...). Any other Londoners?
  • sebby says: Did my first proper O 2 weeks ago in the pouring rain & loved it. Based in south london at the moment but moving to south wales in 3 weeks, so hoping to do some more orienteering after the move.
  • mxhornet says: I think I just qualify to join now :-)
  • EdJ says: Have wanted to try orienteering for about 20 years, but never thought my running would be up to it. Turns out my running is okay, so have just started dragging the kids along to some introductory events (organised by WAOC and SMOC) and we love it. Can't wait for the next one...
  • Weekatiepea says: Hello! I have orienteered for about 20 years so I think I qualify for this group! Been a member of SMOC, Aire, WAOC and now Gramp.
  • Anorak says: Hello Folks, DVO member here so most of my orienteering gets done in the glorious Peak District.
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