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Welcome to the one true sport ... or should that be three true sports? Or just three sports? Or just a good excuse to be able to eat and drink a lot?

Enough - just sign up and do it!

Non-swimmers, non-cyclists and non-runners especially welcome.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Pieces of eight

etc etc etc

Notes from Members

  • JulesR says: My tris to date: 2007 Windsor Olympic, Huntly Olympic, Stirling Sprint & a couple of La Santa supersprints. 2008 a 70.3 at the end of term if I don't get into the European age-groupers at Lisbon
  • jude says: My tri's to date: St Albans Cannons Sprint June 2007; Matlock MARS sprint August 2007; Roade Sprint tri Sept 2007; Laguna Phuket Triathlon 1.8k/55k/12k December 2007.
    2008 - all of the above; thailand TBC, plus Milton Keynes olympic and .....??? EDIT injured!!!!!!!!! no tris so far in 08, contemplating a mini sprint in sept if I can find one......
  • Toks says: I seriously need to get the swimming part nailed, it is so bad so until then I cannot sign up for a tri yet! I just need to get swimming lessons ASAP!!!
  • cpea says: Am doing my first tri on sunday. TERRIFIED, been viral and viral and viral = no training. Did a swimming timetrial and added a minute to my time :-D then tried to run 5K in sweltering heat yesterday (bad news for my unaccustomed northern body - it probably wasn't even that hot) and ended up walking. Oh dear!!
  • Argie says: looking to tri in 2010
  • Making_Tracks says: First season for me ...
  • AJPAR says: Get FLM out the way and then its tri all the way for me.
  • holgs says: Triathlons so far : Cockerham sprint 2006, Nantwich 2007, 2008,2009, Chester Deva 2007, Cleveland Steelman 2007, 2008, Macclesfield 2008, Skipton 2007, Disney World Olympic 2007, The Big Woody 2007, Ironman Germany 2009.
    In 2010 my 'A' race will be THE OUTLAW Irondistance race in Nottingham. My B race will be the London Marathon.
    Busy year as my triathlon exploits will be published in book form in June 2010....dead excited about that.
    "Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run : My traithlon journey from common man to Ironman"

    I'm a member of the PSOF ( Pirates ) and COLT ( City of Lancaster Triathlon )
  • JPenno says: Tri's so far - Northwest Sprint 2006 & 2007, salford sprint 2006 and Olympic 2007
    2008 tris, Bala Middle, Antwerp 70.3, Vitruvian and a couple of sprints
  • SuperCaz says: I've entered a tri... does that count?
  • fraggle says: In theory I'll be tri-ing this year, but I've had 3 months off with a bad back, and slow rehab means it might just have to wait until '09
  • ml2run says: First season for me booked in for Blenheim and London so far ....
  • scooby snax says: I eat a lot and drink a lot so can I qualify without the swim a lot, bike a lot etc? :)
  • clodhopper says: not done any before but doing supersprint in september. getting nervous but will be happr to survive, would like to do it well tho!
  • Highlanderchick says: 2006 - My very first Tri was the Timex Womens Only sprint, then 2 weeks later did the Bananaman Tri also at Dorney Lake then in September I did the Clacton off road Sprint. 2007 - I concentrated on training for Loch Ness Marathon and The OMM. 2008 - I dediced to concentrate on the 70.3 UK Half Ironman at Wimbleball, then I completed the Timex Womens Only Challenge event and looking to do the Southcoast sprint at the end of August.
  • Hendy says: Tris to date:- Isle of bute sprint 2007,Standard open water tri m&d's strathclyde park 2007 and Ironman France Nice Triathlon 2007. Doing Ironman Austria 2009.
  • firerob1 says: hi all am doing first tri in may,have ran marathons in sub 4,am not bad on a bike but swim like a lead weight all help greatly recieved..............
  • Sushi. says: OK-ish Swimmer, OK-ish Runner but the best I can say about my cycling is.....well.....erm......I have a bike!!
    First Tri in june09 so hoping by then I'll be able to remember which gears are which!!
  • SteveParkes says: First Tri - Wombourne Sprint (April 08)

    Now if only I could do the whole thing a little faster (perhaps not cycling to the event, marshalling and then cycling home would have helped)
  • Combat says: Doing my first Ironman next year in Austria. Only competed in sprint distances, so thinking this could be a big challenge!
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: 1 Sprint (Blenheim 2010) followed the the week after by first Olympic at Windsor week after just done second in Bedford. Booked 2 IM 70.3 2011
  • pinga says: my first sprint tri in april, hopefully not my last!
  • buttercups1971 says: just entered my first tri (sprint) in may
  • running26 says: Doing Slateman in May 2013
  • Ellem says: Done 3 Novice Triathlons so far in 2010, 2 more to go. Next year will give a couple of OW Tris a go! and a Sprint of two.
  • SilentTim says: Just joined my local Tri group and getting back into swimming, so will hopefully be doing a couple of Aquathlons this year
  • northern_runner says: Done a lot of running, doing a lot of biking and just started on the swimming!
  • K9 says: Joining the group in the anticipation that maybe one day I'll actually be uninjured enough to swim, bike, and run at the same time, and actually do a trithlon.
  • DeeGee says: Soon to be a triathlete!
  • Son of E says: In training for first tri in september at Eyemouth, then new years day in Edinburgh
  • Babbit says: Help: First tri in 4.5 weeks, Ironman 70.3, my cycling is pants!
  • Captain Tortoise says: Done my 1st tri last year (Crystal Palace (Sprint)) I enjoyed it so much I entered it again this year aswell as the London Tri (OLY). As far as performance goes I can get in the water without drowning, cycle without falling off (most of the time) and I can put 1 foot in front of the other at slightly quicker than walking pace.
  • StormProof says: Useless swimmer, scaredy cyclist and p*ss poor runner! I love tri!
  • Wes-H says: Thought I'd join the group as I'm already swimming, cycling and running just need to put it all together in the form of a triathlon :-)
  • mudmonkey says: Have done a few pool based sprints Lincoln/Stratford, a few duathlon's on and off road and finally earlier this year entered and finnished my 1st Olympic Distance race at the Dambuster(Also first experience of open water swim). Next outing sprint at Bedford sprint 27/04/2014
  • kayos says: Well entered Duston Tri as first, also joined Leicester Tri Club and doing coached swim sessions once a week. All hard work but really excited by it all ... and a little anxious. Hope to see some of you at Duston
  • TRIumphant says: My Tri's so far: Sprints (pool based): Llandovery, Cardiff, Stratford, Henley, Warwickshire. Sprints (OW): London, Tuska, Cotswold. OD: Parc Bryn Bach. HIM: The Little Woody
    The future: IMUK, IMUK 70.3 in 2010, and possibly The Big Woody + other 'B' races
  • RobK650 says: Completed 5 sprint triathlons in 2009... Now looking at olympic distance and possible middle distance in 2010..
  • Lexo says: Just completed first tri at NYD and much to go wrong so much to go right :)....Next up my first full Sprint Tri at Tranent in Midlothian on March 21st (Edinburgh Uni event so likely to be full of 21 year olds who have been up all night partyinmg and still likley to beat me)....

    Update....21/03/10 Tranent Tri Have been training relatively hard but contracted nasty thoat bug on Saturday, was goimnggonig to pull out but sucked it up and went for it and did relatively Ok considering .target was 1:20 and came in at 1:16. Swim was good but totally went for it on the bike and came in with a decent performance for me but it took its tool for the run which was pretty dire...still overall pretty pleased
  • josieT says: yeehaa! 2010 - I'm hoping to do at least one or two tri's if I can fit em in! This'll maybe give me motivation! Have competed in two so far and loved them!

    Just won first female vet in local tri series!
  • island991 says: 2010 the year of the tri.....have entered my first 2 and intend to do 1 or 2 others.
  • Cake. says: I like cheese?
  • Trapper says: Just come across you lot. Entered the Stratford Sprint in May. Usual story - running getting boring / painful - couldn't swim very well, and bike rusting in the garage.
    All change now - move over Brownlee - Trapper is here!!!
  • Max71 says: Black tri and yellow go faster inserts down the side. Suits you sir.
  • Bobs Your Father says: 2x Ironman finishes in the last 2 years.
    Full blown Pirate now!
  • LLL says: I'm training to do my first every Triathlon in September. Eyemouth and it's hilly??? Can do all three SEPARATELY but doing them one after the other is going to be hard going. I'm not looking for a fast time, just want to complete it - without making a complete tit of myself though :o)
  • Bluebell2325 says: I'm currently training for the Great North Run (Sept) and Cumbrian Run (Oct) half marathons. Trying to mix training up a bit by doing some bike and some swimming. Triathlon hopefully the next step :)
  • Jenelopy says: Triathlons sound like fun, so when I saw the local one advertised I decided to enter. Better start training then...
  • JustT says: Did my first Sprint Tri on 4 July:- Rossendale Triathlon. Just had to miss the Clitheroe due to a sprained ankle. Fleetwoodhere I come...:)
  • Jaffers says: 1st sprint tri completed - looking forward to more sprints in 2011. Aim is to move up to
    " Olympic" distance in 2012 - seems appropriate :)
  • Bumblebee1984 says: people thought i was nuts when i joined a tri club stating i wanted to do an ironman, esp as i couldnt run for more than a min Feb 2010, I dont see the challange unless the swims hard, the running is always hard! Hoping to get a vit 2011 place, to add to next years helsby half then the edinburgh and chester marathons.. 2012, ironman somewhere..
  • Lisa-Maria says: New to this site and pretty new to traiathlons so any help will be really welcomed!
  • The Scribbler says: Woohoo! Two sprint triathlons done and another in the offing. I likes being a pirate!
  • Dawnp says: Triathlon noob :)
  • jetpower says: first sprint try of the season Lincoln tomorrow
  • DeeDee1 says: I love triathlons though I am an appalling swimmer. Every year I have to get over my fear of open water... again!!! so far, I have taken part in Eton super sprints (this will be my 4th year), london Triathlon olympic (last year), Windsor olympic 2011, London triathlon world series (Hyde Park) 2011, Hever Castle 2011. oh and to get my swimming up a little, I am taking part in the Thames swim in the summer. It was the Nokia Thames swim last year but I think it's called something else now. :)
  • Shin-Twigs says: first tri on sunday!
  • sallykate says: I've done one and looking forward to the next! Firmly at the back of the pack but what the hell :-)
  • Lalli says: Done two tris - Hart Sprint 2011 and now 2014. Doing Christ's Hospital Splash and Dash on 29 June 2014. Will do two or three a year along with some duathlons and sportives...
  • melhaugh says: Once Kielder marathon out of way am going to start training for triathalon so I can compete next year. Well that is the plan!!!
  • Kimbles says: Jumping into the fray of Triathlon. Hoping to do my first tri next year - yes I know its awhile away but need to get my first OW race out of the way first lol
  • Silly Old Duffer says: The Dambuster next year (2013)
  • Topcat2 says: Olympic Tri for 2013
  • TooLate says: Just gonna lurk here intermittently until I learn 2 swim.
  • Blefuscu says: I'm a wannabe triathlete. Currently injured. No previous Tri experience but I can swim, cycle and when my foot is better I can sort of run.
  • JP2KME says: I have done two try a Tri events and one proper tri, my family bought me entry for an open water tri in the summer ... oh and a radio alarm clock!
  • bhik says: Just starting. Lessons to improve my freestyle. Swim waterpolo as well. MTB with slicks initially till wife assured not a fad then £££bike next year. Go tri and super sprints booked. Let&aps;s see where this goes.
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