Notes from Members

  • John66 says: Bring it on - mugwise!
  • CrazyLegs says: Having a Fetch mug would brighten up my dull working day!!
  • tuga says: big please :)
  • Barky says: I want a mug!
  • Boingy says: I want mine to be made of bone china, and I shall stick my little finger up while drinking from it.
  • parkbench says: I want mine with a slot under it. Not for a KitKat, but for a Gel Sachet.
  • Girlie says: If it has FETCH on it, I want one!
  • Bennifer says: NOW.
  • MacDaz says: Yip Yip!
  • Laura27 says: A mug would be great! :-)
  • PloddinBuddah says: I WANT A MUG!!!!!
  • geordiegirl says: Sounds like a great idea
  • Patricia says: My coffee is getting cold...
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: Please :-)
  • Monster Feet says: I really like mugs!!
  • McNewbie says: ooooohhhhh a fetch mug, i am tempted to do a 'del boy' and make my own pirate version, seeing the demand for them (pound signs in eyes) and a special mug for meeeee
  • MappingMum says: Sounds good to me! When? How?
  • Barney Rubble says: I want my own fetch mug, NOW!!............please.(fingers crossed)
  • Kev Scone says: pwetty pwease, should be easy to organise, and i promise my best to try and get it on the TV :)
  • Almostbarefoot says: Put me down for a mug please
  • CornishEva says: I would love to have a mug!!!
  • Pully says: Want one, or two.
  • CottamRunner says: Would love one!
  • benno says: I would take mine to work
  • slowfish says: Yeah great idea :-)
  • Jungliemac says: Oh, yes please!
  • Stevce says: Show me the MUG !
    Where's the MUG !
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