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  • Running Beard says: I will be running my 5th GNR want to beat last year's time of just under the 2 hour mark but doubt that I will get close to my PB from 2006
  • Uptown Top Rankin says: My first GNR-Can't wait!
  • Coulson says: This will be my 9th GNR, a pb should be on. Hoping not to get humiliated by scooby doo or a camel this year! :-)
  • LynseyC says: Hi everyone. Well, I am pretty new to the whole running scene and only signed up to Fetch today! Managed to get a place in the GNR running for the British Heart Foundation. I hope this will spur me on through those miles and help ease any pain!.... I completed a few 10k runs a few years back, but this is definetely the biggest challenge yet !! Any advice, tips or general chat about training would be much appreciated.
  • Swimming Is Easier says: Looking to get under 2 hours this year, it's a big ask!! But as I'll be the birthday girl hopefully luck will be on my side!
  • bigal says: this will be my 6th time this year,hope to improve pb but getting harder every year, have taken 13mins off since 1st one
  • Scooba Steve says: 4th time this year, I live in the North East and this event got me into running a few years ago and I'll probably keep doing it for the forseeable future! This year will be the first time I've trained for it with any real commitment and hoping it will pay off by being sub 2hrs!
  • batmouse says: Wow running on your birthday. Still it means you can hve a double celebration on the night! Would like to crack 2:30 on this my 10th. Even if its only seconds under!
  • makkem says: Going for GNR number 28. Hope to make it to the big 30, then I might call it a day.
  • slug001 says: I think this is number 8 but the memories going a bit these days. Breaking new ground this year as it's the first time I'm doing it for charity, hoping to raise a great deal of money for our benevolent fund by dressing up!!
  • welly says: very excited to have a place in this, will be second half ever
  • Bex66 says: I'm in!!! First GNR - it was the GNR last year that got me properly into running so this will be my running anniversary!!!
  • ChrisDig says: Third time in a row with this event , this is a week after Berlin marathon so legs will probably tire towards the end so i'll just be aiming to enjoy the great atmosphere this event creates.
  • Vicki: Graceless Whippet says: 3rd time round for me - hoping for 1:40. This year I won't be running in fancy dress so the time is more achievable ;)
  • Yeti says: Probably going to be my 3rd half, unless I find any more between now and then! Just want to get round in one piece really ;-)
  • zak n cody says: 1st time on.did my 1st gnr as 14 yr old age limit then.proud 2 do 1hr 58.then did next 11.then got really big.22 stone.took up walking,gym then running again in road to 13st 11lb back at 15 7 best gnr time is 1:39:46 which i achieved in 1990
  • Kev Scone says: back for a third shot, through the ballot :) running with The Hunter and another mate as "The Three Musketeers", oh and doing Coniston trail race day before too, see yus all there!
  • alji59 says: first timer here....
  • Paul Salmon says: 2nd time for me 1:43:25 last year !! so maybe under 1:40:00 if i can get a good start.
  • Slowly But Shirley says: \o/ can't wait for this! Never done GNR before and was lucky enough to get in via this year's ballot. Am as excited by this one in fact as I would be if I found out I got into the FLM :)
  • Stafford says: First GNR and what will be my second half marathon after Newark in August. Hoping to get round in 2 hours!
  • Winniefree says: First half for me, will be happy to finish in one piece, ecstatic if it's under 2hrs 30.
  • joolzs says: My third Great North and hope to be lucky and beat my first time - if I don't beat my second time there's something wrong! Running in support of Leukaemia Research in my bright yellow t shirt! *Update Oh Yes! PB in the bag! Great Day!
  • JimM says: Did it just over 2:15 so looking to better it this year. If I cut out the multiple toilet stops that is!!!
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