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Trying to lose weight or just stay the same? I may change the title, have just copied it from the thread

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  • Kev Scone says: need to finally become flab free and although my goals are high there are lots of little rewards and a washboard set of abs awaiting at the end :)
  • sallykate says: Want to lose half a stone, maybe more - not overweight but hoping it will help me run faster!
  • TheIronMan says: Hey Hey guys, if any1 wants any help with nutrition or work out plans give me a shout.
  • SarahAngel says: Right - joined the group to get my bum in gear and to keep losing weight. Want to lose another 7lb for Christmas!
  • sugababy60 says: hello. I'm a wee newbie and need to lose some serious weight. I plan to start trying to run soon but i'm scared i can't do this on my own :(
  • Big Paul says: Like some of the others I am desperate to lose the last few pounds. I suppose I had better lose the first 100 or so first though..... If I lose enough i won't have to start running at 6 in the morning to avoid school kids laughing at me.
  • jude says: only a few pounds to lose but it's those last ones that are the hardest
  • Woffy says: Injured myself in Brussels marathon in October and have done little but stuff my face since then. Hit 90kgs in my weigh in on Monday 26th November but am determined to get back down to 85 kgs at least, and then maybe a bit more.
  • Bex66 says: Have lost half a stone since I restarted running, but have another stone to go so this is the grup for me!
  • Sailorchick says: Hi All, lost 4 1/2 stone with WW, put about 1/2 stone back on since Oct and trying to get back under 10 1/2 stone (66kg). Hoping adding running to my training will help and hopefully this group will keep me motivated.
  • Miss Piggy Wiggy says: i want to lose about half a stone then mantain weight :-)
  • Big C says: Hi Guys, managed to lose 10kg last year, aiming for another 15 this year, first marathon in May.
  • SusieQ says: Just want to lose a stone.. not the two i have put on.

    My holiday is coming but more than that i want it to be permanent, I want to lose the spare tyres from the middle that have arrived. they are nasty and have knocked my self confidence to bits.
  • Slinkyseal says: I didn't realise there was a whole actual group! Cool. More happens on the thread then obviously!.....see you all there.
  • TooLilac says: Need to fight the christmas creep of just over half a stone !
  • HellsBells says: best part of 2 stone to shift - every 1/2 lb counts!
  • Marmite says: I need to loose the odd 2 stone again. This is hard to do when the other half needs loads of fuel due to marathon training and one child can eat for England and never put on weight. Hopefully this will give me the motivation to do it!
  • Irontubs says: Help required to get from tubbyrunner to notsotubbynearlyslim runner.
  • Spally says: Count me in. Need such motivation to lose some weight after piling on the pounds after an injury lay-off.
  • geordiegirl says: Would anyone mind if I joined your group? I'm getting on for a stone overweight, mainly due to being very poorly lately. I had my op a month ago so where I still cant run I try to keep an eye on what I eat (I tend to undereat rather than overeat) but confess to having more comfort food lately and of course the chocolates that everyone brings me.
    The serious stuff will start later once I'm back on my feet but maybe being here will keep me more focused!!
  • S.W.A.G says: Hi everyone! Looking to loose about a stone as I am getting married next year and want to look and feel fab in my wedding dress! Also would like to be able to run faster!
  • TheBeetroot says: 2 - 2.5 stone overfat and frustrated with being slow!
  • WA says: Want to lose about 1 and a half stone. my problem is I enjoy wine and chocolate too much :-)
  • normanom says: Been running for 3 months now, terinbly slow still. 10k PB 1:09! However, I have lost over a stone, down from 18 stone to 16 stn 12lbs. (July 08).
  • Luiz says: I need to lose about a stone and a half. Have joined Slimming World this week in the hope that a structured diet will be more successful than my usual attempts
  • Sassi says: Need support to lose 14-21lbs - quickly!
  • Slowly But Shirley says: I've GAINED weight since I started marathon training!! How does that work then?! Oh yes - probably eating too much :). Joined Rosemary Conley classes in a bid to lose some before next marathon. Need to lose 1½ stone ideally. Not doing too well so far ...
  • reprac says: After seeing my weight balloon over the past couple of years I have decided to make 2009 the year i get up off my backside and do something about it. I was 17st 11 on 2nd Jan, currently 16st 08lb and want to get down to my old running weight of 13st 07lb.
  • makkem says: Attempting, but failing to get under 13 stone
  • sanddancer says: I was injured for over two years - all fixed now (I hope!) At the very least I'd like to lose the 32 pounds I gained in weight over that time period.
  • Mutant Calfs says: post London and less running due to sore knee has seen me pile on just under a stone. Wants to get back to below 14stone, or even lower!
  • Santiago says: BMI was Obese, currently overweight but only two kg until "Normal" - oh to be normal ..............;)
  • Dawnp says: Right - enough is enough. I have at least 3 stone to lose, so can I please join you guys?
  • ndellar says: Lost 4 st since end of April 2008, want to lose another 1.5 in the runup to my first Marathon (London 2009) - the lighter and fitter I am, the quicker and hopefully less painful it will be!
  • NIKKI10000 says: 2 stone to lose! know this will improve my running and i know running will shift the pounds so here goes again.
  • Ploddington Bear says: No matter how much I run, I don't lose weight (I just compensate for calories burnt by eating more cheese and more crisps) Only time I've lost weight is when I've been too stressed to eat (lost at least 6kg (1 stone) that way last year but wouldn't recommend constant nausea as a way of life :-o)

    Need some motivation to keep running and stop eating so much fat

    Even having a 20 year old photo as my profile photo isn't helping!
  • SteveParkes says: Thought I'd joined this group already.
  • sweetpea1980 says: Need to loose 1st and a half- currently running and doing circuits and a gym session each week but have put on weight :( not pleased. Got to keep going though
  • Triplet Dad says: Currently at the point in my mid 40's where exercise just isn't enough anymore so I need to control my weight in a more managed basis, so for the first time in years I'm watching what I eat.
  • ttofee says: Need to get on with losing the baby weight!
  • Corona says: Have gone and entered the Great North Run. With a current weight (Feb 09) of 22st 11 1/2 lb I probably need to lose a bit if I'm gonna get round. Let's see what I can do.
  • redtoenails says: Could do with a stone or two less to drag up the hills - done it before, let's try again...
  • skiddy! says: I need to lose about a stone and hope this group will motivate me towards my goal. 10stone here I come...I am 5'8"
  • Lidders says: need to lose another stone, then I hit my target weight!
  • Big G (no longer gareth1871) says: was wallowing along unfit and overweight.....suddenly realised need to get rid of the flab to keep up with the kids....
  • Winniefree says: Want to lose a stone. I lost it (and much more) back in 2006/7 but it's crept back on again, despite my running mileage increasing from 0 to 389 (so far this year). Just re-joined weightwatchers online. Nothing like having paid for something to motivate me!!!
  • pinkladykat says: i have about 3st to lose i have been going to ww i was in jan 15st7 and im down to 14st9 i have ww every thr i have missed the last 2 weeks due to work but will be going this week

    running and ww realy works for me
  • SilBurBas says: 16-stoner trying to lose weight but has a fear of fruit, veg, egg, fish!
  • purpleangie says: Right, enough is enough! 3 stone HAS to go!
  • Spanabell says: Hello everyone, well i have alot of wieght to loose, about 5 stone!!! which sounds aweful :-( But i will get there!!
  • robbo 123 says: the moobs are going and the abs are coming out
  • Trix-df says: 3 babies in 4 years, the poor oul' midriff is never gonna be the same, but perhaps the running bug, which has well and truly bitten, will get me going in the right direction?
  • Alexv says: Starting at 13 stone. Getting to 12 and below for the London Marathon. At 12st 3...the last 3 are the toughest :-)
  • pinkjaffa says: Just started running to help get rid of the 2 1/2 stone I have put back on over the last few years :) x
  • shayky says: shayky here 14 st 1 pound runner and trying to lose weight
  • duncman says: want to loose 7lbs in 3 months
  • Kimbles says: Need to loose about 21lbs. Might help the old knee joints when running if I do :-)
  • Chris 0198 says: Hi guys, just thought I would introduce myself to the group. I am keeping a track of my weight on the weight chart on this site. Don't know if ya'll can see it or not.
    My current weight, as of 0700 this morning is 81.7 Kg, with 19.2% Fat. I want to decrease my fat to single figures, and it's going in the right direction.
    I use a lot of MRP, nutrient enriched drinks, as well as protein drinks. If anyone wants to know what I use, inbox me, and I'll link you in.
    How do we keeo track of the weight loss?
  • sweeny says: Time to try again to lose weight the slimming world way, on the plus side I have managed to keep the exercise going over the past 3 yrs but as the weight goes up the running slows down. Next goal race for life in June.
  • Lizzybagwash says: Hello to the group 
    My job ended at the end of April and I’ve not worked since

    Lost my mojo for the running and now have put on even more weight, it’s now time to step up and start the journey back to being me

    Would like to lose a stone

    Little steps I know , 1st step join the club, 2nd dust of the running shoes 3rd step eating the right things
  • FrancesT says: Not sure how a stone & a half has crept on in the last year & a half but I want to be able to run again without dragging round this extra weight so it's gotta go otherwise running is just too hard. Am doing Great West Run in May so need to lose it by then.
  • DeeDee1 says: Hello! Trying to get flab free and stay that way!! Working hard so far - almost 80% of my travel to work is either cycling or running. just need to up the running mileage which i hope will start to see the flab melt away. Fingrs crossed! I would ideally like to lose half a stone. :)
  • RedAlex76 says: Been running for just over 6 months currently dropped about 2.5 stone and am at my lowest weight for more years that I care to remember!. Still a long way to go to where I want to be! Running has been my saviour but is also incredibly frustrating at times. The fact that I run by myself is not helped by the demons in my head that tell me to stop when I know I can continue......
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