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We ARE organising a half marathon at Draycote Water in Warwickshire, in honour of, and to raise funds for Mick and Phil on March 8th 2009.

We are still looking for people who might be interested in helping either through offering their knowledge or time.

Join the group if you can help.

Notes from Members

  • LeGreg - hes back and he wants reve says: I likes it. I'll volunteer Mrs Le Greg to marshall :-)
  • Saffron says: Room for a little helper? :)
  • Woffy says: Fantastic idea, hope I can get across the water to support it wherever and whenever
  • Tiggia says: I've got experience of helping our club organise a race, so if I can be any help, use and abuse me!
  • Nightjar says: Just point me at a job!
  • Mrs Winkle says: I can do photography / design type stuff if needed
  • Iris says: DOn't know how i can help but you may use me as you wish (ooerr). I am a finance person.
  • Duncs says: Great idea
  • MrsJJ says: I and JJ junior would be happy to help in any way we can
  • Johnny Blaze says: As long as time permits I'll be there.
  • Hash says: Great idea. I don't live locally but let me know if there's any donkey work that can be done from a distance!
  • Watford Wobble says: I'll try and help support in anyway I can. Having seen Mick and Phil twice druing a race I'd like to do something.
  • smiley broadling says: Happy to support this lovely idea.
  • JJ Flash says: As a Warwickshire runner I will be happy to pitch in with anything asked.
  • Ultradunc says: Does this one mean we have to back off so MicknPhil win lol
  • RichHL says: Happy to help any way I can.
  • PloddinBuddah says: Don't forget to vote for Mick & Phil on the Runners World website for been the most Inspirational Runners and help them win the Helen Thomlinson Most Inspirational Runners Award.
  • TRUCKER says: I have had the honour to be involved with two races containing Mick n Phil. Count me in anything to help these amazing people
  • Helegant says: Not sure what I can do, but count me in
  • Clueless says: I will be pleased to help out.
  • Smileygirlie says: Will be glad to help if I can, any road sounds like it'll be a great party!! :-p
  • Eastham75 says: Hi Mick & Phil nice meeting you at Stratford
  • biggest nose says: I,m in - not much knowledge but i can maketime!!!
  • Making_Tracks says: Sounds fab stuff to me ... happy to run or help.
  • Jason1969 says: I would absolutely looove to help. Anything, everything!
  • UltraMrsR says: I'l do what I can! Pre/post run massage? Sure I'l be able to muster a few friends to help with that as I would like to run to!
  • Toks says: would love to help but uni reasons :-( but def next time ;-) have everyone :-)
  • Don Corleone says: I will support this fully :) Unfortunately cannot make the June Race will be looking on here for upcoming news and events.
  • phal says: facebook group here:
  • wrexhamrob says: Mick n Phil - running legends and inspiration to us all. Not sure how i can help - but just ask.
  • LizzieC says: Would love to be involved - the lads are an inspiration
  • Stewey says: Work in the foodservice industry can help with disposable cups, fruit or whatever. pleased to support excellent idea.
  • paskha says: Really hope to be able to get there to support you guys ...
  • forest plodder says: Will help out if I can.
  • Reef says: Pleased to help anyway I can.
  • climbingfishgirl says: 29/7/08 - only just read about this idea. Brilliant. Missed the planning run but happy to help with whatever I can.
  • FurryH says: Will have had my wisdom teeth out so should be able to stand and point (Marshalling?)
  • Snapstinget says: Happy to marshal, help in other ways, etc, though I'll need a lift ...
  • red says: I have marshalled a fair few of our club races i'll help if wanted
  • The great dollop says: I'll bring a Race Photography team and sort out the post event gallery.
  • Mr. K. says: Super Stars the pair of you :)
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