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Any Fetchies that live in any corner or side street on the island of Ireland.. as some race organisers don't publicise their races in the best way possible -we can share info as we receive slips of paper at the finish line of whatever race we happen to do... any further suggestions would be very well received! Also anybody is MOST welcome from other countries to join us, whether you have some connection with the auld sod, have visited the auld sod once upon a time, or have never set foot on the auld sod but have a fondness for Guinness, whiskey (with an e!), sport and a general spot of banter!!

Notes from Members

  • BS says: I live in the Co Armagh area on the shore of Lough Neagh, looking forward to meeting other Fetchies
  • mokina says: i live in dublin, but i am ITALIANA!
  • paul the builder says: Living just N. of Belfast, and run with Larne AC.
  • clairster says: live in belfast, work in craigavon and run with Dub runners and Up and Running :)
  • Sneaky Dragon says: Can be usually found running on the country roads around Ballymoney, Co.Antrim when I'm not studying in Glasgow
  • AlanR says: I also live in the Co Armagh Area (Portadown).
  • Slowly the Snail says: I live in Portadown and train with a new club Upper Bann AC, runnning very badly now for a year and a half. Slow but happy!!!
  • Andy07 says: Co.Antrim, Belfast to be precise
  • Cavehill75 says: based in belfast, n.ireland, rediscovered love of running in Jan 08. Doing first marathon (New York) in Nov 08. trying to get fit and lose weight.
  • RYAN_M says: I live in Larne and run for Larne AC. Started running seriously just over a year ago, currently training for my first marathon in Dublin!! :o)
  • lany says: from tramore,waterford the sunny south east.
  • Beans67 says: Live in enniskillen, run for fun,
  • IrishGerry says: Based in N. Belfast, missed out the last few Dublin marathons due to a. illness b. lost motivation c. weight gain, but that's behind me now, back on track!!
  • pacman says: Living In Sunny Belfast - usually seen plodding along the toepath...
  • Cursed44 says: I live in Leitrim...need i say more...
  • sugababy60 says: I live in ballymena, spend most of my weekends in belfast. Am a complete beginner at running if anyone wants to take me under their wing and help me out i'd much appreciate it.
  • debs1972 says: "frae the toon" (ballymoney)!! can be found plodding the country roads in the area and the odd coastal path or 2!!
  • PeterVincent says: I live in North Co Wicklow, looking forward to Dublin marathon 2011
  • JPG says: Hi All, I'm usually found running/crawling along the tow path in Belfast during the week or running around the ards peninsula at the weekends
  • Ciarán says: Belfast
  • Martym says: I live in Donegal and work in Derry. Just getting into running as have retired from Rugby and other team sports. Usually will run around the bridges in Dery or along the country roads at home. Also into cycling.
  • Justinm says: Living in Larne and running for Larne AC. Enjoy distance running but do take part in any type of races, mainly on the roads.
  • Woffy says: Right down in the south-east in Waterford - UK born but here for the last 20+ years
  • Happybunny75 says: Living in Ballymena. Originally from England. Running 'halfs' but hoping to progress to a full in 2017.
  • Sazzle says: not sure if this is commong knowledge but the following link is this year's NI fixture list, hope it helps

    Just save me a place

  • peperami says: belfast towpath; marathons mainly (Belfast, Edinburgh & Mourne Way - spring 2010) & 10k's etc. for training......
  • Firesac says: Live in Carrickfergus started running to get fit but forgot to stop.
  • Mr. T says: Anyone any suggestions for a sociable running club in south Dublin?!
  • BishopLenBrennan says: Live in Ballycastle, Co. Antrim but from CUSHENDALL! Have done two halfs and two 10ks. Enjoy socialising too much to take running too seriously, but just pleased I can run and enjoy working up a good sweat (and bright red face!). Developing a thirst for Guinness instead of amber liquids and like a good red wine.
  • colblimp says: I'm English but live in Cork, if anyone else is in the real capital, say hi!
  • justgary82 says: bangor, in co down! not wales
  • fitzer says: I'm A Dub living in Scotland. Now living in Slovenia
  • Westley says: Corkman living in Dublin.
  • nakedterry says: Belfast born and bred!
  • MuzzaC says: Live in Rush Co.Dublin. From Scotland originally but lived in Ireland for 8 years.
  • Ploddington Bear says: I'm a west of ireland girlie living in UK for {gulp} 21 years ... but I try to do the odd race back home now and then. Anyone in this group doing the Warrior's Run in Sligo at the end of August?
  • eoin says: From Glenravel but currently living in Carryduff.

    10ks, 5ks and 5 milers for me this year. Hope to step it up next year to the bigger distances injury permitting...

  • belfastck says: Orginally from Derry ( Bellaghy ) , I live in Carryduff and can be seen most work evenings running ( plodding ) from Belfast City Centre home . Love my running and totally addicted to it but my big goal this year is to do belfast under 4 hours - at my 4th attempt.
  • Pistola says: Living in Kilmainham, but from Edinburgh. Isn't Phoenix park just fantastic!
  • slowblonde says: Originally from Tyrone but living in Belfast for the past 14 years. Can usually be found plodding up and down the Saintfield road or Lagan towpath.
  • darrylblair says: live in north belfast and been running 3/4 yrs now with 3 BCM under my belt,aiming for 10 in a row
  • Nordigirl says: Originally from Kilkenny, now living in Magherafelt, NI.
  • adeal says: In Portrush & currently training for the Edinburgh Marathon in May, doing the Larne half and looking to do the Titanic Qtr when it comes up.
  • Paul N says: Round and round and up and down,
    Through the streets of Belfast town.
  • heffaroo says: I live in the Co. Armagh area (Richhill)
  • chrisdonkey says: Tyrone. Near suffered my first running enduced heart attack today. Another first on the way to fitness (or the grave, whatever comes first)
  • macapple says: Born and bred in Dublin but been living in England for 11 years. Get back once or twice a year.
  • andisweet says: quite the novice runner ..... from Ballymena .... can anyone recommend a good club for running
  • slowmarc-belfast says: antrim area
  • Derek K says: hi all, new to fetch, running mostly round south dublin, training just to get back into shape, then i'll take on the big races!
  • Heinzster says: Live in Ballyclare, member of Seapark AC, Carrickfergus
  • Laura L says: Just seen this group. Living in Brighton now but originally from Co.Armagh. Looking forward to running Belfast marathon some time, though it won't be next year...
  • The Bogman says: Originally from London, living in beautiful Fermanagh.
  • RedMo says: A Dubliner, exiled in the UK for 30+ years. I come back often and have run Malahide parkrun twice. I train by running along the seafront at Dollymount.
  • Happy says: Live near Stormont, keep starting to run regularly then lose heart and stop :( Need to join a club or get some running buddies for inspiration.
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