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Are you doing CIMA? Have you done it? Any advice etc. etc.

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  • John66 says: Just passed P4 and P7 so P1 and P5 starting in 3 weeks!
  • TW says: I'm an ACMA..but shhhh, don't tell anyone!...qualified a long time ago (1990), so my exam experiences are wayyyyy out of date!
  • warriorwoman says: Qualified 2009.
  • Wingy says: ACMA here. also a long time ago, '93 I think.
  • PeterWard5 says: Just practical experience to go. Happy days.
  • Nigeb says: I finished ACMA in 1994 long time ago, keep at it to all still taking the exams, would not fancy it again. It will be worth it in the end
  • StormProof says: ACMA and now a tutor.
  • Vicii says: I'm ACMA - only recently, found out I'd passed August 2007 and was really chuffed since I had already submitted my portfolio thingy so no more exam stress for me!
  • paul296 says: Passes 2002 :)
  • CheekyP says: Im AAT but moving onto CIMA after.
  • Spratty says: Qualified in 1980, nearly a Cost and Works Accountant!
  • Fitz says: Passed in 1997 (had to do 16 papers back then). Have not done much real accounting ever since so have forgotten most of it. Never bothered much with CPD either, I do the occasional course for my own interest / current role but probably not enough to survive an audit!
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