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  • Konaboy says: It's 'appening in Oct in Ox
  • Um Bongo says: Have run 5 marathons with gradual improvement. My last 3:45 attempt ended in the heat of London. Next Spring will be a serious attempt at a sub 3:45 time. My times over other distances support my ability to do it -I just need to do it!
  • Capricorn says: I've done it once (3:41 in Salzburg mara last year) and got a GFA place this year, but haven't managed it again. I did 3:45:22 - how close is that (Abingon 2006) and 3:48 (White Peak this year). My next attempt is this weekend - in the Dresden marathon - flat, on road, so I'm hoping .....
    Otherwise a serious attempt at an as yet undecided spring marathon next year.
  • Northern Exile says: Have a 1.38 half to my name, so in theory a 3.45 should be attainable. The two marathons I have done both ended in pretty crappy times, I got awful cramp in both and was lucky to finish.
  • bal says: fisrt marathon was 4:00:17 so I'm as good as sub 4 already - or am i?
  • Yorkshire Pie says: Done! (just)
  • MarkC says: Aiming for nearer 3:30 at the Abingdon Mara in October. Current PB is 3:47
  • Tutu Much says: Absolutely determined that sub 3.45 will be mine - need to shave off 12 mins though. Plan is to start a long and well-planned training programme in November '08 to achieve goal in Spring '09...
  • Fitz says: My previous PB is 3:51 in Paris, April 2013. Have done a few more maras at around 4:00-4:05 since then, aiming for 3:45 in Berlin, Sept 2014.
  • mark9 says: hoping to break 3:45 at the London Mara 2010, have done under 1:40 in a half, so it may be possible, but it will be my first marathon, I'm not used to doing longer distances.
  • Hamster1207 says: Well on course at Edinburgh this year until the heat got me. Hottest day of the bloomin year so far and it had to be that day. Oh well I've got Loch Ness in October. Its bound to be wet & windy !
  • slowfish says: just done my first in 3.57 so will aim for sub 3.45 in my second!
  • DuaneDibbley says: on paper - prior to my stoopid injury - I was on for a sub 3:45 in my first ever marathon - in the end, ran it with an injury in 4:22...want to have another go at sub 4hr to start with, and then sub 3:45. Here's hoping...
  • boulders says: Despite a 1:40 half I have only managed 4:30 FLM and 5 hr plus Paris. This year I break 3:45!!
  • Jon_T says: 3.49 in Brighton this year, with a bit of a walk at 24 miles. Goint for it in VLM this year
  • mags says: Got a 3 46 this October want a sub 345 now , hope this will help me get there
  • Sombrero says: 3 mara's done: 4.29 (knee went), 4.15 (too hot), 3.55 (felt good until 20 miles).... determined to get a time I'm really proud of.
  • blokewotruns says: Done iit once at Halstead and Essex 3:43 and going for it again in Rome 2014 which should give me a VLM 2015 GFA place.
  • Orangefleece says: Bish bash bosh .... 3:42:41 archived this year at the VLM ... 80)
  • StewartC says: 3:46 at Manchester in 2015 hoping to get under 3:45 this time around
  • Goofee says: Wrexham 2016 is the plan! :-)
  • FurryH says: 3:50 at Abingdon some time back. vlm 2017 on cards
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