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Are you aiming for a sub50 10K? Or maybe you could just tell us how to get one... join here!

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  • Black Cat says: Used to be regularly under 50 mins but injuries put paid to that. Back in the groove now and looking for a sub 50 early 2008.
  • nic the fizz says: Did a couple of sub 51 min 10ks in 2007, then injured from july onwards.Trying to slowly increase training again and would love to go under 50mins for 10k anytime in 2008. Lapsed 400m track specialist from the 1990s so this is a big change!
  • Hedda says: I've stalled on around 55-56, so frustrating!
  • Sloan says: I believe I have it in me somewhere, just need to keep on searching deeper and deeper. One day this time will happen, I feel it in my bones ;-)
  • Karen says: Did my first 10k in June - 59.43 , did another one in Sept in Sheffield 57:43 and did another one last Sunday - 52:47 so I am going in the right direction- my next one is in early Feb which gives me just over 2 months of training so I'm hoping that the speed sessions I've recently started at my club will help.
  • Kittenheels Kath says: My PB over this distance is 54 minutes. Would dearly love to go just a little bit faster.
  • Doctor K says: Aiming for sub 50 by the time I'm 50 -9 months and 34 seconds to go.Made it 9/3/08 with 4+months to go! 49.08 put it down to more cross training -body pump, yoga and spinning, more strength and core work.
  • GregP says: I ran 46:50 in 1996, stopped running soon after and restarted in 2006. Since then I haven't got below 57:00 - suspect due to weekly mileage being too low: sustaining sub-50 pace for three miles is fine, but then it all goes wrong. Still too more attempts left in November, the latter of which (Chelmsford) is flat and where I set my PB last century.
  • foofighter says: aiming for sub 50 but the way my training runs are going not shure got two more atempts this year
  • julbags says: Did my first 10K (first race!) at Wesham in November last year and got 52:11 sub 50 was next logical target for 2007 but bad ankle sprains, knee injuries and offroad hill runnning have all got in the way this year. Entered the Wesham 10K again this year (20 days to go) so going to have a good crack at it though not sure the legs are willing. Thinking of joining a club too.
  • Smile2 says: If I can do this I will be pleased as punch -quite a way to go though!
  • Wilderj says: Ive only done 1 10k, but at just under 52 mins would love to break 50 min in the next year
  • JonD says: Desperately want to hit this mark at the Liverpool 10K next October
  • TheRoadie says: Only just managed under1 hr at my first 10K (59.40). Looking to improve - but training for mainly half marathons - any tips and advice welcome.
  • Zola bum says: my first sub 50 after 18 months of running!
  • Bex66 says: Have just told my coach this is my main aim in 2008 so I better join the group I guess! Going to try to use HM races training to achieve it
  • larrry says: best ever 47 .did 48 last year now struggle to get under 52 .Is that because i am now over 50 ? would love to get sub 50 again .
  • Banny says: Did I tell everyone I bloody did it!
  • martin run says: aiming for a sub50 10K this year it will be brill
  • Captain Tortoise says: Tried for a sub 50 in 2007 but it was not to be going for it sometime this year. 2008 is the year of the tortoise.
  • MappingMum says: My goal for 2008!
  • Slow Sam says: First 10k was a dismal 1.02 something or another, my next 3 months later was 54.05, so almost there, i'm hoping with more speed training at club, I will be able do it in 2008!!
  • KoughKandi says: Willing to do the training, able to take the advice ;-) 5/10/08 have gone from 57 - 52 today!
  • PeterG says: This is my first year of running, following some "life changing" health issues. Did my first 10k 53:36 and got hooked:)
    Now done 5 and only got it down to 53:18. Under 50 would be a major goal. Looking foward to the challenge and interaction with this fine group :)
  • PowerJen says: I'm going to do this by end of 2008.
  • quimby says: Did 50:34 in 2004. Have a way to go before I get back to that speed...
  • clairejustine says: my first goal of the year just got to get some speed hmmm :-)
  • Tonystoon says: Slowly got my time down, ran 50 mins 58 secs at the Bolton 10k, got Blackpool and Manchester next month that are definite PB courses, so hoping can break that magic 50 min time.
  • GlennR says: Now done. 45 mins here I come!
  • kaybear says: My running has improved over the last few years and i have been cross training. Recently got down to 54 and that was hard work - I am sure i can do better
  • chrisgil says: Have knocked five minutes off last year's PB to get to 52.07, surely I can knock two and a bit more off by the end of 2013?
  • mothrunner says: I met this goal on 13/12/09 at the Andy Reading 10k. My time was 49:32. I'm very pleased! Wonder whether sub-45 is achievable?
  • pmethven says: I'm doing my second 10K ever in September, and am training to try to get my time down from 57 minutes to sub 50 :-)
  • ctg says: Would love to be sub 50 but times are heading in the wrong direction at the moment!
  • wriggle says: Hi all! Did 50:something several years ago; hoping that a decent spell of training can negate the advancing years and take me sub-50 in 2010. Training advice/racing tips/magic potions etc all welcomed :-) *UPDATE* 49:46 at Frampton, July 2010 - quite chuffed :-) *49:19, Magor, August*
  • Dawn_thats _me says: Oh the sub 50min 'ctq' im having the same sure mins have got faster... :-)
  • CornishEva says: I have just done it, so so happy!!!
  • Booster says: Never thought I'd beat 50mins for a 10k but did it twice in 2008 both times on flat courses and both times with positive splits (which is against the usual advice!). I reckon what helped me was training with long runs at weekends mixed in with shorter ones in the week pushing the pace. That way I could go off at a fair lick and rely on stamina for the last couple of miles.
  • The Mighty D says: Latest run in Sheffield achieved 51:13 which is about a minute or so quicker than last year. Next run at Clumber Park on 28 September 2008. Not sure if i will achieve it here but if i pace it right i might just do it. Would love to get under the 50 mark before the year is out. 28 September 2008 achieved 47.52 in Clumber 10K. I think not going flat out in the first 5K definetly helped.
  • jamieb32 says: Done 3 10k's so far and have gone from 59min to 52.30. Two more races this year so hopefully its in my grasp. ;-)
  • iPLOD says: Done it! Carterton 10k: 29th March 2009 - 49.02.
  • Ogden Runner says: Only started running 3 years ago but totally hooked ! 10k times are 56m and 54m so going the right way but desperately want sub 50. Just need to shift some weight and shift the miles ! Update 29/03/09 Bradford 10k in 53m 35s - getting there slowly ! Update 21/3/10 Bradford 10k in 49m 31s Cracked It!!
  • geoandjam says: Can do 55ish but give me a nice course and a breezy day and lets see what happens!
    Could do a 25min 5k so it can be done :)
  • Orangefleece says: Bang on course to beat 50mins. Training has gone brilliantly
  • Autumnleaves says: PB at this currently 52.55 - 10 minutes faster than last year. Club coach has said I should target sub-50 as a goal next year (2014) - so here I am :)
  • mystique100 says: Hoping to do a sub 50min 10K in June (SheRunHeRuns event in Bluewater). Just done a half marathon today and achieved my goal. Now motivated to make changes to my running to do a sub 50min 10K in an organised race/event.
  • Wiseguy says: Finally got my first sub 50 yesterday at the Midlands Lung Run 10k Sutton Park......49.38!
  • Big Phil says: In my first 10 km race of this year- May 2009 - I did 46:04. Looking to go quicker later in the year.
  • Gordo says: I ran 50-35 in 2008 . Desperate to go sub 50 in 2009 but nowhere near in races to date this year. Hope to get close at Great Scottish Run in September but if not then there's Strathaven in November
  • rsss says: Have just done my first 10k finishing in 52:50 - got to get rid of those couple of minutes now!
  • GazM says: Cracked it - 48:59 ! May 2010.
  • Lizo says: I have gotten a sub 50 ( 2 years ago) Now put on weight but aiming to get back to a sub 50 by end of year. I did it by doing some farlek sessions. If you run with a group try doing 2 mins on a minute off - get the front runners to go to the back. Even if you did for a mile, you'll soon see the difference in your training sessions.
  • The Scribbler says: My current 10k PB is 51:50, last raced in May. Since then I've really concentrated on longer distances to get my sub 2 hour half marathon. So I'm aiming for one last blast before the end of the year at a race in November.
  • caw says: My PB is 51.20 and I would oh so like to get sub 50
  • Flapper says: My last 10K was 53:48, so I have a lot to shave off. I am doing a lot of interval training at the moment to try and bring my pace up.
  • jhughes1976 says: Used to be a regular sub 50 runner 3 years ago, have recently started running again and am competing in the Trowse 10K (Norwich) on the 24th of April 2011. I would love my first competitive race to be sub 50, closest in training so far is 51:28, nearly there ;-) 26/01/11
  • Neigeblanche says: Got my first 10k next Sunday. My best time in training has been 50.22 which I achieved yesterday. Fingers crossed I can dip under!
  • Rob says: Never managed a sub-50 10K yet... planning to break this psychological barrier in 2010!
  • DJR says: Hi there, 53.10 10k 2009, hopefully sub 50 in 2010.
    Update! update! update! ran 49.20 at Breckland 10k !!!!
  • barton8367 says: Ran sub 50 in first race back and a new PB - 48:49. On a very hilly course too, happy with that!
  • Fat Jase says: I reached sub 50mins in the Silverstone 10k - 46 mins. Hurray!!!
  • Lisa T says: Hills & injury have conspired against me so far but this is def my long term goal. Hope to get there - slowly but surely!
  • Patonian says: Turned 50 January 2008 and set targets. Amongst which was to better my PB 52.25 for 10k. Did that three times (Lost 49lb) to do so mind you another target 50lb failed by 1) Went to Cardiff 10k and did 49,52, then to Glasgow and did 48.16 followed by Sandbach 10k which did my knees (due to the cross country parts) but got just inside 50mins so delighted. Did Great North and then knackered for 6 months. last year failed to do any 10ks due to injury. Back at it since Great North last year and aiming for sub 50 again. My training times suggests that I will do in North Tyneside 10k Easter Sunday (great event). It is a great feeling to break the 50 mins so stick in you lot. This year I have kept training since Great North where I normally stop for winter. Best thing I have done is stay running. At my age I can't take breaks LOL.
  • Grumpa says: Did it acouple of years back.One or too injuries latter would love to get tere again!!! :)
  • Luna says: I manage 1:46 5 years ago but my best (and only) 10k last year was 1:54. I do want to get sub-1:50 again - HOW?!
  • icklevee says: So close but so far. Last PB was 55:46. Yesterday was 51:39. Still, I am chuffed. Maybe racing on fresh legs would have worked better, not doing 2 races in 3 days.
  • flashdonut says: Sub 50k is the only Dream I have left. Apart from the all important taste testing job at Ben & Jerry's. I know I can do it, but all these 'undulating' courses from Hell in Hilly Yorkshire are not what you want for a PB. Anybody that's done the Huddersfield 10k or the Guiseley Gallop will know what I mean.
    Fastest I have done is 52 57. That was about 3 year ago, just at the start of my running. Since then I have struggled with timing for 'PB' courses - my second Daughter was born couple of day's before the Bradford 10k. Next time I get a flat, fast course, Sub 50 is mine!!!
  • Homey says: I'd been trying for this all summer. Thanks to all my running partners, my club (Sutton Runners), Sir Dicky Attenborough and the British Film Industry..... 49.10 at the Elmbridge 10k
  • fatchrisk says: Not done a timed 10k yet! Best for 5k is 23:48 and done a 7 miler in 1:01:36
  • Jerboa says: Was getting towrds 56mins but injury has set me back, hopefully a break over Christmas will see me right and I can start afresh next year
  • imgoingbackforbubba says: Only started running two months ago properly. Aiming for a sub 50 mid June if my knees hold out and I dont pick up any other injuries. I find pacing the miles difficult. Is there an easy way to do this other than buying a Garmin?
  • Lastic says: Struggling to regain old form....hope to dip under 50 again next year.
  • leejprice says: Hoping to record a sub 50 10k by years end!
  • vickimoulston says: been running for 2 years and still learning. Last 10 K 50 mins 25 secs so really want to get inot the 40s now
  • RichHL says: Broke under 50 with 49:20. Now heading for 45.
  • DAM says: 52'14" Getting closer...
  • DiscoSteve says: Got down from 55mins to 53:23 this year,so next target has to be sub-50 I reckon..
  • _2Jabs_ says: 8mins or so to go :)
  • Gemma4130 says: Currently just about managing a sub 50 but but only by seconds. For 2012 Id like to be comfortably doing this. A bit ambious yet to be joining the sub 45 group but perhaps a goal for 2013..................
  • AndyPrice says: Almost did it on my training loop yesterday... Missed out by 17 seconds due to lots of hill over the last K!! Hoping to smash it Aug 12th in Merthyr
  • Kynon says: PB'd back in 2004(!) at 50:08, then not run any 10k races since. Getting back into running, would like to get under that magic 50...
  • stoibee65 says: Just had to leave the sub 25 mins 5k group so this sounds like a good next challenge
  • fowlerk says: I think i will join this group as my last four consecutive 10k's have improved - which is good, although crossing the line in under 50m seems a reachable goal for the time being [ bagged a PB this morning in 53:00]
  • lfbaxter says: Last 10k was 53:36 - hoping that the next one on 6th April gets me under 50mins
  • amazingpace says: Setting my next goal to work on after tomorrow's marathon! Current time 55:01 but that's from 2 years ago and I'm definitely faster now...perhaps not fast enough yet?!
  • Panthers3 says: Managed 51 couple of years back and since then averaging about 55 due to lack of training, aiming for that elusive sub 50 this year :)
  • Rach452 (brandstifterin) says: Ran 49:56 in Nov 2016, Nov 2017 was 52:46 due to little training and motivation. Want to dip back under 50 minutes
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