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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: FLM 2008 FETCH Support Group

23 members [See all]


as many of you know, we had a fantastically successful Fetch support point in FLM07 (which became known as Fetchpoint).

The location was at about mile 22, where we felt that runners would be is dire need of a smile and a wave and possibly - very true in many cases - a hug. I still have fond memories of being hugged by a random set of firemen in full uniform last year......ahem! :-)

Anyway, we are doing it again! Aiming for the same point, approximately mile 22, which is The Highway. It's on the sunny side of the street and has the added benefit that mile 13 runs up the other side of the road so we get a chance to yell at our lovely runners TWICE!

So come along and join in the fun. I can promise you balloons aplenty, lots of fun and laughter and a good warm glow from doing something lovely for your fellow Fetchie. :-) And probably a wee trip to the pub after....

At this stage, we need names on a list (there will be a separate list for runners and their requirements) and further down the line we will divide into groups and allocate you some runners.

Dedicated website is under development. (Thanks to John66 for being hot off the mark on that one)

Dedicated email address likely to come soon too. For any problems, queries etc etc.

Email address: fetchflm22@hotmail.co.uk
website: freewebs.com

Notes from Members

  • Mrs Winkle says: I'd love to be there and help please!
  • Silvershadow says: Loved doing this last year. Can't wait to help out again.
  • Siamese Pete says: I'm very much hoping to be there as a two-time reject.
    Have to get a pass from Mrs SP, however, so I'm not yet a certainty for handing out the jelly beans;)
  • Simontr says: tentative at this point, but hope to be able to make it
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: Hope I will be able to be there as a supporter this year, I will never forget the feeling seeing you guys across the road at mile 14 and knowing I was going to see you again at mile 22, there are a couple of other highlights I wont forget at mile 22 including a massage from TC and Jigs ;)
  • libby says: Hoping to make it down for this as in London most of the following week anyway, will confirm later. Are the firemen guaranteed?
  • Bex66 says: if we are back from Berlin HM which is week before but not sure what flight OH has booked back - think we are back on the Tues so should be ok for this. sounds good!!
  • warriorwoman says: I hope to get down and take some photos again.
  • mxhornet says: I'll be joining you, but possibly not for the duration.
  • The Bat says: Never done FLM before, but am on 13th April...training is going ok(ish) but damn sure I'll need the support at 22 miles. Race number 14554 - I'll be wearing a red Stone MM running vest...looking forward to meeting some fellow Fetchies!
  • Trehis says: I will be at the marathon as always and it would be great to meet fellow Fetchies, could help out too if needed, will be there early anyway.
    Will be at the exhibition on the Saturday.
Group admin: fetcheveryone