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A group created primarily so information related to our beloved devices can be quickly and easily shared.

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  • Simons Dad says: I love my 205 and it's improved my running no end. I wouldn't be without it now!!!!
  • RobK says: Just bought a 305... it should arrive tomorrow, so looking forward to it.
  • PentlandPounder says: best toy in the world
  • Warchild says: My 205 rocks!
  • Top Duffer says: 205 owner me....don't want to know my heart rate when I'm running!
  • wriggle says: I heart my 305! Almost can't go running without it ... ;-)
  • DeeGee says: So I stop it, right, and it stops, then 200 miles later as I'm arriving home, it starts again, measures my driving for 50 miles and totally messes up my stats. What's all that about...?
  • Disco Dave says: I own a Garmin 305
  • icemaiden says: Me too heart my 305
  • AlB says: no time for comments now. Hello all - can I join you as I know I'm not making the most of my garmin 305 and your tips will be useful.
  • slowmo says: im in, just got it and its great
  • way2slow says: my 305 is quite simply the best thing i've ever bought
  • Making_Tracks says: Oh no, oh no, I hve just seen the ad for the 405 ... can I resist.
  • The Kipster says: I love my 205 and never go out without it - we've been through a lot together!!!!
  • kink bunny says: still confused...maybe i should read the instructions.
  • Night-owl says: I've not got one yet, but in the process of getting one. Hope i can stayt ;)
  • SilBurBas says: Owner of a 205 from new - but only use Start, Stop, Reset and download contents to computer and thats it!
  • R4R says: previously had 301 which went downhill after Hellrunner. got 305, courtesy of Santa
  • Tonystoon says: Got a 205 think its great
  • thea will run says: Just ordered a 305 - hope to have it on Monday! Exciting!
  • geordiegirl says: I've just purchased my 305 and look forward to getting to know it! and hoping it helps my return to running
  • Ex-pat Scot says: Love my 305- wouldn't ever run without it. I still haven't sorted out the Virtual training partner though!
  • TooLilac says: My 205 has just arrived for Xmas - it's still in the box
  • StormProof says: Hubby or 305? Hmmmm difficult!
  • Simo says: I am going to be the one asking questions ... quite lost with technology, but I own a 305, which I probably use in a very primitive way. I need to find some time to get better at using it, or ask somebody who can do... ;-)
  • Kimbles says: I love my 305. Just go it in December but couldnt use till a few weeks ago. I am hooked already :-)
  • thechunkygentleman says: Just got a 305 and cant imagine how i managed without it :)
  • The Jogger says: They're good what they do when they work...........
  • johnymac says: 305 owner when its working...HR monitor no go and occasionally it wont switch on!!!
  • kayos says: 3 traininig sessions with my 205 and its great. So nice to see different routes on the map afterwards and know how far youve gone. Aso really like seeing my pace as Im running.
  • Hyperboy says: I heartmy garmin so much and it would be like running a race without trainers if i did not have it on:)
  • Jamis says: Just got it today,and its great!!
  • justgary82 says: got a 305 and doesnt know how to work it!!
  • Wes-H says: had my Garmin for 18 months and couldn't do with out it
  • Dr Del says: GARMIN 305 keeps me going don't know how I would motivate myself without it, use Sports Tracks software for analysis
  • Run Jabba Run says: Santa bought me a Garmin 205. Snow means I've barely used it. Booo
  • Kennyboy1210 says: I have had a 305 since august 2008, never faulterd superb bike of kit for all runners
  • Always last says: Nearly stopped using it the first time I ran with it and discovered just how slow I was....
  • Swampdog says: I have had a 205 for a year now and i wouldn't be without it. Although, i still can't work out how to strap a Peugeot to my wrist.
  • ZORBAX65 says: garmin is fantastic , but the program no good :-)
  • skoorb says: Had a 305 for 18 months now, use it most of the time for running and cycling, use the HR a fair bit
  • Chell says: Had the 305 since January 2009 - then fell over and scratched it :(
  • Ade1973 says: Um. Own a 305.
  • mydodgyfeet says: Loving my 305, an upgrade present for myself from the FR50
  • Race Jase says: the best bit of training kit ever invented. Even better than shoes and shorts....
  • Ivi says: 305!!! ;-)
  • Ploddington Bear says: *Love* my 205 ... unfortunately its my mate's... and she wants it back now her baby related running hiatus is coming to an end. Will *have* to get one
  • ashley1_scott says: I would be lost running with my 305, the shame is that in the next 6 months or so i will have to up-grade 310xt. It has a longer battery life and i have ultras planned. It won't be binned tho, just passed onto a friend to help them
  • jamieb32 says: Just got my 305 and love it.
  • mark41 says: Had a garmin 305 for a christmas pressent and i have just charged it up so i am looking forward to start using it
  • Grumpa says: Just got the 305,after using a timex sdm for the last 7 years the gps is a little hit and miss at finding a signal.This thing dose so much its going to take forever to work every thing out.
    Was going for the 405 but was told its not £100 better by afew mates and to save the dosh,so we`ll have to see.
  • slow mo says: love my garmin, but does anyone have one that does not give alert sounds? Need to send mine to be refurbed, but use it so much for time, distance and pace as well as the loverly calories dropping off that a year later finding it hard to part with it for the time it takes to get it fixed lol Any advice if i can fix it myself?????
  • xxxpancho says: I am now a proud owner of a Garmin 205 just playing around with the setting. I done one 8 mile run with it but theirs no lap only 1. so I'm playing around with it to get the auto lap every mile.
  • stubanch says: Right 1st off ,tell me slowly as im not a fast reader ,ive a garmin 205 (yeh me ) i can pput it on the computer but not on my fetch thing .Is there a secret code or somthing helllllllllppp me .
  • katief89 says: 305 is my best friend! shame it sometimes takes ages to find satellites...
  • greener72 says: Great device ...Love it
  • pwoodward22 says: My 205 was delivered in the post this morning. Actually looking forward to going home and trying it out! How sad am I!!
  • Hodge68 says: its changed the way i train, i think for the better.
  • Zehnderboy says: Love my 305 :-), don't use HR much but enjoying the stats and data - makes me want to run faster, problem is I just can't :-(
  • STOOSH says: currently got the 205 but will be upgrading to the 305 soon when i change to hr training!!
    not sure i could run without it!
  • vicky38 says: Adore my 305, I use the heart monitor too which helps me see what my heart rate reaches when running those hills... It also helps me keep my pace as I have a habit of going off to fast. The only problem is pausing it when waiting to cross a road then forgetting to restart it once I've crossed... that is so annoying, but am not the 1st to do that and am sure I won't be the last..! :-)
  • Gooner says: heart 305 heart
  • -Ruthie- says: I luuuuurve my 305 :)
  • July67 says: Had a crap £5 stopwatch for years and my new 305 is just amazing - Should have got one ages ago!
  • jiminy cricket says: Fun machine, if a tad large!
  • multiterrainer says: Recently succumbed to a 2nd hand 205 off Ebay - love looking at the splits/route maps etc.
  • Hicky says: I'm lost without it!! Get it ??
  • Blunderwoman says: OH has bought me a 205 for Christmas and I already heart it!
  • Mary Brite says: I love my 205. Lots simpler than the new fangled 405. Just like its owner really. :D
  • Brendan says: Love my 305 so much I feel guilty running without it.
  • Nick Cook says: Just got a 305 second hand from e-bay. No heart rate monitor strap though!!
  • TheJackal says: Proud owner of a 205 since June 2011 and love it.
  • DazW says: Great motivational toy...just makes me want to keep improving on my last time...last distance etc.
  • FraserFud says: Greetings mooncats! Looking for a 205/305 if anyone is looking to punt one on. Thank you please.
  • Closer says: I love my 305
  • Brenton Shuffler says: Can't live without mine
  • Runnerduck says: Enter button no work on my forerunner 305....any advice? still works fine but can not change any settings etc.
  • Granny2-3 says: 205. Love it when it does what it is supposed to.
  • WtnMel says: Happy with my 305 - like to think I know my way around but here in case I don't. Never felt the need to upgrade to a newer go-faster model .. bit like me and my car really! :)
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