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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Run 1200+ miles in 2008

22 members [See all]

A group for people who have already run 1000+ miles in a calender year and now want to run a bit further. This calender year. Namely 200 miles further. At least. And Danny Wilde.

Notes from Members

  • Gaubfar says: I'm with you Jackrubysdog, just scraped over the 1000 mark last year, but going to go for it....
  • TRO Saracen says: Hello. My monthly totals last year oscillated from 0 (4 months) to 250 (a freakish August), so on average this is the right sort of volume for me. Sorry, my total was 1086 for 2007.
  • TobynPoppy says: I thought I joined it already too!! Are there two of this group out there?
  • Runningheva says: Think this is the group for me.
  • SarahL says: Might make this! :)
  • Nightjar says: Aiming to do a marathon each month for 2008 so that's a quarter of the target taken care of.
  • SuperTed says: Need motivation to hit 100 miles a month, and I do love a league table
  • Barky says: Am in: 403miles as of 07/04/08
  • Baron says: I'll do this in my sleep.
  • Lumsdoni says: Not that I am chasing mileage targets this year, but seeing as i am now 80miles ahead of my 1000 target would be rude not to!
  • AJPAR says: Hoping to achieve this and continue to build up cycling and swimming.
  • mile muncher says: I'm at 800+. Thought I might manage 1000 by the end of June but that's out the window now. Too much marathon tapering. No marathons now until October which leaves lots of lovely summer weeks for loadsa miles
  • Eastham75 says: just gone through the 1000 barrier, no stopping me now.
    28/10 1211 completed
Group admin: fetcheveryone