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Some would say we take the ups with the downs!!! <p> We are mad people who like to run up & down the fells all day. <p><p>

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  • Two Towels. says:
  • littlehelen says: Hi I am a sheffield based fell runner, I am doing quite well in short local races ( a few top 3 places) but I would love to do well in some longer races and maybe a mountain marathon, i run for totley ac- a graet club for sheffield based fell and road runners ( some of my best friends are road runners!)
  • Pace says: I'm a road and trail runner with fell-running aspirations! Living in warwickshire probably won't help, but I'm in the Lakes quite often, so fell running will begin next time I'm there!
  • beef says: I try to run on the fells in the lakes regularily & a few fell races, cannot beat it
  • West Yorkshire Plodder says: i seem to be doing almost exclusively off-road (trails, bridal ways, foot paths) mileage at the moment since I've been enjoying it so much - will be taking part in the 'Trunce' series over the spring/summer too - since it's local.
  • Alanj says: Hills get you nearer the clouds :)
  • beders says: definitely a back of the pack runner, but love all the mud, the woodentops races are the best !! always end the year with the auld lang syne, a classic
  • The Bat says: Hi, been running over fells (mostly in the Lake District) for 4-5 years when I can, just joined the FRA, but am really quite a slow fell runner. Looking forward to meeting a few fetchies on the hills (but note I usually wear a red SMM running vest or green Staffs vest - the two clubs I'm involved with).
  • Guick Dotto says: I live in a very flat bit of North Yorkshire but with the Dales just afew miles to the West and the Hambleton Hills 20 minutes away. Running up Waterbag Bank in Knaresborough is not quite enough practice for the hills but my motto: I didn't come last again! is holding strong for this year. I plan to do at least 12 fell races for the year as well as trail races like Burton Leonard 10K and good road races like Kilburn 7. I love burning off the "roadies" on the downhill bits! Although they tend to catch me up again on the flats.
  • JustT says: I started on the fells at the beginning of this year with the Mary Towney relay. Never looked back. Love it to bits. Did withins this weekend. Rivers of mud, Sleet, gale force winds. What better a way to spend your Sunday:) I try to run off road whenever I can. Much more interesting than pounding tarmac.
  • MOUNTAIN GOATESS says: Roads are boring!
  • _andy says: Well done for scrolling down to here. Hope it was worth it. Personally, I really like the bit going down to the bottom - it makes all that uphill effort seem worth it in the end.

    Oh yeah - Scottish based runner (be jealous, it's really good up here), mountaineer (Munroist - except for the couple that I'm bizarrely saving for whenever) and usually the biggest person running at any Fell Race. Just remember: gravity is on my side on those downhill bits, but don't get in my way.
  • ebox says: Newbie fell runner. Much more fun than on the roads. Not so much back of the pack, but trying to keep the pack in sight to avoid getting out the map
  • pinno says: Try to do a mixture of Road, Trail and the Fells - When not running try to take potos of races.
  • northern_runner says: The fells - where my heart lies. Unfortunately I live in the flattest part of the country - East Anglia, but I still get up to the Peak District and the Lake District to do races and train.
  • Non-runner says: Got to do more of this but I am slllooooowwww....
  • SODDING HILLS says: love fell running, although my back might argue with that when climbing the hills. Loads to run this time of year midweek in the Sheffield / Derbyshire areas
  • flyingfinn says: Been fellrunning for 20 odd years still get a real buzz from running in the hills :-)
  • eL Bee! says: Not really a Fell Runner - just someone who likes to run - on the Fells :)
  • patch68 says: Only ran a few Fell races,but really enjoy that the right way of saying it.Enjoy the mud...water ...bring it on !!
  • RYAN_M says: Although Road Running is my favourite, I regularly train on the mountains and run some Fell Races (Carnethy etc)
  • leekjo says: Recently descovered running of the up down rocks heather and mud!!
  • Tav H says: I'm just a wannabe! Looking to mix up my running, though not sure about entering races (yet). I'm too far away from the "proper" fells, but I'm sure I can find something suitable in South Wales.
  • Hohum says: Well this year (2018) has mostly gone well in fell running terms, from being at the back of the field with increased training, improved diet, loss of 10kg (ish) I am moving into the front half of the field, nice. Three fell races I organise are getting well established now. Shropshire Mid Wales based.
  • Louisa1 says: I moved to the Alps at Christmas and have spent more time injured than mountaineering. I'm not sure if running in the Alps is classed as fell running but I'm going to give it a go when the snow's gone, hopefully I'll manage a whole season without a major injury.
  • angleseyal says: I enjoy running on the fells and hills of North Wales - I'm never going to be up there with the top guys - more likely to be near the bottom of the field, but not bothered about that because I'm enjoying the racing, and the routes and areas that the fell races visit!
  • ninjaman says: OK - so not really done any proper fell races but am doing the Yorkshireman half in September so will get training on those hills v soon. Excellent article BTW
  • DylanWales says: Glad to be the Official 100th member of the Fetch Fell Running Group - do I win a prize!!
    North Walian now living in Liverpool - looking for bigger hills to run up and DOWN!! ;-) Traning hard for Snowdon 2009
  • lakes runner says: Just getting in to 'mild' fell running, as my son does it and I tried it, and now loving it! done a lot of road runs, but not quite got the bottle to compete in a real fell race... but there is allways the rusland show race this year and I have been a spectator long enough. We shall see.....
  • sluggs says: i love the hills just want to find more of them
  • Bananas# says: Would like to think I’m a fell runner. Ran the Coniston 15K challenge last weekend and nearly chucked up by the youth hostel, shitting hell that was a hilly one and that’s something coming from Yorkshire lass. Anyway if the 70mph winds didn’t give me a bright red face the 7 pints of foster later that day certainly did!!!!!!!!!!!(Hiccup)
  • joface says: I think I'll be a perpetual beginner! Need some top downhill tips. I can go up and up forever but totter down like right wet!
  • Woodsy says: North York Moors and The Dales .....Fantastic :-)
  • Clarkyrunsinmud says: I'm a rubbish descender, but on the longer races tend not to loose too much ground. Looking forward to Noonstone next weekend, first race of the eng champs series (and we have enough LV40 for a LV40 team) and think you get a special buff aswell!
  • maryj says: Too busy enjoying the veiws to finish anywhere near the front!
  • maxburgoyne says: Goat Fell Race, Cadair Idris Race. Snowdon this Summer!
  • Dan Brazier says: Fell running gives you the freedom road running can't fulfill, i always work on the ratio of 15 minutes of climbing hell for 1 minute off downhill bliss.
  • delboy smith says: hi i run for larne ac, in northern ireland. And took up fell/mountain running about 4 years ago, love the freedom of the mountains and have made some good friends through this sport.
  • mark9 says: Fairly new to fell running, have done the burnsall feast, longshaw fell race and just done the Auld Lang Syne at Haworth. Fantastic races, worth the hour and half drive from Lincoln!
  • APaulW says: Cumbrian fell runner currently in 12 days a fortnight exile in the South. Too much work and not enough hills.
  • Loz says: Based in sunny Cleethorpes so no fells round here! Never mind it's not far to Sheffield! Middle/back of field plodder.
  • runningowl says: I am a fell AND roadrunner. a rare thing. i run for hallamshire harriers in sheffield. i love fell running cos i get to sprint down long fells.

    used to hate uphill but now embrace the bitches. lol
  • DazTheSlug says: do lots of races (mainly in Peak District, but also Lakes & North Wales) - ambition is one day to finish in the top half!
    most training done in top-left bit of Peak District
  • Tattooedrunner43 says: North Wales fell runner, love the crazy technical decents, so I got to run up those mountains! Just done my first trail/Fell ultra the Snowdonia Quarter 48 miles 10700ft of climb 😎
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